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Pros and Cons of Trampolines


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The pros and cons of a backyard trampoline are insurance, safety, and exercise. Pro is a trampoline is an amazing way to exercise, increase heart rate, and burn lots of calories. Cons are that they can cause injury to kids if not set up correctly with a net. Some insurance companies don’t allow trampolines.

One of the benefits of trampoline is that it provides a healthy low impact and enjoyable means of exercise. There are also many other positive effects to playing outdoors with your children on a trampoline, including developing coordination, balance, and being active throughout the day.

When jumping on a trampoline, you run the risk of injury. You also incur increased liability and insurance rates, not to mention fencing that can come at an extra cost.

Pros and Cons of Trampolines

Pros of the backyard toy are its ability to develop friendships and mental growth with your child. There are hundreds, if not millions, of benefits for parents playing with their kids in this way as well.

Kids living nearby such as families and friends can play together very easily! Other pros about having one in your own yard include that you don’t need any special equipment like an expensive gym.

Their great exercise because jumping on them will burn calories quickly without making much noise so people can do this while their kid’s nap or carefully with them as long as your backyard trampoline can hold the weight then you’re good to go!

There are also several cons to owning a trampoline, but it is best to research local ordinances before buying the product. One of the main disadvantages to owning a trampoline is the potential for serious personal injury caused by an unwise jump.

Trampoline injuries can range from broken bones to risks of serious injuries.

It is quite easy for an inexperienced user to jump on a trampoline and gain the altitude to cause other potentially life-threatening injuries if they misjudge a landing.

The springs surrounding the area of the trampoline’s pad also create several small openings that allow a body part to pass through if someone lands too close to the edge.

Any accident in a trampoline can lead to serious consequences, including spinal injuries that could lead to paralysis or broken bones. No matter the age, exercising can be risky.

One risk that could result in a significant jump in homeowners insurance premiums is accidental injury and property damage caused by trampolines kept outside.

Some communities require safety nets and locked fencing around the trampoline, similar to those used with swimming pools. Owners of these areas must incur the cost of security measures, even as many restrictions serve to inconvenience owners.

One potential downside to trampolines is that they can block a lot of sunlight, which may cause the lawn and plants to die.

Trampolines Can Make Exercise More Fun and Exciting

A backyard trampolines are a simple assembly that can provide hours of family entertainment, improve muscle growth, and develop hand-eye coordination. If you are looking for a quick cardiovascular workout, consider jumping on the trampoline.

Kids can even play games while trampolining to see who jumps the highest, balance on one leg, or try to do a forward roll. Jump with one leg and do a flip. They can also see who will be jumping on the trampoline the longest but make sure they have some form of supervision or a group of friends.

Trampolines are a great way to get kids active and outdoors. They can jump for hours improving health and developing their coordination skills while having fun with the family or group of friends at home in your backyard! 

I can’t stress how easy it is to have your child exercising using the trampoline. They will be having a great time burning off energy and getting a great cardiovascular workout to release stress.

Is The Workout Worth It?

There is no denying that trampolines provide an excellent workout. There are some major pros to owning one of these backyard trampolines. 

Some of the top-ranked reasons include hours and hours of exercise, all-around fun for the whole family or group of friends and a great way to work on your tumbling skills.

It really does not matter what age you start jumping; it will always be beneficial to your health because there isn’t any impact like running has. Trampolines also help improve muscle growth which means they’re good if someone wants more definition when working out too! 

If anyone needs some extra motivation then this should do just fine!. Kids love them so much sometimes I have trouble getting them off of it.

Jumping on a Trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline is an aerobic and athletic activity that burns too many calories to not be worth it! Trampolines provide a great means for developing skills in other sports. 

The trampoline’s suspension system of springs and netting allows the user to develop skills that are useful in other games, such as diving, gymnastics, or even ballet.

Trampolining has a low impact on the body because when rebounding the mat and springs absorb the stress. Trampolining also helps with training coordination skills such as hand-eye coordination or timing when jumping in other sports like basketball for example! 

If you haven’t been that active you will notice a huge difference in your health as your muscles start to form, especially in your legs.

Trampoline safety should always be taken into consideration before purchasing one though because they can cause injury if not used properly. Make sure to research the brands and companies you are considering thoroughly. 

They’re best suited only after you’ve learned how it works from someone else first so that there will not have any accidents while using them on your own later down this road.

How to Jump on The Trampoline

The best tip to safely bounce on a trampoline is to use your arms and legs together. Whenever you jump, make sure that both feet are on landing on the mat (rebounding) and push off together. 

Do this until you are very familiar with it, then you can start doing some small tricks like bouncing on your knees or bouncing with one foot after rebounding from a high jump.

When getting off the trampoline safely slide off the side and grab a hold of what you can. Make sure anyone else on the trampoline stops bouncing for you to exit.

What is The Most Common Injury on a Trampoline?

The most common injuries from backyard trampolines are sprained ankles, broken arms or legs (or even a neck injury) as well which is why it’s important to have the safety net around all sides for protection! The insurance company or homeowner’s insurance also usually covers the cost of any injuries that happen on a trampoline. 

They are not too happy about people having a trampoline because of the potential for injury. The best rule is to keep your body and all limbs inside the safety netting of the trampoline as bouncing and try not to jump too close to the sides.

Safety netting is the most important tip of a backyard trampoline because it keeps children from falling off and getting hurt, but there are other things to consider as well when buying one for your home or yard. How big do you want? What size will fit best in my space (or what can I afford)? 

How much weight does this need to be able to handle without collapsing under its own pressure – so that no matter who’s on top they’re safe! The last thing anyone wants at their birthday party…is an emergency room visit after someone falls out onto concrete below them!!! 

With this in mind don’t put the trampoline near any really hard structures, services, or pools. It’s best to keep it in a grassy area or on the ground. The trampoline is one of those things that can be really fun for children and adults alike.

Are Trampolines Bad For Your Back?

People have always wondered if a trampoline is bad for your back. The answer is, it depends on how you use the trampoline and what type of matting or padding that’s underneath to protect yourself from injury when landing hard after a jump which can happen if there isn’t enough cushioning.

The best way for someone with bad knees (or any other joint) who wants some exercise but doesn’t want too much impact would be jumping in place without doing flips at all this will help keep them safe while still getting their heart rate up just by bouncing around inside an enclosed space like they’re having fun playing basketball indoors but safer!!!

If you already have bad back or knee issues then we recommend swimming, biking, and/or using the elliptical machine to get your cardio workout on!

The most important thing is that if it hurts when landing from jumps then stop immediately!! And even more important than stopping yourself before an injury happens.

Why Should Trampolines be Banned?

Parents worry about children on a trampoline because of the risks of injury. Some parents even want trampolines banned because they are worried about the safety of their children.

The main concern is that children will get hurt on trampolines, but there have been no reports in recent years to suggest this has happened more often than any other sport or activity where people can fall off and injure themselves (like skateboarding).

There’s also a risk for injury when someone falls from too high up outside of the trampoline it would feel like if they’re jumping down into an elevated ground! This could lead them crashing right through its springs which would be very dangerous indeed or even worse, injuring another person who might happen to be close by as well. 

Lastly, some parents worry because young ones may not know how strong those springy things really are and could end up getting hurt if they’re not careful. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Orthopedic surgeons both say you shouldn’t get a trampoline. Not to mention the insurance company or homeowner’s insurance also is against them.

If you do decide to purchase one please do your research and buy from a reputable company.

Should I get a Trampoline

Buying a trampoline for your child leads to great exercise in the backyard and children will be able to enjoy themselves for hours. There are many benefits if you get a trampoline, but there is also some risk involved with the purchase and use as well. 

It’s important that you consider both before making your decision. Kids will have fun exercising in their backyard all day long!

They’ll get plenty of exercise without even realizing they’re doing anything. 

Also, jumping on this can really make them tired after a while; just ask any kid who has been playing outside too much lately (or adults)! This means less time spent inside watching TV or sitting at home bored. 

The trampoline will also lead to a much greater sense of balance for your child, well worth the purchase. The frame of the trampoline is meant to be very low impact especially when rebounding but will still build muscles.

If you do buy a trampoline make sure to set it up correctly on even ground. You don’t want to have it on a slope or anything like that. If you’re not sure how we have an article on how to prepare the ground.

If this is something important in terms of safety then we recommend getting one with an enclosure netting around all sides as well, especially if kids that are new to backyard trampolines will be using this for the first time.

Training will take time so supervision of the child on the trampoline is a must.

If you’re not sure about what size of trampoline to get, we recommend getting a 12 foot by 14-foot one for safety reasons and because it’s large enough that two kids can fit on at once without being too close together (which could lead them into an argument). 

This is also good if there are more than just your own children who will be using this like other family members or friends that come over! The larger ones usually come with some sorta enclosure netting around all sides as well which makes things safer in general. 

Having a backyard trampoline with the netting will ensure the kids are safe from falling off the trampoline. Trampolines are recommended for children that are at least six years old and should have supervision.

Are In Ground Trampolines Safe

There are now trampolines you can assemble that go in the ground. These are a bit expensive but the real question is are in-ground trampolines safe?

In-ground trampolines are safe as long you make sure the frame is sturdy and all of your springs have a good bounce. The only thing to be careful about with in-ground models, especially if they’re not installed correctly or there’s an issue that needs fixing later on down the line (like broken spring). 

It can get difficult for someone without experience assembling them from scratch which means hiring professionals may end up costing more than just buying another model altogether!

Pros: In-Ground Trampoline frames tend to last longer because their weight isn’t being supported by anything but themselves so less strain is put onto each individual component;

Cons: You need some space before installing one since these types require digging holes into concrete/grass.

If this is too much for you did you know they have a mini trampoline? A mini trampoline is mostly designed for one person and can even be used indoors if there is enough room.


Trampolines are an amazing way to get some much-needed exercise while having fun and not know you are doing it. Be sure to have everything set up correctly and have supervision when using it even if it’s just a friend in case a bad bounce would happen. 

We do currently own a trampoline ourselves for our kids but I must say make sure to cover it up during the off-season, once it’s covered with leaves it’s very hard to clean.

If you are looking for a safer option please check out our post: Are Bounce Houses Safer than Trampolines.

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