Playground DIY

How to Build a Jungle Gym

How to Build a Jungle Gym in 9 Steps

You need to plan thoroughly when considering a DIY backyard jungle gym. Here are some simple steps: Plan and design the jungle gym Gather your materials Measure everything out Lay your foundation and assemble your materials Build the frame Check for structural integrity A jungle gym is a great activity for kids of all ages. […]

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How to Build a Climbing Rope Structure

How to Build a Climbing Rope Structure in 8 Steps

First, you want to mark the positions of the posts, then dig the holes and mark the posts themselves. Put up the fence post and pour concrete to keep them secure. Once dry place bars using a wall bracket and then set up the rope, most of them have a hoop to secure it easily. […]

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DIY Ring Toss Carnival Game

How to Make a DIY Ring Toss Carnival Game

To create a ring toss game you will need to cut the plywood, glue it, paint pegs and prepare handles for carrying the box. Next, paint it or use a graphic then follow up with adding rails. Don’t forget to purchase or create the rings. More detailed steps are below. Do you remember the carnival […]

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How to Bury Tires for Playground

How to Bury Tires for Playground

To bury tires for playgrounds dig a hole and consider which part of the tire you want to be sticking out of the ground. They can be buried diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. Dig a hole where at least half of the tire will sit under the dirt so it stays secure and doesn’t move easily. […]

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Obstacle Course Activity Plan

FREE Obstacle Course Activity Planners | DIY

Here’s a great obstacle course planner: Identify your location Identify the cognitive and motor skills you want the course to have Design the obstacle course Create a list of obstacles Plan activities that target specific skills identified Collect the materials required Set up the obstacle course Describe and practice the steps Looking for a fun […]

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Playset Removal Cost

How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Playset?

It costs anything between $100 and $800 to remove a playset, with the average cost being $400. The cost will depend on the size and condition of the playset, as well as the company you hire to do the job. When it’s time to take down that old playset, you’re probably wondering how much it […]

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How to Make a DIY Mini Bowling Alley in Your Backyard

To make a DIY mini-bowling alley: Find a flat surface in your backyard Measure and mark out the area for your bowling alley Pour Gravel on the prepared surface Cut the wood panels to size Dig holes and set posts Assemble the base of your bowling alley Finish up the lane Do you love bowling […]

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How to Make Soft Play Equipment

How to Make DIY Soft Play Equipment for Your Playground

You can make soft play equipment out of any material, including foam and synthetic leather PVC, as long as the equipment does not have any sharp edges. Combining these two materials ensures that the equipment is soft and safe to play with while also maintaining and clean. Choosing the greatest soft play equipment may be […]

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Is Pea Gravel Safe For Playground?

Is Pea Gravel Safe For Playground? How To Install Pea Gravel Playground

Pea gravel is a safe playground surface, according to the National Playground Safety Institute.  You need about 9 inches of pea gravel on a playground to break a 5 feet fall. Parents love pea gravel because it is readily available and an affordable option for playground surfacing. When they hear pea gravel for a playground, […]

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Build a Batting Cage Out of Wood

How to Build a Batting Cage Out of Wood in 7 Easy Steps

To build your own batting cage: Prepare the ground: Ensure the area is clear of any obstructions or vegetation Take measurements: This depends on how big you want it to be Place stakes and dig holes for your wooden posts Concrete and post installation: You want to secure the posts at this point Attach cables […]

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DIY Tube Slide

How to Build a DIY Tube Slide in 8 Easy Steps

To build a DIY tube slide, you will need to use a large PVC pipe, which you can buy at the store, or reuse one in case you have it. You will also need various materials including a drill, bolts, washers, screws, a T-hammer, among others. You can then follow simple steps to put everything […]

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DIY Seesaw

How do you Make a Wooden Teeter-Totter | DIY Seesaw

When designing a wooden teeter-totter, you need to ensure that actions that take place on one side of the totter directly impact the other side. Making a teeter-totter seesaw will have one side touching the ground while the other side will be twice as much as the pivot at the middle.  You have to ensure […]

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