Playground DIY

Kinetic Sand

Does Kinetic Sand Dry Out? | DIY Recipe

Kinetic Sand does not dry out, however; you may notice the texture can be off because of the humidity. If this is the case the best thing to do is add some moisture by adding a few drops of water and then mix. If the kinetic sand gets too wet simply spread it thinly and […]

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DIY Swing Set

How to Build a Wooden Swing Set | DIY Swing Set

Building a DIY swing set for your child ensures they stay entertained. You can build a simple wooden swing set with the following steps.  Choose a Location Cut the Wood  Build the A-Frame  Add Swing Hangers  Install the Frame  Attach the Swings  Finishing Touches Install Playground Surfacing  Swings give kids hours of fun, help them […]

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DIY Backyard Playground

DIY Backyard Playground | How to Build Outdoor Playsets

To build the perfect backyard playground a lot of planning is needed. First, choose the location of the playset in your backyard and then shortly after preparing the ground. You then want to build the wooden slide, swing set, and sandbox. Add pea gravel to the swing set and the right play sand to the […]

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How to Make Jenga Blocks Slippery

How to Make Jenga Blocks Slippery | More Challenging?

To make slippery Jenga blocks use 80-100 grit sandpaper then sand the 54 blocks on all sides till no longer rough. Next, spray or paint polyurethane with the wooden grain and make sure to keep the paint strokes thin and long. Best to add a second coat, let it dry, and you are ready to […]

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DIY Sandbox

How To Build A Sandbox With Cover | DIY Sandbox

Parents can build a DIY sandbox with the following nine steps. Border the Location Cut the Wood  Dig a Hole Lay the Base Add Benches  Build a Cover  Sand down Everything  Apply Finishing Add Play Sand Building a DIY sandbox for your child doesn’t require any special carpentry skills. You can build a sandbox with […]

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Build Wooden Slide DIY

How to Build a Wooden Slide | DIY Wood Slide

It takes a few steps to build a sturdy and durable wooden slide for your kids. You can make a DIY slide with the following steps.  Cut the Wood  Build a Tower  Platform, Ladder, and Rails  Tower Installation  Install the Slide  Add a Sandpit  Finishing Touches Kids love playing on slides, and they can spend […]

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What to Fill Bean Bag Toss Bags With

Best Materials to Fill Bean Toss Bags With

The best materials to fill bean toss bags with are corn kernels or pellets. Corn bean bags (cornhole bags) slide as they break down and create dust over time but are susceptible to bugs and mold. Pellet bags don’t require breaking in like corn and avoid bugs and mold. Pellet bags do bounce more but […]

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4x6 Beam Span for Swing Set

How Far Can a 4×6 Beam Span for a Swing Set

A 4×6 beam span for swing sets is 8-10 feet, to be on the safe side. Most 4×6 beams are about 16 ft long, but you can get the length that meets your needs. The height of the beam will depend on the number of swings you intend to mount on it.  Using a long […]

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How to Make a Climbing Cargo Net

How to Make a Climbing Cargo Net | DIY It’s Cheap!

To make a climbing cargo net you will want to purchase high-quality materials as ½ nylon ropes cut into 10-20 strings about 30 inches long. Hang a beam between two trees and have the ropes hang down towards the ground through drilled holes in the beam. Tie knots on the vertical rope and then connect […]

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Where Should I Put My Swingset

Where Should I Put My Swingset In My Yard? 9 Swing Set Placement Tips

Follow the checklist below when selecting the ideal location for your swing set.  Take the location’s measurements Don’t ask your kids to choose a swingset Find a storage location for the delivery Prepare the location  Have an installation party Match the swingset parts Install and test the swingset Surface the playground Most parents are under […]

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Anchor Swing Sets To Artificial Grass

How To Anchor A Swing Set On Artificial Grass

You need ground anchors to install a swing set on artificial grass without destroying the grass’s beauty. Parents need to install ground anchors deep in the ground, assemble the swingset frame, anchor the legs to the ground anchors, and finally install the swings. Most manufacturers provide all the necessary accessories. Did you know that anchoring […]

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Hang a Swing Between Two Trees

How To Hang a Swing Between Two Trees

The easiest way to swing between two trees is by using a beam and a swing hanging kit. The kit comes with two long straps, quick links, rope, bolts, and eyeholes. You will need a tire or a swing seat for your tree swing in your backyard.   It takes more effort to hang a swing […]

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