Playground DIY

Hang A Swing From Ceiling

How To Hang A Swing From A Concrete Ceiling? | Without Damaging

You need to use a drill and wedge bolts to mount a swing on a concrete ceiling without damaging it. Also, you will need two types of drill bits for the installation to ensure that the wedge bolts fit snugly in the concrete ceiling and support the swinging motion. Did you know that hanging a […]

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Backyard Baseball Court

How Do You Build A Basketball Court In Your Backyard?

Parents can do a DIY basketball court in the backyard, and here are the simple steps for building one.  Measure the size of a basketball court for your backyard Purchase the hoop, concrete, surfacing times, and other materials.  Level the ground  Install the hoop Pour the concrete Install surfacing tiles  Draw the basketball markings. Did […]

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Paint Playsets

Can You Paint a Playset Slide? | Safe Playset Paint Guide

Yes, you can. Clean the slide with soap and water to remove any dirt before you begin painting it. You can use spray paint so that you can apply even paint coats. Let each coat of paint dry before you apply the next coat of paint. Did you know that you can paint playsets to […]

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Bounce House Not Fully Inflating

Bounce House Not Fully Inflating | 6 Best Solutions

To fix a bounce house not fully inflating make sure to check the following Power Blower Connection Blower Fuse Hole in Inflatable Generator has Fuel Check manual or contact support (rental place) Bounce house not fully inflating is a common problem for parents and kids. It can be discouraging when you plan the perfect birthday […]

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Add Monkey Bars

How To Add Monkey Bars To Playset?

Here are the simple steps for installing monkey bars to playsets.  Prepare the location Install posts  Add climbing steps  Install the monkey bars Test the monkey bars You can preorder a monkey set kit and use it to add monkey bars to your child’s playset. It saves the time necessary for gathering the materials needed. […]

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Playground Ideas

Playground Ideas For Small Backyards | DIY On A Budget

Some of the playground ideas for small backyards include swings, slides, a playhouse, toss rings, race tracks, an obstacle course, or a unique sandbox. Whatever you choose should be age-appropriate to engage a child for a while. Also, go for ideas with a pop of color, and children will find them attractive. Playgrounds are places […]

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Hang a Cargo Net

How To Hang A Climbing Cargo Net?

When hanging a cargo net, you need to attach the eyebolts to the beam and attach the beam to a ceiling or tree. Use cables to attach the cargo net to the beam and adjusts the cables so that the net drapes the ground. Install anchors on the ground to hold the net and reduce […]

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Paint Playground Tires

How To Paint Tires For Playgrounds? | DIY Ideas

You can find 2-in-1 spray paints that have a primer and paint in one can. You can paint tires for playgrounds with the following simple steps.  Clean the tires with dish wash soap Choose spray paints Apply one layer, one side at a time  Let the paint dry after each layer You will need a […]

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Prepare Playground Area

How To Prepare Ground For A Child Playset?

How can you prepare the ground for a child’s new playset? Select a suitable location Level the ground and remove any tree stumps Install a border Install the playset Add a netted canopy over the playground Add surfacing materials Preparing the ground for a child’s playset is a crucial endeavor that will keep your little […]

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Make a Slide Slippery

How To Make A Slide Slippery? | Safe DIY Methods

You can make a slide more slippery with a few items from your local store. The most popular method of making a slide slippery is applying wax paper to make the playground slide smooth and increase how fast a child goes on a slide. Other methods include using auto-grade silicon to make it go more quickly. The methods to make a slow slide […]

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