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Swing Set With Sandbox

8 Best Wooden Swing Sets With Sandbox

Best Swing Set with Sandbox Gorilla Playsets Frontier Wood Swing Set Gorilla Playsets Mountaineer Wood Swing Set With Vinyl Canopy Gorilla Playsets Nantucket II Wood Swing Set Gorilla Playsets Mountaineer Wood Swing Set With Malibu Roof Gorilla Playsets Outing Wood Swing Set Backyard Discovery Liberty II Cedar Swing Set Backyard Discovery Springboro All Cedar Wood […]

DIY Backyard Playground

DIY Backyard Playground | How to Build Outdoor Playsets

To build the perfect backyard playground a lot of planning is needed. First, choose the location of the playset in your backyard and then shortly after preparing the ground. You then want to build the wooden slide, swing set, and sandbox. Add pea gravel to the swing set and the right play sand to the […]

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Swing Clearance Space

How Much Clearance Is Needed for a Swing?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, you will need at least 6 feet of clearance on all sides of the swing. This is to ensure that the swing has enough room to move without hitting anything. You can, of course, have more clearance on all sides if you have a larger yard or more […]

How to Build a Jungle Gym

How to Build a Jungle Gym in 9 Steps

You need to plan thoroughly when considering a DIY backyard jungle gym. Here are some simple steps: Plan and design the jungle gym Gather your materials Measure everything out Lay your foundation and assemble your materials Build the frame Check for structural integrity A jungle gym is a great activity for kids of all ages. […]

Home Bowling Alley Cost

How Much Does a Home Bowling Alley Cost?

A home bowling alley costs around $40,000 to $60,000. The price depends on the type of bowling alley you want and your features. You can also add features to your home bowling alley, such as a ball return or automatic scoring, which will increase the cost. If you want a high-end home bowling alley, you […]

Best Soccer Goal for Backyard

5 Best Soccer Goals for Backyard to Buy 2022

Best Soccer Goals for Your Backyard Franklin Sports Soccer Goal Bornew Kids Soccer Goal for Backyard Set Wealer Collapsible Soccer Goal Dimples Excel Soccer Goal If you love playing soccer, you probably like playing and training in your backyard. Having a backyard goal is great for family and friends to get together to play or […]

Resin VS Corn Filled Bags

Resin VS Corn Filled Bags Compared: Which is Better?

Resin filled bags are easier to take care of; however, the plastic pellets will cause more of a bounce. They are easy to clean and won’t break down, but you pay for this. Corn filled bags do break down, get warn-in, and are harder to maintain. The kernel corn rubs against itself, creating corn dust […]

Make Bean Bag Boards Slippery

How to Make Bean Bag Boards Slippery DIY

To make a bean bag board slippery, you first need to clean the boards and put something underneath them to catch the mess. Apply a polyurethane or polyacrylic with a foam brush in vertical strokes. Let it air dry for a few hours. Next, gently sand the board’s surface with sandpaper and repeat these steps […]