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  • Build Wooden Slide DIY

    How to Build a Wooden Slide | DIY Wood Slide

    It takes a few steps to build a sturdy and durable wooden slide for your kids. You can make a DIY slide with the following steps.  Kids love playing on slides, and they can spend hours in it. Building a slide for your kids can be a bonding event as your little ones ‘help’ you…

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  • Paint Playsets

    Can You Paint a Playset Slide? | Safe Playset Paint Guide

    Yes, you can. Clean the slide with soap and water to remove any dirt before you begin painting it. You can use spray paint so that you can apply even paint coats. Let each coat of paint dry before you apply the next coat of paint. Did you know that you can paint playsets to…

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  • Inflatable Water Slide

    How to Fix a Tear in an Inflatable Water Slide | Quick Home Fix

    To fix a tear, find the hole by using soapy water and looking for the leak to create bubbles. Mark the hole, deflate, and dry the hole in an inflatable top. For commercial grade, sew the hole shut. Next, apply a patch 1 inch larger than the tear with glue, allow it to dry, re-inflate…

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  • Make a Slide Slippery

    How To Make A Slide Slippery? | Safe DIY Methods

    You can make a slide more slippery with a few items from your local store. The most popular method of making a slide slippery is applying wax paper to make the playground slide smooth and increase how fast a child goes on a slide. Other methods include using auto-grade silicon to make it go more quickly. The methods to make a slow slide…

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  • Playground Slides

    9 Best Playground Plastic Slides For Home (Indoor and Outdoor)

    Here are the best playground slides for 2021.  Playground slides are an excellent way to keep children engaged for several hours. Kids love slides and never tire of playing on a slide. Most of the time, children are not willing to leave a slide and go in the hours.  You can buy one for your…

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  • DIY Pool Slide

    How to Make a Backyard Water Slide | DIY Pool Slide

    Steps to make a homemade water slide: If you are looking for an easy way to keep your kids entertained this summer, here is a great option! How about a swimming pool slide? In this post, we will be looking at how to make a DIY pool slide with simple and inexpensive materials. It can…

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  • DIY Tube Slide

    How to Build a DIY Tube Slide in 8 Easy Steps

    To build a DIY tube slide, you will need to use a large PVC pipe, which you can buy at the store, or reuse one in case you have it. You will also need various materials including a drill, bolts, washers, screws, a T-hammer, among others. You can then follow simple steps to put everything…

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