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Hang A Climbing Cargo Net


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When hanging a cargo net, you need to attach the eyebolts to the beam and attach the beam to a ceiling or tree.

Use cables to attach the cargo net to the beam and adjusts the cables so that the net drapes the ground. Install anchors on the ground to hold the net and reduce swaying when kids are climbing.

You can hang a climbing cargo indoors as well as outdoors for climbing purposes. You will need to collect a few resources before you can successfully hand a cargo net at your desired location.

You need to select a net location, which will determine the supplies you need to mount your cargo net. 

Supplies include hooks, pipes, chains, screwdrivers, and bolts. Also, you will need tools like a ladder, hammer, or drill for the installation process. 

There are a few factors that you need to understand when planning to hang a cargo net. Being ready for all the tasks involved will make the DIY project a seamless endeavor.

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Scouting a Location to Hang a Climbing Cargo Net

Scouting a Location to Hang a Climbing Cargo Net

You need to take a close look at the ideal location to hang a cargo net indoors or outdoors. Ideally, there should be enough space to fit the climbing net and leave extra room around the net.

You need to consider the net height and keep in mind that there should be a reasonable amount of draping on the floor. You add the climbing net in the house and mount it on the ceiling.

Outdoor locations need to be flat, well-drained, and preferably on a mature tree. A climbing net is a fun way to get up and down a treehouse.

Supplies to Hang a Cargo Net

Supplies to Hang a Cargo Net

There are several supplies that you need to hang a cargo net as a DIY project. You can find all the supplies that you need at a local hardware store or online.

Alternatively, you can choose to purchase a mounting kit for the climbing net or brand you have. A mounting kit contains all the elements you need to hang a cargo net from a ceiling or pipe.

However, it is simple to assemble the supplies available in a conversion kit. 

Fabricate Beam or Ceiling Attachment 

You can use a fabricated beam to hang a climbing net outdoors or ceiling attachments for mounting it indoors. It would be best if you had a pipe or beam with a diameter of 1.5″ and 2ft wider than the cargo net’s width.

The beam can be wood or steel, which needs fabrications to the needs of the net. 

You can use a thicker pipe or beam to ensure that it can support more than the cargo net’s maximum weight limit. You need to add a minimum of five eyebolts onto the pipe at least one foot apart.

You will need an expert to give you specs for a wooden ceiling or other unique materials. You will know the pipe or beam size that you will need and plan for the fabrications that you need to hold the net. 

Length of Chains or Cables 

You will need to measure the length of chains or cables that you need to mount the cargo net on the pipe or beam. You need to measure the height between the ceilings or mounting beam to see the distance you will need to use chains.

A cable will suspend the cargo net in place and make it easy for a child to use it. 


You will need mounting hooks to attach to the eyebolts on the beam or pipe. They will need to be heavy-duty hooks that can sustain a weight of around 1,000 pounds easily.

Take the measurements of the eyebolt so that you can get hooks that can get through them.

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How to Hang a Climbing Cargo Net

How to Hang a Climbing Cargo Net

There are several steps for installing a cargo net indoors or outdoors. 

  • Attach eyebolts onto the fabricated pipe or beam and attach matching eyebolts to a ceiling or a tree. The eyebolts on the beam should have corresponding ones on the locations you are hanging the net. 
  • Attach the cables to the beam and the other end of the cables to the cargo net. Attach a cable to each eyebolt and secure them carefully until they do not come off. Measure the appropriate length of the cables before securing each end. 
  • Drape the net to the ground and ensure that at least two feet of the land for safety reasons. The end on the floor should be covering an area to ensure that a person can get on the climbing cargo net simply. 
  • Install anchors on the floor or ground to secure it and keep it from moving unpredictably when a person is climbing it. Space the anchors one foot apart, just like the eyebolts at the attachment beam. Try to anchor the net at a 45-degree angle to achieve a gentle slope. Ensure that the anchors are firm and the tops do not have any sharp edges. 
  • Take time to test the net by climbing on it to see whether it will hold your weight or that of your kids if it is on a treehouse. You can ask multiple people to climb on the cargo net and see how the beam holds up the weight.

How Long Will the Installation Take?

How Long Will the Installation Take?

The duration of the installation will depend on the size of the cargo net. Wider nets will take time to fit the fabricated pole and all the right hooks.

You can set aside 2 hours to do a simple DIY installation for standard-size cargo nets. 

However, it can take half a day or more to install commercial-size cargo nets. It is imperative not to rush the process because the cargo net will be carrying a lot of weight.

Also, poor installation can cause a user to fall and get injured. 

What are the Popular Types of Cargo Nets?

The popular types of cargo nets are synthetic and rope cargo nets. Synthetic cargo nets are cheaper than rope ones.

On the other hand, rope cargo nets add a lot of aesthetic value to a room or a treehouse. 

Some parents opt for rope cargo nets because they look amazing against climbing walls or the side of a tree playhouse. However, there is nothing wrong with using synthetic cargo nets for commercial purposes.

There are also other uses for cargo nets like hanging one behind a backyard basketball hoop.

Can You Find an Expert for Installation?

Can You Find an Expert for Installation?

Yes, you can. Some experts will help you pick up the right hardware to hang a cargo net and do the installation process.

You can ask around your local area to find a professional who has excellent reviews from customers. 

Alternatively, you can ask the store personnel where you get your cargo net if there is anyone who does the installation. The prices for the installation will vary from one contractor to the next.

Also, the size of the cargo net can influence the installation cost.

Are Cargo Nets Safe?

Are Cargo Nets Safe?

Yes, they are when installed appropriately. The beauty of the net is that a person will roll to the bottom in case of a misstep.

Cargo nets are excellent alternatives to ladders, and they can reduce the risk of injury to children when added to treehouses. The anchors of the net ensure that it always has a soft slope that will break a fall.


Cargo nets are fun and a safe alternative for ladders. Hanging a cargo net is a bit technical because some cargo nets are supposed to handle a capacity of 1,000 pounds.

It would be best if you had steady beams to anchor the cargo net at the top of a tree or the house’s ceiling. 

It is okay to find an expert in the installation of cargo nets. Individuals with wooden or unique ceilings will need an expert’s opinion on the appropriate gear for mounting a cargo net.

Some cargo nets have installation kits that simplify the process when you do it as a DIY process. 

Speaking of DIY projects you can even make a climbing cargo net yourself. When you are done, your kids can use the net to practice their climbing skills while having fun. 

Hang a Cargo Net

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