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Parents can do a DIY basketball court in the backyard, and here are the simple steps for building one. 

  • Measure the size of a basketball court for your backyard
  • Purchase the hoop, concrete, surfacing times, and other materials. 
  • Level the ground 
  • Install the hoop
  • Pour the concrete
  • Install surfacing tiles 
  • Draw the basketball markings.

Did you know that you can build a basketball court for your child in your backyard? It can be a fun addition in the yard that everyone in a family can use to exercise or pass the time.

Parents don’t have to put a full basketball court in the backyard for kids to enjoy themselves. 

Many customized backyard basketball courts can fit into small and medium-size backyards, and they are affordable. You can work with your space and get your family something suitable for the size of your backyard.

Also, you can find something that works for your budget.

How Much Room Do You Need For Backyard Basketball Court?

There are several basketball courts, and you can choose one that will fit the space you have. Most parents opt for a half-court because it can fit in the backyard or the driveways instead of only adding a hoop. 

A full-sized basketball court is approximately 28m x 15m, while a half-court is 15m x 11m. However, those aren’t the only sizes of basketball backyard courts that parents can opt to build.

You can opt for a 10m x 7m, 9m x 5m, or 4m x 6mn depending on the space you have outdoors. 

Start by measuring out the space that you have in your backyard to decide the right size of a backyard basketball court for you. Deduct 3-5 feet on each side of the space in your backyard.

Leave an allowance away from the fence and backyard furniture. 

Space will also reduce the odds of a basketball going over the fence to the neighbor’s yard. You can check out the NBA recommendations for a basketball court if you intend to build a full one in your backyard.

Do I Need A License?

Different cities have different building codes, and you will need to check with the local authorities to see if you need a license or permit to build your backyard basketball court. 

Also, talking to the local government can tell you if there are any gas pipes, water pipes, or internet cables that pass through your backyard. It is better to do your homework before making any preparations to avoid getting an injunction after you begin the construction. 

Additionally, ask whether there are any inspections that the local government requires homeowners to do. Being updated about the requirements of the local authorities will ensure that your project runs seamlessly. 

You can get most of the information from the department of urban planning or building safety.

What is the Best Surface for Outdoor Basketball Court?

Parents need to start with a flat location to reduce the cost of excavation and preparations for building a backyard basketball court. It would be best to decide whether the basketball court will be above ground or level with your entire backyard.

A court that is on the same level as your backyard will require a little excavation to create room for the slab. 

Also, the area should not be near any trees or bushes or the neighbor’s house. It is easy for a ball to go over the fence and hit the neighbor’s windows or someone. You may have to trim trees that are hanging low over the location of the court. 

Keep in mind that basketball is a highly active sport that involves people jumping. Anything close to the court can cause an injury because most players will be focused on the ball and not their surroundings. 

Step By Step Guide on Building a Backyard Basketball Court

It is possible to build a backyard basketball court as a DIY project. You will need equipment like a drill, shovel, concrete mixer, and a drill hammer, among others, to help you with the construction.

It will take about a week to complete the project successfully if you have some free days to spare. It will take longer when you only have the weekend to work on building the court. 

Some contractors specialize in building beautiful backyard basketball courts at reasonable fees. You can ask for recommendations from other parents near you and engage a reputable contractor for the project if you are busy.

Overall, a basketball court in the backyard is an achievable endeavor for any parent looking for ways to keep kids engaged. 

Step 1: Prepare the Location

Good preparation of the location ensures that you have a durable foundation for the basketball court. You will need a few tools to remove any debris in the area and clean up for construction. 

  • Start by restricting the area where you want to build the basketball court. Use stakes and twine to keep the site for the court marked. 
  • Remove any debris, bushes, grass, and anything that isn’t soil from the location. It can take almost a whole day to clear the area for a full-sized basketball court in the backyard. 
  • Level the area by excavating the high places and transferring the soil to the low spots. 
  • Parents have to dig 117m deep and excavate the area if they want a basketball court on the same level as the rest of the backyard. 
  • Please find a way to press down any loose soil and keep it there to prepare for the concrete slab for the basketball court. 

Step 2: Pour in the Concrete

Once the location is ready for building, it is time to make the slab of concrete. You need to prepare a hole or holes for the hoops and install them before pouring into the concrete.

Ideally, it would be best if you dug a spot that is 1-2 feet deep for the basketball hoops. 

Also, check the hooks of the basketball hoops to ensure that above the level with your backyard. It is more cost-efficient to install the basketball hoops before pouring into the concrete. 

  • Start by laying down some reinforced wire grids for the foundation. Ensure that the grid is well secured before you start pouring in the concrete mix. 
  • Pour concrete mix to the level of 100mm for a durable foundation. 
  • Level the concrete so that the final slab is relatively flat. 
  • Wait for three days (72 hours) for the concrete to cure completely before going to the next step. 
  •  Inspect the concrete slab daily to prevent anything from interfering with the curing process of the cement. 

Step 3: Draw Lines 

Parents need to draw lines for the basketball court when the slab is ready for the final touches. You can buy a stencil kit that will make it straightforward to mark the lines all over the backyard basketball court.

Follow the instructions carefully to get all the lines right because the court will last for a couple of years. 

Alternatively, you can draw the lines yourself using paint and tape measure. Draw lines that think and are visible to the naked eye when someone is playing.

It will take a long time for you to mark the court as a DIY project without a kit. The lines will act as a guideline for you when you are adding surface tiles. It prevents you from forgetting to include the lines in the finish. 

Step 4: Install the Surface Tile 

After three days, the concrete slab will be ready for sports surface tiles to reduce the floor’s impact on your family’s knees and ankles. Other options include rubber tiles and asphalt as alternative options for sports surface tiles. 

  • Start the installation by demarcating the edge of the court on the slab. Leave a space at the border and add the edges as the last part of the structure. 
  • Start with one edge and move towards the other end of the basketball court. You can use screws to keep the tiles in place as an extra precaution. Most sports surface tiles are interlocking able, and the screws ensure that the tiles stay in place. 
  • Work your way to the other corner until you have completed the whole court. 
  • Once the center area is complete, work on the edges. You need to drill screws at the bottom of the concrete slab to hold the edges in place. Borders are essential in keeping the whole overall look of the backyard basketball court. 

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There are sports surface tiles that come in a variety of colors that will make the court stand out. Don’t forget to place the lines where they are supposed to be to have a functional basketball court.

Choose colors that each member of your family can appreciate and something that will complement your backyard style. 

Take your time when surfacing the concrete slab to ensure that it comes out looking neat and presentable. After all, you do not want to have something that looks ugly in your beautifully manicured backyard. 

Step 5: Accessories 

Accessories add a layer of fun to a backyard basketball court, and sometimes it adds a layer of security. There are many accessories available in the market, including logos, custom banners, and fancy basket nets. 

Find accessories that will help you have more fun on the court and spend less time retrieving the ball around the backyard. Here are some of the accessories that you need to consider buying for your backyard basketball court. 

A Hoop Net

Hooking up a net to the sides of a hoop pole will keep a ball from going to the neighbor’s side. You can avoid the chance of breaking something in your neighbor’s compound when the ball misses the hoop. 

A custom logo that represents the family can add a personal touch to the whole project. You can have an expert design a logo on your behalf and install it at home court. 

Ball Return System

Hardware that returns the ball automatically will drastically reduce the time that you spend retrieving the ball on the court. It is a handy accessory that looks amazing next to the hoop.

If you are looking for a cheaper option you can always hang a cargo net behind the hoop.

Fancy Basketball Backboard

You can add a backboard to the hoop and add some awesome graphics of your favorite team or movie. A fancy headboard can add awesomeness to your basketball court without breaking your bank account.


You can add a fence around the court to help stop the ball from bouncing into another yard.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Basketball Court in Your Backyard?

It is essential to know the average cost of building a basketball court in the backyard for planning purposes. It is possible to break down the price per square meter so that homeowners can create a budget depending on the size of the backyard basketball court. 

The costs are divided into materials and labor. Materials include work, rebar, surfacing, hoops, nets, and accessories.

Labor costs include the daily charges that experts will charge for their services to build you a basketball court in your backyard. 

Overall Cost of an Outdoor Basketball Court

A full court can cost anything from $35,000 to $80,000. The cost depends on the materials that you decide to use and the intensity of preparing the location.

Half a court can cost anything from $10,000 to $35,000 when it is fully installed. Some parents prefer to install a commercial-grade basketball court in their backyard because it will last for longer. 

A premium or commercial-grade basketball court is affordable, and it does add significant value to a home. It is possible to use inexpensive materials and create a budget on the lower side of a basketball court’s average cost. 

A breakdown of the Cost of Building a Basketball Court in the backyard

There are essential components that must be included for you to build a durable basketball court. A basketball court is meant to last for years, and you will have to buy high-quality materials that will help you make something magnificent.

Here is a breakdown of the cost involved in the budget appropriately according to your financial capability. 

Land Leveling 

It is a must for parents to level the ground in areas that have slopes. The average cost of balancing the locations for a full or half court can range from $1,300 to $4,500.

The price depends on how much work is involved. You cannot skip the task of leveling the ground if you live in a hilly environment. 

Homeowners with a relatively flat backyard can level the area by hand and save a few dollars. Keep in mind that it may take a long time to level the backyard by hand or without an excavator. 


Most outdoor basketball courts use concrete for foundation because it is affordable, readily available, and it is straightforward to use it. You can prepare concrete at home and pour it for the court’s foundation without an expert’s assistance.

Homeowners should budget $100 per square meter to be o the safe side. 

A concrete slab is about 4-inches or 100mm, and it does require a significant amount of concrete to build it. You should hire an expert to do the foundation slab if you have no experience of pouring concrete or building a durable slab. 


The hoop is an important part of a basketball court, and you need to make sure you have one or two before you pour in the concrete slab. The hoops should be in the ground when concrete is poured in to remain firm in place.

Otherwise, you will have to drill the concrete to do the installations, which will increase your project’s cost. 

It would be best to choose a brand built for heavy-duty use to ensure that it lasts for a long time. You can expect to pay a price of $1,500-$4,500 for a loop, depending on the quality.

Don’t forget whether the materials that make the hoop are all-weather resistant and suitable for outdoor use. 


Sports tiles are the best option for an outdoor backyard basketball court to absorb the impact of all the jumping that will happen on the court. Interlocking sports surfacing tiles are the best because they are simple to install.

You need to check surfacing tiles’ lifespan before buying them to confirm that they will last for long. 

Durable surfacing tiles reduce your maintenance costs for the basketball court. You should budget $99 per square meter for sports surfacing times.

Larger courts will enjoy discounts because of the quantities that you will need to buy. 

Marking and Graphics 

You can get paint for drawing lines for $50 to $100 at your local hardware store. You can buy spray paints, which are simple to apply.

Select colors that will be visible on your court. You can ask for a custom logo or graphics for the hoop backboard. 

A budget of $500 is adequate to get you some sweet artwork that adds personal touches to your basketball court. You can buy a stencil kit for about $100 online and mark the court perfectly. 


Labor costs will vary depending on the size of the basketball court. You can always do some simple tasks like drawing markings to save a few dollars.

You can expect to pay handymen $300-$400 per day or an average of $1,100-$1,500 to install a court. You should find the most reputable experts to do the installation on your behalf for fantastic results. 


Some locations will need proper drainage to prevent water from settling on top of the new court after it rains or snows. An expert should install drains that lead the water away from your backyard and the buildings.

It can cost $3,400 on average to direct water away from home. You can negotiate the price with a contractor depending on the size of your home. 


Some homeowners prefer to do some landscaping after building a basketball court in the backyard to look out of place. Sometimes homeowners need a complete overhaul of their landscaping design to accommodate the new addition.

Homeowners can expect to pay $400-$4,000 or more to incorporate the new court into their existing landscaping design.


Several accessories can make the whole outdoor playing experience excellent for children. You can decide on the accessories to add to your backyard basketball court as per your needs. 

  • Fencing or Netting – $1,000 to $5,000
  • Lighting – $300 to $3,000
  • Ball return system – $100 to $500
  • Ball – $50 to $500
  • Ball racks -$50 to $500

DIY or Professional Options

Many parents wonder whether to build a backyard basketball court as a DIY project or hire a professional. There are aspects of installing a basketball court that can be done as a DIY project, like installing the hoops and leveling the ground. 

Parents who work in the construction industry have a better chance of completing a new basketball court as a DIY project. It would help if you were carefully doing the foundation to determine how long the court will last. 

Ideally, professionals build appealing basketball courts that are aesthetically pleasing as well as durable. You should consider hiring a professional if you have no construction skills or your child wants to use the court for regular training. 

You can search for experts near your location and hire the one who has the highest star rating from many parents. A professional will complete the project fast because they have all the tools they need to build a fantastic basketball court. 

Can You Hire A Professional to Paint Basketball Lines?

Yes, you can find an expert who will paint neat basketball lines for your brand new court in your backyard. The average fee is $300, but it can go up or down depending on the size of your court.

If you don’t have experience in painting, then paying a professional for the job is the best idea. It should take a few hours for the lines to be completed.

Wait for the court lines to dry before you let a child take the new court for a spin.


A basketball court in your backyard is an excellent way to engage kids, keep them busy, and encourage them to do daily exercises in a fun manner. Kids can spend a lot of hours outside practicing to shoot hoops or playing with their friends.

The activities that kids do when playing basketball are good for their help. It also helps get kids away from screens and exposes them to sunlight for some Vitamin D. 

The initial costs of building a basketball court in the backyard may seem too high. However, basketball courts tend to last for long, and kids can use them until they are adults.

The cost is worth it in the long run. Hire a team of professionals to build the basketball court if you do not have the technical know-how of constructing one. 

Moreover, you will have a picture-worthy basketball court because professionals will give you a beautiful finish. Parents should consider adding a basketball court in their backyards because it is a worthwhile undertaking for kids and the home value.

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