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DIY Swing Set


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Building a DIY swing set for your child ensures they stay entertained. You can build a simple wooden swing set with the following steps. 

  • Choose a Location
  • Cut the Wood 
  • Build the A-Frame 
  • Add Swing Hangers 
  • Install the Frame 
  • Attach the Swings 
  • Finishing Touches
  • Install Playground Surfacing 

Swings give kids hours of fun, help them develop motor skills, and they can soothe kids with special needs. Let me take you through building a DIY swing set.

What You Need to Build a Wooden Swing set

It is imperative to have a handy list of all the materials and tools you need to build a DIY swing set. The swing set I have researched is simple, and any parent with simple building skills can construct it.

Here is what you need for the project. 


  • Five 4x4x8’ treated posts
  • Two 2x4x8’ treated posts 
  • Bolts 
  • Washers 
  • Anchors
  • Swing seats 
  • Waterproof ropes 
  • Construction glue
  • Swing hangers 
  • Playground surfacing 


  • Drill 
  • Power saw 
  • Sander or sandpaper 
  • Tape measures 
  • Drill bits 

How to Build a Wooden Swing Set 

A DIY swing set will take about a day to build when you have all the materials and tools for the job. However, it would be best if you find the wooden swing set plans to help you determine the dimensions of the parts.

Alternatively, you can take the location measurements you want to install the swing set to get an idea of the correct dimensions.

Step 1: Choose a Location

A suitable location should be free of obstructions and be level. You will need to flatten the playground area of the swing set if your backyard has a slope.

Account for the space that swings take when they are in motion. Therefore, the swing set should be about 4-6 feet away from any trees or the fence. 

Overall, you need to use your best judgment to determine the space you should leave for the swings. Moreover, you need to be aware of the size of the swing set when you are choosing an ideal location.

It ensures that the end product isn’t in a tiny space. 

Step 2: Cut the Wood 

Parents have to cut the wood into the ideal sizes and shapes to make assembling a swing set easy. There are several ways that you will need to cut your lumber in different areas depending on the part of the frame. 

  • Cut four 4×4 lumber posts at a 30-degree angle on one side. You can cut the 30-degree angle from one end to about 5″ on the other end. The slanted area will act as the base for the swing set. 
  • Cut the remaining 4×4 post at a 30-degree angle on both ends. It will fit perfectly on top of the supporting beams. 
  • Cut the 2×4 lumber for support pieces. Ensure you trim the parts at a 30-degree angle at the ends. First, cut the posts halfway and trim two pieces at the ends. Cut the remaining halves into quarters and trim the ends. 
  • Stack your wood pieces according to size so that you can identify the parts you want with ease.

Wear protective gear when making the woodcuts to avoid any injuries and handle the power saw with care. Keep your kids at a safe distance if they are helping you build the DIY swing set. 

Step 3: Build the A-Frame 

It would be best to build the A-frame on the ground then anchor the frame once it’s ready. You will find that it is easier to construct an A-frame on the floor without assistance.

Building an A-frame requires a lot of patience and bolts. 

  • Start by placing two posts next to each other with the cut parts of the posts at the bottom.
  • Use one of the quarters to hold two posts together about 4-6 inches from the top of the posts. Leave a gap of about 4-inches for the top beam to fit through it. 
  • The support beam will also act as an anchor for the top beam. Ensure you place the support beams with the edges aligned with those of the posts.
  • Repeat the same process to the other two posts. 
  • You should end up with two A-structures that have a gap at the top. Place the top beam to complete the frame and bolt it down. 
  • Add other support beams midway on the posts of the frame. The extra support beams will keep the framework in position. 
  • Use the remaining wood pieces for extra support to the top beam. 
  • Attach one end of the wood to the top beam and the other to a post. 
  • Repeat the process to the remaining posts. 

Step 4: Add Swing Hangers 

Swing hangers make swing installation simple, and they ensure that the swings move as expected. You should add the hangers when the frame is on the ground before installing them in your backyard. 

  • Place the swing hangers at least two feet apart from the edge and other swings. Space will ensure your child doesn’t hit an obstacle when swinging. 
  • Start at one end and install a pair of swing hangers. 
  • Use bolts or screws to secure the hangers. 
  • Tag on them to see whether they are well secured. 
  • Ensures that the hooks move well after the installation.

Step 5: Install the Frame 

Installing a swing A-frame is simple when you have anchors. Ensure that the anchors can go deep into the ground to keep the swing set sturdy.

You may need a drill to get the anchors through the wood. Alternatively, buy anchors that come with a base for a post for easy installation. 

  • Take the swing set frame to the installation location. 
  • Mark the areas where each post should go. 
  • Place the frame on the desired location and hold it upright. 
  • Install the anchors one post at a time. 
  • Double-check your work. 

You can opt to use concrete to install the swing set. Concrete is an excellent option if you don’t mind digging up your backyard during the installation.

You’ll need a shovel, level, gravel, and concrete for the installation. Here’s how you should do it. 

  • Dig post holes that are 2 feet deep and about 1 foot wide. 
  • Add some gravel at the bottom of the holes.
  • Add concrete halfway into the holes. 
  • Place the frame into the holes and use a level to ensure it is balanced. 
  • Wait for the concrete to cure for about 4 hours and fill the holes with dirt. 

Parents should know that it will be hard to move a swing set should you decide to install it using concrete. However, the swing set will be sturdy and like to stay upright for years. 

Here is all the information you need if you want to set up a swing set anchors on artificial grass.

Step 6: Attach the Swings 

You need to attach the swings, which comprise the swing seats and ropes. You can buy swing seats from Amazon or make some wooden seats.

It would be best to purchase swing seats with a T-bar for toddlers to keep them safe. 

  • Add ropes or chains to the swing seats. 
  • Attach the swings to the hangers. 
  • Adjust the height of the swing to meet that of your child. 
  • Fasten the ropes at the hangers. 
  • Test the strength of your ropes. 
  • Test the swings before allowing kids to use them. 

Step 7: Finishing Touches 

Sand down all the wooden parts of the swing until they are smooth to touch. Sanding a wooden swing set ensures that children don’t get splinters on their hands.

Also, it smoothes any rough edges on the playground equipment. 

You stain the swing set to add a protective layer on it. Apply one coat and let it dry before applying the next coat.

One or two coats on the stain should do the job effectively. You will have to stain the swing set every 1-2 years.

Overall, it will save time if you buy pre-stained wood. 

Step 8: Install Playground Surfacing 

Most parents have thick grass in their backyard, which breaks a fall when a child falls off a swing. However, it would be best to install playground surfacing to ensure your child won’t get injured when they fall.

Choose between sand, mulches, and rubber surfacing. You can check out my article is pea gravel safe for another option. 

Here’s how to prepare a playground and install surfacing materials. 

  • Mark the playground area 2-4 feet at the front and back of the swing set.
  • Ensure the line is about 1-2 feet outside the swing set frame. 
  • Clear the area of any debris. 
  • Dig a pit about half a foot deep and pour the surfacing materials of choice. 
  • Spread the materials evenly under the swing set with a rake. 

Learn the best care and maintenance habits for playground surfacing materials to remove dirt and germs. Overall, keep the playground area as clean as you can because kids can decide to play with the surfacing material you install. 

After all of this if you are looking to add a bit more to your swingset you can build a teeter-totter or add monkey bars that will allow your kids to learn balance and strength.

Finally, if you have any issues and you notice the swing set swaying sideways this is how to fix it.

Which is the Best Wood?

The first choice of wood should be Cedarwood because it is durable, bug-resistant, and all-weather resistant. It is an excellent choice for an outdoor wooden swing set. Moreover, cedar is readily available in many hardware stores across the U.S. 

The second choice of wood should be Pine Wood. It’s not bug-resistant, but it can withstand all weather conditions without much repairs and maintenance. Also, pinewood is readily available in most places across the U.S. 

Is It Better to Buy or Build a Swing Set?

The decision to build or buy a wooden swing set depends on your needs. It would be best to buy a complex swing set.

However, it would be best to build a simple swing set in your backyard. Moreover, it is easier to build a DIY swing set if it’s an addition to a playset, clubhouse, or jungle gym

Think this way parents have to assemble a swing set and install it when they make a purchase. Therefore, the difference comes in preparing the lumber before assembling a swing set.

Either way, you are going to build a swing set unless you opt to hire help to have it assembled. Therefore, why not save some cash by making the swing set yourself. 

Can One Parent Do the Project?

No. Building a DIY swing set is a two-person job. You will need someone to help you build and install the A-frame.

Moreover, two pairs of eyes will minimize the mistakes that arise during the project. You can ask your spouse to help you wherever necessary or ask your buddies to come over during the weekend to help.

Overall, you can build and install a swing set in one day if you know what you are doing. Otherwise, set aside two days and do the projects without a hassle. 

Can You Reinforce the A-Frame?

Yes. You can use swing set brackets to reinforce the A-frame at the top and ensure that everything is sturdy. However, swing brackets cost money, and they can increase the cost of a DIY swing set past your budget.

Moreover, using brackets simplify the process of building a frame. They have a slot for both posts and the top beam, ensuring that your A-frame slants at the right angle. 

Care Tips for a Swing Set 

A wooden swing set will last for several years if you take proper care of it. It’s imperative to do major and minor repairs to a swing set as soon as you notice them.

Below is a list of maintenance tips that will ensure your children are safe. 

  • Do regular inspections on the swing set to find cracks, bugs, or splinters. 
  • Remove any bugs on the swing set and do any repairs necessary at your earliest convenience. 
  • Clean the swing set every 2-3 months to remove dirt and germs that may accumulate over time. Use mild soap and water when cleaning it. 
  • Rake any mulch or sand frequently to remove animal waste or sharp objects. 
  • Ensure that the surfacing materials are at the right level to create a cushion when a kid falls. 
  • Change sand or mulch at least twice a year for hygiene reasons. 
  • Fence the playground area if possible to keep rodents and pests out of it. 
  • Apply a stain to the wood every 1-2 years to protect the wood from weather elements. 
  • Cover the swing set with a tart during winter to prevent water damage. 
  • Always do repairs to the swing set after winter and before kids use it to prevent injuries. 
  • Teach children the proper way to use the swings, and urge them to keep a safe distance when a swing is moving. 


Parents can build a top-notch swing set using locally available materials and popular tools. It can take about 1-2 days to complete a DIY swing set, depending on the size.

Therefore, build the playground toy at your pace so that the result is appealing. Buy premium materials to ensure that the swing set lasts for a long time. 

You can read my full article on how to maintain a wooden swing set and learn the best care tips for your new toy. The dimensions above are adjustable to suit your needs.

You can reduce the size of the swing set if you have small kids. However, building a full-size frame allows you to upgrade the seat as children grow older instead of upgrading everything. 

I wish you the best of luck with the DIY swing set project, it goes great with building a wooden DIY slide!

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