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Cedar Wood For Swing Set


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Yes, it is. Cedar Wood is naturally resistant to rotting, diseases, and insect infestation, making it suitable for outdoor swing sets. The wood is durable, and it has a beautiful shade that adds to the beauty of a backyard. Also, it is an environmentally friendly material for swing sets compared to plastic. 

A swing set is an excellent playground addition that can engage a child for hours for a couple of years. Most parents buy a swing set for the equipment it has and not the durability of the set.

It is imperative for parents to use the materials of a swing to ensure that it is recycled after years of use. Parents can opt for wood swing sets instead of cheap metal swing sets that will break after a short time.

There is an assumption that there aren’t woods that withstand being outdoors all year round without getting damaged. This article will reveal that cedar is an excellent wood for a swing set, and it is long-lasting.

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What Wood Is Best For Outdoor Swing Sets?

Cedarwood for swing sets is an excellent option, especially if you look for something your kids can use until they grow older. Another wood that is excellent for outdoor swing sets is redwood.

Cedar is more commercially available because there are individuals who plant extensive forests and sell cedarwood. 

Other popular woods for swing sets are pine and fir, which are suitable for indoor uses only. A pine or fir wooden swing set will not withstand harsh weather conditions outdoors. 

The woods are prone to rot and insect attacks when they are left outside for a prolonged period. Although swing sets made from pine and fir are affordable, you shouldn’t buy one if you will place it in your backyard.

Benefits of Opting for Cedar Wood for Swing Sets

There are several benefits that parents can enjoy when they opt for a cedar wood swing set for parents and children. Many associations give cedar wood an all-thumbs up for cedarwood as a construction material for swing sets.

Therefore, you know you are making the right decision for your family and investing your money in a worthwhile asset. 


In past times, treating wood to prevent infestation or rotting was the right solution for wooden swing sets. It wasn’t until researchers knew that treated wood isn’t safe to dispose of after use. 

Therefore, it was an environmental hazard when parents decide to dispose of an old or broken swing set. Cedar is easy to recycle or dispose of after the swing set has served its purpose or is broken. 

Most manufacturers use child-friendly paints and treatments for wooden and metal swing sets. However, there is always a possibility that some researchers will find some harmful components in the future. 

Cedar is simple to use in its natural state, and it requires a little finish to prevent splinters. Therefore, your child can spend as much time as they want on a swing set, and you can rest easy knowing that your child isn’t spending time near any harmful materials. 


Cedar trees grow in harsh weather conditions, and they have properties that prevent rotting or insect infestation. The trees grow in wet and cold weather conditions that make many plants prone to rotting. 

Cedar is water-resistant because the wood structure isn’t porous, making it an ideal material for making an outdoor swing set. Cedar doesn’t expand and shrink like other woods because it doesn’t absorb or lose water during different seasons. 

Lack of absorption or loss of water depending on weather conditions is the reason why cedar wood doesn’t crack easily. Your swing set will look roughly the same throughout all the seasons, and it will still be functional. 

Some cedar swing set manufacturers treat the wood with oil to fortify swing sets used in extreme wet conditions. The oil adds strength to the wood’s water-repelling aspect and increases a cedar swing set’s lifespan. 

Another feature that makes cedar suitable for swing sets is because it is sturdy. It won’t break easily, and a cedar wood swing set can accommodate several children at a time.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the swing set breaking down because of insect infestation. 

Overall, you can rely on a cedar wood swing set to withstand harsh weather conditions and rough treatment from kids. The cedar will make a perfect 4×6 beam to hold the swings securely.

Low Maintenance 

Cedar doesn’t require regular treatments or repairs to keep it in mint condition. You can do little maintenance of the cedar wood swing set annually to keep it looking attractive.

Since cedar doesn’t decay or attract insects, most maintenance needs arise from consistent use by kids. It won’t require a lot of time or funds to keep a cedar wood swing set in top-notch condition. 

Other wooden swing sets require several treatments annually, and you need to inspect the play area from time to time for signs of insects or wood rot. Metal swing sets need a fresh coat of paint annually or semi-annually, depending on how much your kids use the swing set.

It would also be best to look out for signs of rust during the wet seasons. 

Aesthetically Appealing 

Wood always increases the backyard’s appeal, whether it is wooden outdoor chairs, a treehouse, or a wooden playset. Cedar looks fantastic when a finish is applied to bring out the natural patterns of the wood.

It doesn’t take much to keep cedar wood looking fantastic all the time. 

Selecting cedarwood for swing sets adds to the curb appeal of backyards and playgrounds. Additionally, it can help you sell your home faster when the need arises for parents who have toddlers that can use the swing set.

After all, you will be saving the parents the time and funds it takes to purchase and set up a swing set in the backyard. 

Environmentally Friendly

Choosing cedar wood swing sets is an environmentally friendly decision. Manufacturers of cedar wood swing sets use a light seal coat to reduce the child’s odds of getting a splinter when playing.

Since it is resistant to decay and insect infestation, it doesn’t require any treatment to make it ready for outdoor use. 

Manufacturers use eco-friendly and child-friendly seals for cedar. You can easily recycle or dispose of cedar wood swing sets without causing any harmful effects to the environment.

Cedar vs. Pressure Treated Swing Sets

A cedar wood swing set is a better option than a pressure-treated swing set. Pressure treatment is a process that fortifies softwoods like pine from the effects of staying outdoors all year round.

Chemicals are used to treat the wood and make it inhabitable for insects, and a seal is applied at the top to prevent rotting. 

Research shows that treated wood has harmful effects on the environment when treated. The chemicals make it hard for nature to break down the wood once the swing set is old.

How Long Does It Take to Put Together a Cedar Swing Set?

The time it takes to put together a cedar swing set will depend on the swing set’s size. Small swingsets can take 6-12 hours to assemble, while more significant ones will take 1-2 days to complete the assembly. 

Use the manufacturer’s user manual to put together the swing set and set it up in your backyard. Ensure the weight-bearing beams have a strong foundation on the ground. Remember to prepare the ground properly before you start the installation.

I have some recommendations for swing sets and average install times to compare.


Cedarwood swing sets are an excellent choice for parents looking to set up a play area in their backyard. You will have an attractive addition to your backyard that is easy on the eyes and engaging to your little ones.

Cedar is simple to maintain because it is resistant to water, rotting, and insect infestation. 

You can be sure that your children will use a cedar swing set until they can no longer fit in it. Cedar for swing sets is excellent because they do not contain any harmful materials, and they are highly durable.

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