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Insurance for Playgrounds

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There is no playground equipment covered because most insurance companies do not cover them. However, you can ask your insurance to add playground equipment to your homeowner’s insurance policy. The addition can add an extra $200 annually on top of your existing premiums. 

Playground equipment is considered high risk by insurance companies, and that’s why they are not included under homeowner insurance policies. You will need to make a special request to your insurance company to include your playground pieces of equipment. 

Some playgrounds cost $400-$1,000, and it would be nice if you knew your insurance would pay for damages as part of property damages. Also, you need to understand who will pay for health care expenses if a child gets injured on a swing set or a playset.

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Why Is Playground Insurance Coverage Important?

Why Is Playground Insurance Coverage Important?

Most playground pieces of equipment stay outdoors in the backyard all year round because of their size.

As a result, a branch can fall on your playset during a storm, or one of your child’s friends may get hurt when playing in your backyard playground. 

Another scenario is where a branch from your tree falls on the neighbor’s playset. Your neighbor will likely demand property damages, and you will likely have to pay.

Therefore, it is essential to talk to your insurance provider and know to what extent your insurance coverage protects you. 

It is essential to be prepared for injuries and damages that may arise from unforeseen situations. Additionally, it is quite expensive to pay for property damage or medical expenses out of pocket during an emergency. 

How to Get Your Playground Equipment Insured

How to Get Your Playground Equipment Insured

You will need to talk to your insurance provider, and they will send an agent to value the playground.

Insurances usually ask a few questions to determine the risk any playground equipment poses before giving a quote. 

Although you won’t find direct insurance for playgrounds, having the equipment included in your homeowner insurance gives you some protection. You will pay higher premiums than before the installation of playground equipment.

It is the easiest way to get your insurance to cover any property damages related to playground equipment in your backyard. 

If your insurance company agrees to insure your playground equipment, they will have some requirements. 

  • You will need to fence the playground
  • Level out the structure if it is slanting. 
  • Add guard rails on the sides. 
  • Some may require certain safety features. 
  • It would be best if you covered the equipment off-season. 

The requirements will vary depending on the company that agrees to offer insurance for your playset or swing set.

However, you will need to adhere to the requirements if you want to make a property damage claim in the future. 

How Do Playground Equipment Property Damage Claims Go?

How Do Playground Equipment Property Damage Claims Go?

If your playground equipment is part of your insurance cover, you can claim property damage when it happens due to natural disasters.

However, claims, because kids damaged the set, will depend on the insurance.

They determine that your policy doesn’t cover the risks that lead to the damage of a playset or other playground equipment. 

Therefore, it is not assured that your insurance will cover all damages to your playground equipment. You may have to pay for the damages out of pocket, even if the equipment is part of your homeowner’s policy. 

What About Playground-Related Injuries?

Injuries that happen when a child is using playground pieces of equipment should fall under your health insurance.

However, it would help if you discussed with your medical insurance provider the expenses they are willing to cover.

Most medical insurance companies are open to covering medical expenses from injuries while using playsets, swing sets, or jungle gyms. 

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However, you should be ready to pay higher premiums depending on the age of your kids.  Some medical insurance companies will flat-out refuse to cover third-party playground injuries.

Take time to analyze what your medical insurance is willing to cover concerning playground injuries before paying additional premiums. 

Children are playful, and parents are overprotective when it comes to their kids. It would be best to ensure you are insured because many injuries do happen on playgrounds.

Moreover, parents can sue you if you let their children play on a playground with faulty pieces of equipment. It would be best if you supervised your kids and friends when they were on the playground. 

What About Damages to Playground Equipment?

What About Damages to Playground Equipment?

If you or your child damages playground equipment, you may be asked to pay for property damage. If this happens on a public playground or with your neighbors, it will fall under your liability coverage.

Therefore, it is important to review your liability coverage to see whether it covers playground damages. 

You can be sued for damages when your little one destroys a playset, swing set, or jungle gym on your neighbor’s or friend’s property. If your liability insurance cover doesn’t include such damages, you will have to make payments out of pocket. 

Why is Insurance for Playgrounds Rare?

Why is Insurance for Playgrounds Rare?

Backyard playgrounds were not as popular in the past as they are now. In the past, playground equipment was available in schools, parks, or commercial playgrounds.

Therefore, insurance for playgrounds was under the business property insurance. 

Many insurance companies are still struggling to classify backyard playgrounds that parents are putting up to keep kids entertained. In addition, landlords are worried about the effect playground equipment will have on their property in the long run. 

Overall, it is hard to find insurance for playgrounds in the backyard because it is new territory. Some insurance companies will accept the risk and increase the premiums of a homeowner’s insurance policy.

However, other insurance companies are not willing to take on the risks that come with the installation of playgrounds in backyards

In the end, you have to figure out what works for you and what risks you are comfortable covering out of pocket. 

Is Playground Insurance Worth It?

Is Playground Insurance Worth It?

Paying for insurance for playground equipment is worth it if you have expensive stuff on your playground.

Also, it is worth it if your insurance provider is willing to cover the major risks associated with playgrounds.

Overall, it is better to pay an extra $200 for your home insurance premiums than pay $1,000 out of pocket. 


Insurance for playgrounds is not common under homeowner insurance coverage. However, you can talk to your insurance provider to include your playground equipment as part of your property.

Additionally, find out what your medical insurance cover pays for concerning playground injuries. 

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