Where Should I Put My Swingset In My Yard? 9 Swing Set Placement Tips




Where Should I Put My Swingset

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Follow the checklist below when selecting the ideal location for your swing set. 

  • Take the location’s measurements
  • Don’t ask your kids to choose a swingset
  • Find a storage location for the delivery
  • Prepare the location
  • Have an installation party
  • Match the swingset parts
  • Install and test the swingset
  • Surface the playground

Most parents are under pressure from their children to buy them a swing set. However, it is hard to have a giant swing set in your backyard, especially the kind that is in fun parks.

A few tips can help parents select a placement area for a playset and determine the right size for their backyard

It would be best if you were patient in your search for an ideal swingset to ensure that it meets the needs of your children and you can afford it. Parents should also consider the installation period for a swingset versus the time that they have.

This article will provide critical information that will help you answer the question, “Where should I put my swing set?”

Tip 1: Select and Measure the Location

Before you set out to look for an ideal swing set for your kids, you need to select a location and take the measurements. The placement should be relatively flat, well-drained, and, if possible, under some shade.

A swing set needs a flat location so that all the pieces fit well and the whole bunch stays in place. Anywhere that gets mushy during the wet seasons is not ideal for placing an outdoor structure. 

Measure the backyard space to get a rough idea of the size of playground equipment that you should buy for your children. You can measure the area in yards or inches for easy comparison with product dimensions.

Most manufacturers state the dimensions of a product when it is fully assembled. 

Ideally, you should leave 6 feet at the front and back of the swings so that kids do hit anything when swinging. Leave at least 2-3 feet at the side of the swing for pathways.

Also, ensure that the fort is not close to any tree or object that kids can reach to climb from a fortress. Ensure that the area isn’t close to items that can harm a child.

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Tip 2: Don’t Involve Kids in Choosing a Swingset

It can be hard to convince a child to forget about a fancy swing set and settle for a budget-friendly one when you involve your child in the shopping process.

Try to keep kids out of the shopping process to avoid disappointing them when buying what they didn’t want. 

On the other hand, when your children see a new playset delivered, they will be delighted that you thought of buying them one.

Tip 3: Find a Delivery Location

Parts of a swingset come in multiple boxes during the delivery day. Most parents forget to select a suitable place for storing the boxes after delivery, away from the weather elements. Leaving the boxes outside during the rains can wash off all the labels and make it hard to find corresponding pieces during the installation process. 

Another thing you need to consider is the safety of a package when delivered when you are not home. One missing box contains many components, and it can be costly to buy replacements when one is stolen.

Try to be home on the day of the delivery and ensure that the boxes are stored safely.

Tip 4: Prepare the Placement Area

Preparing the location for the installation in advance enables you to have a seamless installation process. Remove any low-hanging branches on the site to prevent the obstacle from coming into contact with the new playset.

Also, remove the grass because the traffic in the play area will cause patches in the grass. 

You may want to add a drainage system if the whole of your backyard has some drainage issues during the wet seasons. Ensure that the location is somewhere you can watch kids from the patio or kitchen window for supervision.

Some areas will need a little work to make them flat before the installation of the playset.

Tip 5: Create an Installation Party

One of the easiest ways to install a playset is to ask friends over to help with the installation while you hang out. You can make some delicious snacks, food and have a few drinks to unwind after a day’s work.

Parents tend to start the installation process on Saturday and finish up the remainder of Sunday. 

It can be an excellent time to catch up with your buddies over the weekend as you assemble your little one’s playset. However, do not pressurize your friends and family into overworking themselves during the weekend.

You can always finish up the following weekend or hire a handyman for the final touches.

Tip 6: Arrange Corresponding Parts in Advance

How a playset looks in the end at the placement location depends on the assembly process. You may have the perfect place, but poor assembling can render a swingset useless.

Plan everything before you attempt to assemble the playground equipment. Mark the areas where the weight supporting beams are supposed to go according to the manufacturer’s measurements. 

Take time to arrange any lumber or parts according to their numbers and next to their corresponding pieces. Don’t forget to put screws, bolts, and other tiny parts in small containers for easy access.

It will take you less time to install the swing set when you can get the necessary parts fast.

Tip 7: Double the Installation Time

If a manufacturer says that it takes 24 hours to do the installation, unskilled parents should take at least 48 hours or more to complete the assembly. The estimated installation period by a manufacturer is a marketing effort to get you to buy one because it takes a short time to assemble. 

Handymen who install swing sets for a living tend to add 50% of the recommended time when two are working on it. If you intend to do the installation as a DIY project alone during weekends, you should expect to take a few weeks to complete the swingset.

Overall, overestimate the installation time even when you have the help of two adults or more.

Tip 8: Test the Swingset after Installation

Parents must test the strength of a swing set after installation to ensure that it will hold up against children’s vigorous use. A placement location can meet all the requirements, but you notice that it won’t work when you start the installation. 

Testing can reveal some of the dangers a child can be exposed to that you didn’t foresee. Overall, never let your children use the swingset unsupervised for their safety.

Tip 9: Add a Soft Landing Area

Children will always fall when playing on a swing set, and you can prevent injuries by adding some soft landing materials under the swing set. You can choose rubber mulch, wood mulch, sand, or poured rubber as a soft landing for your child. 

Your location will determine the best material depending on the environment and the availability of the materials. Parents need to check the materials’ levels from time to time to break a fall effectively.  

At this point, you are all set, though don’t forget to do the regular maintenance of the swing.


Choosing the ideal placement for a swing set is a critical decision that will affect the installation process. It is imperative to select a spacious location because swings need at least 6 feet of space at the front and back.

Do not compromise on the space swings are needed because a smaller space will cause kids to collide with obstacles in the backyard. 

If you end up not having enough room for a swing set there are other alternatives. How to Hang Swing Between Two Trees will help you still add a swing without having to worry about a full swing set unit.

Every placement location for a swing set needs some preparation before the installation. Preparing the area increases the odds of a successful installation process, and your mind will be at ease knowing that your children will be at ease.

You can ask a professional handyman to help you select and prepare the ideal location for a swing set.

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