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Hang a Swing Between Two Trees

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The easiest way to swing between two trees is by using a beam and a swing hanging kit. The kit comes with two long straps, quick links, rope, bolts, and eyeholes. You will need a tire or a swing seat for your tree swing in your backyard.  

It takes more effort to hang a swing between two trees than it takes to hang one on a strong branch. 

You need to understand a few things before you start setting up a swing for your little one as a DIY project. A swing between two trees is called a tree swing or a tire swing when the swing seat is an old tire. 

A traditional backyard swing is hung on a low hanging branch of a mature tree. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a tree with sturdy branches to hang up a child’s swing in the backyard.

Most parents have two mature trees in the backyard that are growing close to each other.

Swing Straps
If you are looking to hang a swing, we have a swing strap guide to help.

Is It Possible to Set Up a Durable Swing Between Two Trees?

Yes, it is. It will take a few tactics to ensure that the swing stays in place, and it can support your kids’ weight. You will need extra time and equipment to hand a swing between two trees competently.

You can take a few days to collect all the resources you need for the swing and set a day aside to hang it. Overall, it is doable, and this article will guide you on how to hang a swing between two trees successfully.

How to Hang a Swing between Two Trees

There are several steps involved in installing your child’s swing between two trees. You can follow the steps to ensure that you cover all your bases and that the swing will serve your family for a long duration.

You will need to do preparations on the location and collect all the necessary tools for the project. 

Choosing a Location

You need to choose two trees which are close and mature. Ideally, it would be best if you had hardwoods like sycamores, maples, and oaks.

There shouldn’t be anything close to the location that the swing can hit when a child is on it. Also, you need to remove any debris, stones, or sharp objects at the site. 

The trees shouldn’t be too close together because they need to accommodate the swing’s size and leave some space at the sides. It will help if you have the swing’s length to know how much space should be between the trees. 

The location should be secure and an area where parents can watch the kids while they are playing. Also, it should be easy for a toddler to access without hurting themselves. 

Choosing the Right Trees

The best trees to hand a children’s swing on are hardwoods like maple and oaks. The trees should be mature and in good health.

You want the tree to grow around the cables and bolts you install for anchoring the beam or pole. 

You can ask an expert to evaluate the health of the trees you intend to mount a swing on them. An expert can also advise on how to nurse weak trees back to health before mounting the toy. 

It would be best if you inspected the trees to ensure no breaks or weak spots around the place where the beam will settle on the tree. Cracks can cause a tree to break, and you do not want that you happen when your little one is playing.

Finally, it would be best if you trimmed any branches on the trees to get in the way of the swinging motion. 

Choosing a Swing 

It would help if you chose a suitable swing for your little one, depending on their age and weight. Choosing a swing with a high maximum weight limit ensures that your child can use it for a long time. 

Alternatively, you can use an old tire as the swing seat or convert an old chair into a swing seat. You can use what you have available as long as it is strong and can withstand regular use. 

Another aspect you need to consider is the rope of the swing. The most popular rope for backyard swings is a manila rope. It would be best if you chose a swing cord that allows you to adjust the swing’s height as your little one grows up. 

Overall, the length of the rope needs to be lengthy because toddlers require a low-hanging swing. You need to pick up nuts, bolts, beam/pole, cables, and collect tools like a hammer, drill, drill bits, and a ladder for the installation process. 

Take the Necessary Measurements

It would help if you took measurements of the area to install your child’s swing appropriately. Measure the distance between the trees and add two feet on each side to get the length of your beam or pole.

You also need to measure the height of the swing leaving at least three feet off the ground. 

The beams should be set upon a fork where a new branch starts on each tree to prevent the pole from sliding. Measure the tree trunk diameter at the division and that of the branch to get an idea of the length of cable cords you need.

Ensure you leave a distance of at least two feet between the swing and each tree. 

Hang the Swing 

Once you have prepared everything, it is time to hang the swing. Start by installing your beam or pole between the two trees.

Secure it with cables, nuts, and bolts to ensure that it is sturdy. You can add the swing mounting gear on the beam and attach the swing’s ropes to the mounts. 

Add the swing seat at the bottom and adjust the seat’s height to match your little one’s size. Test the swing to ensure that it holds before putting your child on it.

Once you are sure that it is reliable, you can let your child play with it to see whether they are comfortable. Having a mounting kit for a tree swing can make the process seamless. 

You will then want to do regular maintenance on the swing to keep it looking nice and operating correctly.

How to Hand a Swing from Trees Without Branches

Sometimes the trees that you have may not have branches for mounting the beams. You can add a block below where the pole goes to prevent it from sliding once you install it.

The block will resist force the way a fork for a branch would have carried any extra weight. 

Ensure you use heavy-duty hardware when installing a beam or pole on trees that lack limbs. Otherwise, you can proceed to install the swing between two trees with the steps above.

You don’t need trees with branches to successfully hang a tree swing between two trees.

How to Hang a Tire Swing between Two Trees

Parents who want to use affordable supplies can install a tire swing between two trees using straps and quick links. Straps are cheap, and they have a high load limit that can withstand swinging motion.

You can use quick links to hold the straps together and increase the flexibility of your tire swing so that your children can have maximum fun. 

 What Do You Need?

  • Two long straps 
  • One short strap
  • Quick Links
  • Rope 
  • Old Tire 
  • Bolts and Eyeholes 

You need two long straps that will hold the swing onto the two mature trees. The short strap should be the same length as the tire’s diameter to hold the swing’s chains.

Therefore, you will have straps in place of a beam held together by quick links that will allow you to mount the sing onto the straps.

Prepare the Old Tire

A parent needs to clean the tire thoroughly and remove any rough edges before installing eyelets. Use dish soap and water to remove any grime that may be on the old tire.

You can apply a sealant on the old tire to make it gloss and attractive. Alternatively, use some child-friendly paint to make the tire appealing to children. 

You can opt to add a cushion at the space in the middle of the tire or leave it open, whichever suits your needs. Add eyelets and bolt them on two opposite locations on the tire, where you will attach a rope or chain to suspend the swing. 

Confirm that the eyelets and bolts are firm to prevent the chance of them coming off when your child is on the tire swing. Test the rope or chain to see that it can comfortably fit through the eyelets and be tied off.

Install the Straps and Rope

Parents should tie the straps onto a location that a branch sprouts from making a hook. The hook keeps the straps from sliding down when your kids are playing.

The beauty of using straps over a beam is that you don’t need to find attachment areas that are parallel to each other. You can adjust the straps to the length that keeps the tire swing balanced and sturdy. 

Install quick links on one end of each long strap and both sides of the short strap. Tie each long strap around one mature tree at the ideal height.

Attach the short strap between the two long straps using the quick links. You now have a makeshift beam made of straps to hang your little one’s tire swing.

Attach the Tire Swing

Once the straps are in place, attach the rope or swing to the small strap’s quick links. Attach the tire at the bottom of the rope and tie it to the height of your children.

Parents should test the notes to ensure that they won’t unravel. 

Test the flexibility of the swing and see whether the tire sways back and forth with ease. You can test the swing personally if it has a high weight limit.

Please have one of your children get on the swing and watch them closely for a while to confirm that the swing is functional. 

You can always adjust the rope or chains of a tire swing as your little ones grow taller to meet their new heights. Check the quick links from time to time to see whether they are in mint condition and change when you see signs of wear and tear.


It is possible to hang a tree swing between two trees for your little one to use for several years. Tree swings bring an immense amount of joy to kids, and they are an affordable alternative to installing a complete swing set.

Additionally, most tree swings require little maintenance and can last for decades. 

It would be best to choose materials that withstand all weather conditions for the tree swing to prevail. Moreover, you need to use heavy-duty equipment to install the swing if it has to stay in use for a couple of years.

Remember that your kids’ safety will depend on the quality of materials you use for the swing.

Installing a swing between two trees as a DIY project is straightforward, and you can save on the labor charges. You can ask a relative or friend to assist you with the installation process, and you can manage the preparation process alone.

Watch YouTube videos to get a good idea of what you need to do to hang a swing between two trees.

How To Hang a Swing Between Two Trees

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