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Hang A Swing From Ceiling


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You need to use a drill and wedge bolts to mount a swing on a concrete ceiling without damaging it. Also, you will need two types of drill bits for the installation to ensure that the wedge bolts fit snugly in the concrete ceiling and support the swinging motion.

Did you know that hanging a swing from a concrete ceiling differs from hanging a swing from a concrete wall? The physics laws that keep a swing study between concrete walls won’t work when it comes to a concrete ceiling. 

You must use the right tools and equipment to do the installation. 

It won’t be easy, and you require some planning to ensure that you have enough time for the installation. Moreover, it would be best if you got it right the first time to avoid the possibility of the swing falling when it is in use.

By the time you are done reading, you should be in a position to do a DIY swing installation from a concrete ceiling.

What Should You Consider Before the Installation?

Understanding your installation area is a significant part of ensuring that it is successful the first time around. Most homeowners assume that installing a swing is a simple endeavor, and they do little preparation. 

Most swings come with installation instructions, but installing a swing from a concrete ceiling requires some expertise to ensure that the swing lasts. 

Location of the Ceiling

Concrete ceilings vary depending on the design and age of the building. A flat concrete ceiling for a bungalow has a different configuration than a concrete ceiling for an apartment.

You will have to be mindful not to drill through to your upstairs neighbor’s floor in an apartment. 

A little research can help you understand the thickness and composition of the ceiling that you have. It would help determine whether there is a rebar or any piping within the ceiling before attempting to attach a hook eye to it. 

Sometimes, not knowing what part of a concrete slab can damage your drill bits or pipes that provide water to your neighbor. You can find the schematics of your house or the apartment building you live in to understand the construction specifics better.

It will also make it simple for you to select the appropriate location for your swing. 


You will need a ladder, drill, wedge bolts, rope, and a hammer. Prepare your tools in advance so that you can have everything ready for installation.

The drill will help you create the perfect holes for your wedge bolts. Ideally, you need two types of drill bits to help you create an excellent hole for the wedge bolt. 

You can use any rope you like as long as it is strong enough to hold a high amount of weight. Find a rope with at least four strands to ensure that it doesn’t break easily. 

The ladder will help you reach the ceiling for drilling and placing the bolts in place. It would help if you had a sturdy ladder because the swing’s location won’t be at the wall.

You won’t have the advantage of leaning your ladder on the wall for extra support. 

Wedge bolts are widely available at any hardware store near you. You need one with a wide end of about 40 mm, and the hooks are about 8-mm. A 40 mm wedge bolt can support a maximum weight of 650 KGS, which is rather impressive.

It also ensures that your swing can support a lot of weight without the bolts falling from the ceiling.  

A Swing 

Many indoor swings are available online and in physical stores. It would help if you decided your swing’s purpose before you can settle on a desirable design. A child’s indoor swing won’t require heavy-duty bolts. 

However, mounting an adult’s swing on a concrete ceiling will require heavy-duty bolts to handle a great deal of weight. Manufacturers specify the distance between the two hooks for a swing to work.

Ensure that you have adequate space in your house to accommodate the swing’s size. 

Interior Décor 

An indoor swing should add to the appeal of a home and not be an unsightly addition. You need to select a swing that matches the décor of a room.

Additionally, the installation should be clean and neat so that it doesn’t attract unwanted attention. 

Having bolts halfway drilled into the concrete ceiling is unsightly and should be avoided at all costs. You need to ensure you purchase bolts that will go all the way into the ceiling for the best results.

How to Hang a Swing from Concrete Ceilings

You must understand how to hang a swing from a ceiling before starting the DIY project. It will make it easier for you to complete the project within a few days.

Also, it saves time to spend preparing for the installation. 

Put Together the Swing

The first step on how to hang a swing from a ceiling is to prepare the swing. Assemble all the parts that need assembling and measure the length of rope you need to use.

Mark the place you will attach the swing and the side to attach the rope to the ceiling hooks. 

Install the Bolts

Installing bolts to a concrete ceiling is a delicate matter that requires a level of finesse. It would be best if you were ready to deal with plenty of dust particles. Goggles may help to keep the dust from your eyes. 

  • Start by drawing the circumference of the bolt on the ceiling.
  • Measure the distance that the two bolts should be apart as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Draw an X on that location.
  • Draw the circumference of the second bolt at the area you marked with an X. Now you have the precise locations of your bolts.
  • Take a small drill bit and start drilling the circumference of the bolt you drew. After a few minutes, select a larger drill bit to create a more significant hole.
  • Repeat the process to the other side.
  • Take one bolt and use a hammer to get it deep into the concrete slab. Tighten the screw to the ceiling so that the wedges in the bolt can expand and hold the bolt firmly in place.
  • Repeat the process and install the second bolt.
  • Manufacturers specify how tight the screw on a bolt should be for the bolt to be secure in the concrete slab. 

The essence of beginning the drilling process with a smaller drill bit is to reduce the probability of developing cracks in the ceiling. You can create a larger hole in phases and preserve the integrity of your ceiling.

Make a hole the bolt’s size so that it goes all the way inside to the end. 

Mount the Swing

Once the bolts are in place, you can mount your swing to the hooks and tie the rope firmly so that it doesn’t come undone. Test the swing to see whether it can hold your weight.

The only thing you need to worry about when you use 40 mm bolts is whether the knots of a rope are tight. Cross-check the knots on the ceiling end and the swing to confirm they are sturdy for the safety of your family.


How to hang a swing from concrete ceilings is a bit more tedious than hanging one on a tree branch. It would be best if you were extra careful not to agitate the concrete slab and cause cracks in it by the end of the installation.

It would also help if you were careful not to hit anything useful when drilling holes into concrete ceilings. 

Above all, use wedge bolts because they are sturdy in the long run and carry a lot of weight. You need to test your swing after mounting it to ensure that it can serve the purpose it wants intended to play.

It is a long process, but you or your child will enjoy swinging at the comfortable warmth of the house.

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