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How to Store a Trampoline

How to Store a Trampoline for the Winter

How to Store a Trampoline for the Winter: Clean the trampoline surface and metal frame Protect the springs and trampoline frame from rusting Do not put your trampoline away wet Place a tarp around the trampoline frame Use trampoline covers for UV and wind protection Anchor the frames with trampoline anchors If you live in […]

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Cost to Buy a Trampoline

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Trampoline in 2021?

The average costs to buy an outdoor trampoline are mainly between $350 – $700, however; they can range from $200 – $3,000. More expensive trampolines mean more safety, more accessories, and possibly rectangular shape which is used more for gymnastics. A trampoline is a great way to exercise, have fun with the kids, and get […]

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DIY Pool Slide

How to Make a Backyard Water Slide | DIY Pool Slide

Steps to make a homemade water slide: Plan ahead Construct the water slide frame/support Move your support to the edge of the swimming pool Attach support frame and slide together Check to confirm the slide is positioned securely Secure the slide Test to check if you need more support Spray the pool slide Add grip […]

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How to Hit a Tetherball

How to Correctly Hit a Tetherball | Tetherball Rules

How to correctly hit a Tetherball: Hit the tetherball at a sharp angle and with enough power Hit the ball with an open palm to be able to be in control  Hit the ball as it comes around  Use two hands to hit the ball, one open, one closed Vary your hits for best results […]

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Backyard Cricket Pitch

How to Make a Backyard Cricket Pitch | Here’s what you Need

6 Steps to create a Backyard Cricket Pitch: Identify your location Mow the area and remove any dirt and debris Choose your pitch size. This depends on your backyard size Level up the pitch Measure your pitch and mark your boundaries and end zones Mark the bowling and batting crease Cricket is a popular sport […]

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Is Pea Gravel Safe For Playground?

Is Pea Gravel Safe For Playground? How To Install Pea Gravel Playground

Pea gravel is a safe playground surface, according to the National Playground Safety Institute.  You need about 9 inches of pea gravel on a playground to break a 5 feet fall. Parents love pea gravel because it is readily available and an affordable option for playground surfacing. When they hear pea gravel for a playground, […]

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Best Backyard Trampoline

10 Best Backyard Trampolines to Buy 2021

The best backyard trampolines are not easy to find. There are many options on the market, and finding the perfect one can be overwhelming. This blog post will discuss ten different models that have been found to be great for families with children. We will go in-depth into what makes each model so unique, as […]

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Trampoline Maintenance

How to Maintain a Trampoline | Stop that Rust

Do regular inspections Clean and spray it down on a regular basis to keep it from rusting.  Remove any water that has accumulated in the soft frame cushions to prevent mold from building up.  Ensure that the trampoline is dry before jumping on it Use rust-resistant spray for prevent rust Replace components when necessary Use […]

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Prepare the Ground for a Trampoline

How To Prepare The Ground For A Trampoline | Trampoline Base Ideas

Here’s how to prepare the ground for a trampoline: Level up the ground Harden the ground: It must be firm enough to withstand the weight of the trampoline and people on it Ensure there’s enough space above and around the trampoline. Clearance space around the trampoline should be at least 3ft on each side. Be […]

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Move a Trampoline Without Taking it Apart

How to Move a Trampoline without Taking it Apart (Expert Tips)

Use wheels. There are trampoline wheels you can purchase on Amazon Moving your Trampoline by sliding it. Lubricate the legs and slide the trampoline Using a Truck or Trailer. Your entire trampoline can be transported in a truck. You may want to remove the net and poles before moving. Manual Lifting (Applies For Smaller Models) […]

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Are Gorilla Playsets Good Quality

Are Gorilla Playsets Good Quality? In-depth and Honest Review

Gorilla Playsets are made from top-quality materials designed to be strong and durable, so they can last through years of use without needing any repairs or replacements. Their playsets are maintenance-free, so they will keep looking great even after a long time without any need for regular upkeep. Gorilla Playsets is arguably one of the […]

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Playground Slides

9 Best Playground Slides For Home (Indoor and Outdoor)

Here are the best playground slides for 2021.  Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set 4-in-1 Aneken Toddler Slide and Swing Set 4-in-1 Ynkoo Children Slide Set 2021 GLACER Toddler 4-in-1 Climber and Slide Set PLATPORTS Home Playground Equipment: 10′ Indoor/Outdoor Wavy Slide Ynkoo Folding Slide Little Tikes First Slide Toddler Slide Albott Folding Toddler Playground […]

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