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Why is Swinging Calming?

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Have you ever noticed how a grumpy child can calm down when they begin swinging? The back and forth motion of a swing have a soothing effect on children. Having a backyard swing can help your little one calm down when they feel overwhelmed. 

Children will enjoy the rush of going up into the air and back for a while. The feel of air rushing past them, sunshine, and the fun that comes with swinging are some of the reasons children calm down. 

There are cognitive reasons why swinging calms children. 

This article explores how children calm down when swinging, and the benefits of swinging to children. You will want to install a swing in your backyard by the end of the article if you don’t have one right now.

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Why is Swinging Calming?

Swinging, like other fun activities, prompts the body to produce endorphins that make children happy and less like to have a tantrum. The swinging motion is calming and swinging is thrilling as a child tries to go higher. 

Children prone to anxiety and meltdowns can highly benefit from taking a few turns on the swing. 

Swinging is a sensory activity for a child and it can help children’s sensory issues grow. Some children have issues with balance and awareness of their surroundings because of their vestibular system. 

Swinging stimulates the vestibular systems and helps children develop their body sensory awareness with regard to where they are in space. 

A child will feel the sun, wind, see surrounding from different points, and listen while swinging. The sensory input won’t overload a child with sensory issues. 

It will help a child develop various sensory systems and be able to cope well during daily activities. A child will be aware of their surroundings without feeling that the environmental changes are overwhelming.

Overall, swinging is calming because it is fun.

Benefits of Having a Backyard Swing

There are physical and cognitive benefits that a child will get by a swing in the backyard. All the benefits contribute to the well-being of your little one. 

You can expect to see a smile on your child’s face every time you see them on the swing. Here are the benefits your child gets every time they head to the backyard swing. 

Less Screen Time

Nowadays, children spend most of their free time indoors staring at a screen. children spend too much time on screens whether it is watching a movie, browsing, texting, taking pictures, playing video games, or video chatting,. 

A backyard swing motivates children to leave the house to do something physical outdoors. 

It is an achievement to get a child to spend an hour or two outdoors, but a backyard swing will motivate your child to spend several hours outdoors daily. Moreover, your little one will get some vitamin D and breathe in the fresh air. 

Buy a good sunscreen lotion for your child to protect their skin from UV rays. Also, ensure your child is well hydrated during the warm seasons. 

Improver Motor and Coordination Skills

Swinging demands that children move their limbs to propel the swing into motion. Moving their limbs requires the use of several muscle groups and joints. 

Children use their abdominal muscles to stay upright, hands to hold on, and legs to keep the swing in motion. Through all that, a child has to adjust their position as the swing moves to stay in place on the swing. 

Moving limbs improves a child’s motor skills, which are useful in performing daily physical activities like walking or playing. Strong muscles ensure that a child has better physical endurance and muscle development. 

Another skill children learn while swinging is coordination. Everything about swinging depends on timing. A child has to bend backward a little when moving forward and straighten their backs when moving backward. 

Coordination is essential when doing daily activities like walking, running, or pouring liquids. Overall, swinging is a fun way to teach kids to develop their motor and coordination. 

Body Awareness 

The activities of swinging can create awareness about body movements and how to move the body according to the surroundings. Children need to adjust their sitting position according to the position of a swing while in motion to counteract gravity. 

Also, a child learns what they need to do to slow down a swing or increase the speed. All those activities involve a child understanding the energy output necessary to achieve specific results. 

Learning body awareness is of the benefits that kids with sensory issues get. The children will be aware of the surroundings off the swing and make appropriate responses to environmental changes instead of getting anxious. 

It also improves the functioning of the vestibular system, which is responsible for balance and awareness of one’s body. 

Once children understand what their bodies can do physically and how to counteract environmental forces, they can engage in more physical activities. Children who swing have a wider range of movements at an early age than those who don’t. 

Stress Relief

Children are unable to express frustrations and stress like adults, which can lead to a child having a meltdown. Swinging calms children down, but it also releases the stress that a child may be experiencing. 

It is a combination that a child goes outdoors and that swinging is a form of exercise for a child. 

Swinging engages limbs as a child creates a swinging motion, which in term prompts the release of endorphins. Endorphins are happy hormones and a child is likely to feel less stressed after swinging. 

Also, the sensory experience that the brain receives is a form of mental exercise for children. Simply put, children find swinging a magical experience that helps them forget about their problems for a while. 

Therefore, if your family is going through stressful times, you should consider encouraging your children to use the backyard swing. Also, you can ask a child to go swing if you know that your child has had a stressful day at school. 

Social Skills 

Children are likely to share their outdoor swing with friends and siblings. Sharing a swing teaches a child several social skills. 

Kids have to talk to agree who takes a turn on the swing and for how long. They also have to make small talk when they are hanging together and binding when taking turns to swing. 

A child learns that sharing is essential and there are benefits to sharing what you have. A backyard swing can be a good reason to invite friends over for some fun.

When conflict arises, parents can teach their children how to solve the conflict peacefully and be fair. 

The social skills that a child learns when sharing a swing with friends and family are applicable in other areas of their life. A child will learn to communicate their needs calmly and solve conflict without resulting in violence. 

The social skills will improve as a child grows because a child will have peers to practice within a judgment-free zone.

Do You Need A Backyard Swing?

Parents need backyard swings because they are beneficial for kids, but also because they are affordable. Children have a lot of fun on backyard swings and they will spend several hours on the swing daily. 

It saves you the trip to the nearest park so that your child can get on a swing and you can use that time to do something productive at home. 

There are backyard swings that are suitable for all age groups, including toddlers, teens, and adults. You can even find swings for a child with sensory issues to ensure they have a good time when swinging outdoors. 

Therefore, you should do some careful considerations when selecting a backyard swing for your child. 

If you have any doubts about having a backyard swing, think back to how much fun you had swinging as a child. The cost is not a significant factor because tree swings are affordable and you can recycle an old tire to make a tree swing. 

If you have small children, it would be best to buy a swing seat with a buckle to keep your little one safe.

Different Types of Backyard Swings

There are several types of swings that you can add to your backyards, depending on the space you have and your budget. All types of swings offer an ample amount of fun to children and they can last for years. 

A Tree Swing 

A tree swing is popular because it is easy to install and parents can recycle stuff to make the swing.

You can opt to recycle some parts and buy some parts for the tree swing. Alternatively, you can opt to buy a tree swing kit that comes with a seat, rope or chains, and installation accessories. 

You can opt to do the classic tire swing in your backyard, and even ask your children to help you prepare the tire. Also, you can recycle some materials to create a flat swing seat for your children. Overall, there are many variations of a tree swing to choose from when you opt to install one. 

You can install the tree swing on a mature tree with sturdy branches or between two mature trees. Overall, it is affordable and you can find tree swings with a high weight capacity that the whole family can enjoy. 

A Swing Set 

A swing set is a playground set that comes with two to three swings and a swing frame. The frame may be a bipod or a tripod one which you can install in your backyard and mount the swing. 

Swing sets are excellent for individuals without mature trees on their compound, or parents who want multiple swings. 

Swing sets are available in all sizes, colors, and price ranges. Most of them come with user manuals that allow you to do the installation as a DIY project. 

You can opt to hire a handyman for the installation if you have a busy schedule. Overall, swing sets are amazing and they are easy to maintain all year round. Metal vs wood swing set pros and cons.

Trapeze Bar Swing 

A trapeze bar swing is an excellent addition for children with a playset in the backyard that doesn’t have a lot of extra space. Children can develop their upper body strength by using a trapeze bar swing. 

You can find a kit at your local toy store or on Amazon. It takes a short while to install when it is an addition to a playset. 

You can mount a trapeze bar swing in your backyard on a sturdy tree branch. It doesn’t have to be on a playset for children to have fun with it. Overall, installation is straightforward and the swings are affordable. 

Saucer Swings 

Saucer swings are ideal for smaller children to ensure that they stay in place. It is also ideal for toddlers who like to play with friends. 

Saucer swings have a huge saucer-like seat that you can place a toddle safely on top. Saucer seats are not meant to go high, but they are soothing for children. 

You can place a child on a saucer swing for the calming effects of the slow swaying motion. If your motivation to buy a swing is for the calming effect, then you should buy a saucer swing. 

A high weight limit allows several kids to use a saucer swing at the same time.

What is the Minimum Age Limit for Swings?

You can find a playground swing for children who are 1-2 years, with several safety features to prevent falls. You can install a backyard swing for a child who is 12 months old, but it will have to be close to the ground.

Additionally, the child should never be left at the swing without adult supervision ever. Toddlers are extremely curious and the child can attempt to get out of the swing when left alone. 

However, the parents are the final decision-makers about the right time for a child to get a backyard swing. Some parents may wait until a child is 3-years old, while others are fine getting a swing for a 12-month-old baby.


If you wonder “Why is swinging calming?” no you know why. It is normal to see a child make a beeline to the swings when you go to the park. 

Children tend to associate swings with fun and happiness. You should install a swing in your backyard if you don’t have one. There are many benefits of having a backyard swing. 

Swinging can improve the mood of your child, relieve stress, enhance motor and coordination skills, and encourage a child to go out in the sun. The calming effects of a swing will be beneficial for a child, especially those with sensory issues. 

Above all, your child will be developing various skills and having fun concurrently.

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