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My kids are so lucky anytime I want to try out a New Playground Set they get to swing and slide.

My Testers:

I also can’t forget my wife (middle picture) as she has always supported me in everything I have ever done.

We’re passionate about getting the most from your Playground Sets when it comes to longevity and safety. When you purchase one of these you often need to know which one is best for the age of your child.  This is when we come in, to help you find the best Playground Set for all your needs.

Our guides are fully researched by myself to deliver you the best information available, enabling you to make informed buying decisions.

 Me (Kevin) embarrassing my kids =)

Not only do we write in-depth Playground Set Reviews we can also help you make sure they are used correctly and safely.

I am Kevin, I have 2 boys and they like to test out the playground sets!  My one son is younger and the other is older so I’m able to review a good amount of different sets.  They have no problem trying them out too!

Author: Kevin

Going forwards we aim to provide the following useful content:

  • Product Reviews
  • Buyers Guides
  • How-to Guides
  • Product Comparisons
  • DIY
  • and much more

Start your journey today by reading our Best Playground Sets Informational Guides or our Best Playground Sets Buyers Guides.

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