How to Bury Tires for Playground




How to Bury Tires for Playground

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To bury tires for playgrounds dig a hole and consider which part of the tire you want to be sticking out of the ground. They can be buried diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. Dig a hole where at least half of the tire will sit under the dirt so it stays secure and doesn’t move easily. Fill with dirt.

Tire playground designs are only limited to your imagination. You can create different structures like a tire tunnel, cube climber nursery, half tire square, and tire caves.

These structures will provide hours of fun for the kids while ensuring their safety. Moreover, the tires can be painted to your preferred color to make the playground more attractive.

What is the best material for building the kid’s playground from? The answer to this question depends on several factors like the local availability of the materials, environmental factors such as strong winds, flooding, or even termites in your area, prices, and advice from the local builders.

The best materials you can use for a playground are determined by what you can quickly source, maintain or build locally. This will help your playground be used by kids or enjoyed for a long time.

One of such commonly available materials is tires.

Why Are Used Tires Excellent For Building Playgrounds?

Easy to Use

Building playgrounds using used car tires do not require any specialized skills. If you have several tires, an electric drill, several bolds, a knife, and a shovel, you’ve got many design options on your hands.

The tools are just capable of achieving any design.


You could find tires in almost every community. Though they are easy to find in some places than in others, finding a couple of dozens of used tires, including in some remote areas.


Children’s playgrounds made from steel can pose safety hazards to the kids. For instance, if the sun is scorching hot can get too high temperatures even to burn the kids.

Additionally, steel is a stiff material that might hurt kids when they fall, slip, or even sun across another kid swinging while seated on a metal swing seat. On the other hand, tires do not become that hot under sunlight and might not hurt much when a kid falls or bonk their head on them.


In many communities, tires can be sourced cheap or even free. In some areas, waste tires are an environmental waste problem. Sometimes, they are burned to ease the issue, but they release toxic fumes.

Hence, building a kid’s playground is a good and cheap way of creating a resource while cleaning the environment.


Tires are designed to move tons of machinery on bumpy roads, and they are designed to last for years, which they do. The tires aren’t susceptible to systematic environmental risks like weather, rusting metal, or termites eating wood away.

How To Bury Tires For Playground

You can use several designs to create a kid’s playground using the used tires. Some include burying the tire vertically or horizontally, while the tires aren’t buried at all in others.

This section will consider how you can bury the tire in different designs.

Tire tunnels

This is a series of tired buried at ¼ level with the larger portion above the ground. The structure can be intricately connected for the kids to enjoy playing in the tunneling. So, how can you bury tunnel tires?

Creating A Tire Tunnel

  • Find several tires that you will use in creating the tunnel.
  • Cut both of the tire’s sidewalls for all the tires.
  • Drill holes on the tires and bolt them together with at least six bolts on every tire
  • To ensure kids’ safety, grind off all the ends of the six bolts that are long and ensure they are smooth. This way, they will not hurt or injure the kids.
  • Dig up a trench for the tire tunnel to sit in. Then, bury the bottom section of the tires while ensuring a flat floor for your tunnel.
  • Paint the tires to your preferred color. You can even make the tunnel resemble an insect-like bee to increase the kid’s happiness.

Cube Climber Nursery

Want to make kids play while escaping the scorching sunlight? Create them a cube climber nursery. To create one, dig a rectangular trench based on your required size.

Place your polished and cleaned tires into the trench and bury them while ensuring they stick about 20-30cm from the ground. Put some four tires together with their threads touching.

Drill holes at the pints of the intersection and use bolts and nuts to attach them. Place a set of the four tires over the vertical ones horizontally.

Where they intersect, drill some holes on the tire threads and attach them with washers, bolts, and nuts.

Half tire Square

This used tire playground design makes a great structure at the center of the playground. It allows for more kids to play and get involved simultaneously.

Hence, it fosters teamwork and collaboration among the children. To create a half tire square, you need about 21 tires, although it depends on how large you want the playground to be.

Creating A Half Tire Square

  • Clean the tires to ensure there isn’t any debris and dirt that might harm the kids.
  • Then paint the tires with your favorite color.
  • Measure the dimensions of the square and dig up some trenches where the tires will sit. Upon drying, bury the tires at least halfway into the soil.
  • Create a network of similarly buries tires within the square to complete your half tire square.

Tire Caves

You can also partially bury the tires to create a network of hoop caves. These circular grottoes will provide eerie echoes whenever a kid hollers or talks inside. It also makes it hilly climbing for the children to want to clamber on the top.

The kids will help paint fancy art on the tires, and they can even re-decorate the tires yearly. You are advised to use water-based paints when painting your tires.

Tire maze

In some areas, space and tires are widely available. Therefore, they can create mazes, a series of intricately connected halfway buried tires where the kids can play hide and seek and listen to the echoes of their sounds.

The tire playground designs aren’t just limited to the above. The designs are only limited to your imagination.


Tires can turn into a troubling environmental concern quickly. However, you can turn them into sandals with little ingenuity and creativity or even create structures on kids’ playgrounds. And due to their availability and durability, they can serve the playground with minimal maintenance.

But how do you bury tires for the playground? That depends on what you’re constructing.

However, ensure that the tires are adequately buried, not to harm the children. I believe the structures above mean so kids might get to bounce on them and see the top, or even the parents might use them to put flower pots at the center and only see a bit of the tire.

You can go even further and paint the tires for the playground.

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