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DIY Backyard Playground

DIY Backyard Playground | How to Build Outdoor Playsets

To build the perfect backyard playground a lot of planning is needed. First, choose the location of the playset in your backyard and then shortly after preparing the ground. You then want to build the wooden slide, swing set, and sandbox. Adding pea gravel to the swing set and the right play sand to the […]

Swing Set With Sandbox

8 Best Wooden Swing Sets With Sandbox

Best Swing Set with Sandbox Gorilla Playsets Frontier Wood Swing Set Gorilla Playsets Mountaineer Wood Swing Set With Vinyl Canopy Gorilla Playsets Nantucket II Wood Swing Set Gorilla Playsets Mountaineer Wood Swing Set With Malibu Roof Gorilla Playsets Outing Wood Swing Set Backyard Discovery Liberty II Cedar Swing Set Backyard Discovery Springboro All Cedar Wood […]

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Average Cost of Bounce House Rental

What is the Average Cost of Bounce House Rental in 2021?

On average, a bounce house rental will cost between $30 to $50 per hour. The typical price for a six-hour rental will be anything between $140 to $285. This depends on various factors, including whether the bounce house will come with slides, climbing areas, splash pools, etc., and its size.  The average cost of bounce […]

Best Playground Border

Best Playground Borders & Installation Tips

If you are looking for the best playground borders, this article is for you. We understand that shopping for the right playground equipment can be daunting. To help you out, we researched and put together a list of the five best playground borders in the market today. Stick with us through the end, and learn […]

Playground Equipment for Small Gardens

Best Play Equipment for Small Garden

The best play equipment for small gardens include the following: Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Rapid Ride & Hide Edition Gorilla Playsets 01-1064-Y Outing Wood Swing Set S&S Worldwide Figure 8 Balance Beam Set Step2 85314 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table Little Tikes Activity Garden Playhouse […]

Capture the Flag Variations

The 10 Fun Capture the Flag Variations Explained

Capture the flag has many variations which include using multiple flags or multiple teams. Players can capture a ball instead of a flag and the games become more fast pace throwing the flag to another player. At nighttime glow in the dark CTF is awesome with glowsticks or flashlights. Add a spy on each team […]

How to Keep Birds Away

How to Keep Birds Away from Backyard Playground | 11 Easy Methods

Ways to Keep Birds Away: Use bird spikes Install motion-sensing sprinklers Use statues Add shiny, reflective items to scare them off Install moving objects Install a net above the playground Chemicals Use a noise machine Flashing lights Birds are a nuisance to many people. They can make a mess on your property, and they can […]

How to Keep Cats Out of Sandboxes

How to Keep Cats Out of Sandboxes in Backyard Playgrounds | 12 Best Ways

Ways to Keep Cats out of the Sandbox include: Cover the sandbox Place netting around the outside perimeter Use few drops of cat repellent Use natural deterrents Fence the sandbox Block off entrances to under decks and sheds Use a motion-activated cat deterrent Get rid of food sources near sandboxes Clean the sandbox regularly It’s […]