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Restore Wooden Playsets

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Do you have an old wooden swing set and you don’t know what to do with it? Here are some ideas on what to do. 

  • Restore it 
  • Upgrade your swing set 
  • Repurpose your old wooden swing set
  • Repurpose the wood
  • Donate it 
  • Dispose of it

Wooden swing sets tend to last long after your children have outgrown them. Most parents end up with an old wooden swing set that makes the compound look unappealing.

It can be frustrating to have a huge structure in your backyard that is no longer useful, but you have no idea what to do with it. 

It would be best if you try to restore it or repurpose it so that your backyard’s curb appeal can improve. There are several ways to repurpose a wooden swing set, and some of the ideas can help you spruce up your backyard.

It can be cost-saving in the long run when you repurpose the wood.

Looking for a New Wooden Swing Sets?
If you are looking for a new swing set we have reviewed them all and you can see the 8 Best Wooden Swing Sets with a Sandbox and choose what works for your children.

What to Do with an Old Swing Set?

There are several ideas that you can use for an old playset, depending on your needs. It would be best if you decided your backyard’s priorities before you choose to deal with a swing set. 

Once you have a clear vision of what you want in your backyard, then you can pick out the idea that suits your needs best. Meanwhile, below are various ideas that you should consider for your old swing set. 

1. Restore It

It is possible to restore wooden playsets to their former glory with a few strategic activities. Restoring a wooden swing set is an excellent way to ensure that your old swing set is attractive and adds to your backyard’s curb appeal.

Repairing a wooden swing set is ideal for parents who have younger children who can still use it. 

It can also be a fantastic idea for grandparents who have their grandchildren visit them frequently. It would help if you were careful from the start so that the restoration is not in vain.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to restore your swing set. 

  • Start by repairing any broken parts of the swing set. You can use a drill and a few wood pieces to patch up any damaged areas or rotten wood pieces. Neglect over several months or years may lead to broken wooden pieces and holes in a fort swing set floor.
  • Remove any metal and plastic pieces on the playset before you begin restoring the wooden parts. You can deal with the metal and plastic parts later. Store the screws of each component separately to help you identify the right one for reinstallation.
  • Clean the swing set thoroughly. Start by sweeping or vacuuming the swing set to remove dust or leaves inside. After that, use some dish soap and water to wash the swing set clean. A pressurized hose pipe will help you remove any dust particles and dirt from the swing.
  • Sand down the swing set to remove any remaining seals and smooth out any splinters. You can use a mechanic sander and the finest sanding paper to get the results that you want faster. A mechanic sander reduces the time that you use to complete the swing set.
  • Let the swing set dry out naturally.
  • Clean any plastic parts and apply a coat of paint to restore them. Remove all the rust in the metal parts before you can use a rust-free sealant and a coat of paint. Replace any parts that you can’t restore.
  • Apply a layer or two of a wooden stain. It would be best if you opted for strainers that come with a spray can for easy application. It would help if you had a sealant to keep water and insects away from the swing set.
  • You need at least two coats of the stain for the best results. Ensure that each coat of paint dries before you apply another coat or a sealant.
  • Once the wood is dry, reinstall the metal and plastic pieces to the swing set. Use the boxes you stored parts and screws to identify the ones for each area. 

Take time to shop ahead of time to ensure that you have everything you need for the process. You need to buy primer, spray paint, sealants, and a staining solution for the project.

Please find a color that prevents the development of rust on the metal pieces from preserving their integrity. 

2. Upgrade Your Swing Set

You can choose to restore wooden playsets and include a few upgrades that are age-appropriate for your children. Adding upgrades to a swing set is an excellent way to repurpose an old swing set to meet your growing children’s needs. 

There are many ideas on social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest on adding a few upgrades to your old wooden swing set. Start by using the steps above to restore wooden playsets.

Ensure that the wooden parts are repaired, rotten parts removed, and a new stain applied to all the wooden parts. 

Add Bigger Swings 

You may have to cut out some parts of your playset like the monkey bars or remove the set’s climbing wall or sandbox. Upgrading a swing set is suitable for older kids, and it is an excellent alternative when you are not willing to dispose of your playset.

Start by buying a new set of swings that can hold the weight of an adult. 

It would be best to purchase swings that resemble adult swing chairs for older kids rather than an old tire. You can reduce the number of swings that you mount on the swing set because they will be bigger than the previous ones. 

Spruce Up the Fort

Spruce up the Fort and turn it into an outdoor lounge for kids to sit when reading a book or playing some board games. Add light curtains to the open windows of the Fort to give the Fort a luxurious feel. 

Buy a few throw pillows for kids to use when seated and a few rugs for the floor. Make a ladder to access the Fort for your older kids.

Choose wide throw pillows that kids can sit on comfortably and eliminate the need for seats in the Fort. 

Add a Hammock

Each Fort has some space underneath where most parents place a sandbox for toddlers. You can upgrade the room by adding a hammock in the area.

Place a few pillows on the hammock and a throw to make the space more comfortable. 

It would help if you prepared to create a cargo net for your children if you do not find a big enough hammock to fit your space. It takes a long time to make a cargo net with cotton ropes, and you may need to involve other family members. 

Add Some Gym Accessories 

Parents who have teenage boys can upgrade a wooden swing set into an outdoor gym to get more out of it. You can increase the complexity of monkey bars by adding the space from one bar to the next. 

Alternatively, you can add gym rings in place of monkey bars to offer boys an option to do pull-ups and exercise. You can raise the beams for the monkey bars to meet the height of your children. 

3. Repurpose Old Wooden Swing Sets 

A wooden swing set comes with many treated wood to repurpose to create a cozy outdoor space. You can remove a fort’s rooms and leave the roof to develop outdoor benches for the new sitting area. 

It would be best to lay a wooden floor on the Fort’s base to make it more appealing. You can create a sitting space for two people or more if you extend the roof to the area of the monkey bars. 

4. Repurpose the Wood

Take apart an old wooden swing set and use the wood to create something new for your backyard. Restore the wood before you build something new with it.

You may have to cut a few pieces of wood to meet the specifications of your DIY project. One way to use the wooden parts is to build picnic benches for your backyard. 

You can find specs online for different designs of backyard benches, depending on your level of expertise. You can also create other wooden structures in your backyard for outdoor fun activities. 

5. Donate the Wooden Swing Set

Some parents decide to turn the backyard into an outdoor entertainment space when children are all grown up. In such a case, the best course of action is to donate a wooden swing set to a needy school or orphanage.

It would be best if parents could restore wooden playsets before donation if you are in a position to do so. People receiving the gift will be happy to receive a restored swing set that kids can use immediately. 

Ask around your local area for places that would be willing to take a playset off your hands. You will probably find an orphanage, a group home, or a playground that needs what you have. 

After all, you will have made a positive contribution to your community and given needy children an excellent piece of equipment to play with outdoors. 

6. Dispose Of It

Some swing sets are not salvageable after years of neglect and harsh weather conditions. It is possible to dispose of an old wooden swing set if it is too damaged to repair.

You can remove any parts that you can salvage, sell them for scraps, and dispose of the rest. Hire a disposal company to handle dismantling, removal, clean up, and disposal. 

Most disposal companies ensure that they leave your compound clean, and you can make preparations to renovate your backyard. Disposal companies have packages that depend on the size of whatever you are disposing of at the time.

First, contact a waste disposal company and book an appointment. Pay for waste disposal services and pick a day for the removal.

Remove any valuable items or reusable parts from the playset and wait for the waste disposal staff. Make sure that you are around on the day for the removal to oversee it.

Can Restoring a Wooden Playset Extend the Lifespan?

Yes. When you restore wooden playsets, you give them a new lease on life—updating the playset after restoration ensures that your children can use it for a couple more years. Repair is the best way to extend a swing set’s lifespan instead of buying a new one. 

It saves time and money for parents on a tight budget. If you do it right, you will give your child a new swing set at a fraction of the cost.  After this make sure to extend the life even more by performing regular maintenance on the wooden swing set.


Swing sets are a fantastic source of entertainment and exercise for children. It can encourage kids to leave screens in the house and go outside for some fresh air.

Also, your kid will socialize with other children when they are playing. It is simple to restore wooden playsets with a few repairs, some cleaning, and some staining. 

You can opt to dispose of a swing set if it is impossible to fix it. Alternatively, donate the swing set to clear out space in the backyard if you want to renovate.

Whatever you do with your old wooden swing set will depend on what you want to do in your backyard.

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