Category: Playground DIY

  • Hang a Swing Between Two Trees

    How To Hang a Swing Between Two Trees

    The easiest way to swing between two trees is by using a beam and a swing hanging kit. The kit comes with two long straps, quick links, rope, bolts, and eyeholes. You will need a tire or a swing seat for your tree swing in your backyard.   It takes more effort to hang a swing…

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  • Hang A Swing From Ceiling

    How To Hang A Swing From A Concrete Ceiling? | Without Damaging

    You need to use a drill and wedge bolts to mount a swing on a concrete ceiling without damaging it. Also, you will need two types of drill bits for the installation to ensure that the wedge bolts fit snugly in the concrete ceiling and support the swinging motion. Did you know that hanging a…

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  • Backyard Baseball Court

    How Do You Build A Basketball Court In Your Backyard?

    Parents can do a DIY basketball court in the backyard, and here are the simple steps for building one.  Did you know that you can build a basketball court for your child in your backyard? It can be a fun addition in the yard that everyone in a family can use to exercise or pass…

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  • Add Monkey Bars

    How To Add Monkey Bars To Playset?

    Here are the simple steps for installing monkey bars to playsets.  You can preorder a monkey set kit and use it to add monkey bars to your child’s playset. It saves the time necessary for gathering the materials needed. Monkey bars are an excellent way to instill confidence in a child and help them build…

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  • Playground Ideas

    Playground Ideas For Small Backyards | DIY On A Budget

    Some of the playground ideas for small backyards include swings, slides, a playhouse, toss rings, race tracks, an obstacle course, or a unique sandbox. Whatever you choose should be age-appropriate to engage a child for a while. Also, go for ideas with a pop of color, and children will find them attractive. Playgrounds are places…

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  • Prepare Playground Area

    How To Prepare Ground For A Child Playset?

    How can you prepare the ground for a child’s new playset? Preparing the ground for a child’s playset is a crucial endeavor that will keep your little one safe when having a good time. You need to choose the location, remove any debris, install the playset, and pour protective materials to prepare the playground area.…

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