How to Fix a Tear in an Inflatable Water Slide | Quick Home Fix

  • By: Kevin
  • Date: October 8, 2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.
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To fix a tear find the hole by using soapy water and looking for the leak to create bubbles. Mark the hole, deflate and dry the inflatable. For commercial grade sew the hole shut. Next, apply a patch 1 inch larger than tear with glue, allow to dry, inflate and test to see if the leak is gone.

Inflatable water slides are a popular way to keep kids cool on hot summer days, but they can tear and leak air if not properly cared for. In this article, we will discuss how to fix a hole in an Inflatable Water Slide so it’s ready for the next pool party!

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How to Fix a Tear in an Inflatable Water Slide

Let’s go through all the steps on fixing the hole in an inflatable water slide.

Find the Hole

First, we need to find the hole to do the repair. Make sure the slide is currently inflated and use a spray bottle with a soapy water mix.

You will go around and spray it on the inflatable water slide until you see bubbles appear. What happens is the air coming out of the torn hole creates the bubbles and we can see where the vinyl needs a patch.

It’s at this point we want to mark the material so we know where to repair it. Using a black marker will work to circle the hole after you wipe away the soapy water.

Keep in mind the patch will cover the circle we just drew so it won’t be visible later on.

Prepare for Repair

Once we have identified all the repairs needed for the inflatable we want to dry the area and deflate it. Make sure all the air is out and the material is completely dry with no water at all.

There are different methods and repair kits depending on what type of inflatable water slide you have. If you have one for the home a regular patch should do the job.

If these are rental inflatable water slides then you may need to do more, let’s go into detail on these options.

Repairing a Home Inflatable Water Slide

When we are referring to the home inflatable water slide we generally mean ones under $1,000. Once you go over this amount you can classify it as a commercial rental water slide below.

To repair this you should have received a repair kit when you purchased it, almost all inflatables come with them, if not here is a repair kit we recommended.

Simply take out a patch and apply small amounts of glue around the patch. I like to prepare the patch 1 inch bigger than the hole but you can do as small as 1/2 inch.

Then apply to the water slide, again while dry, and check the instructions on how long it says to dry. Nowadays these patches dry fast which is great, sometimes in less than 10 minutes and you can then inflate it and see if the patch holds.

Check it to make sure no air is coming out before anyone uses it. There is another product that is popular to repair the torn inflatables and that is Gorilla Tape.

The reviews show the Gorilla tape does very well as long as you can apply while dry, people even use this to repair a torn pool liner. If you don’t have the patch kit I would recommend getting the Gorilla tape to quickly and easily take care of the torn inflatable slide.

Vinyl Patch Kit
Deluxe Vinyl Repair Patch 6-Inch by 6-Inch Kit for...
Patch & Seal Tape
Gorilla 101895 Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape, 1-Pack, White
Deluxe Vinyl Repair Patch 6-Inch by 6-Inch Kit for...
Gorilla 101895 Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape, 1-Pack, White
Vinyl Patch Kit
Deluxe Vinyl Repair Patch 6-Inch by 6-Inch Kit for...
Deluxe Vinyl Repair Patch 6-Inch by 6-Inch Kit for...
Patch & Seal Tape
Gorilla 101895 Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape, 1-Pack, White
Gorilla 101895 Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape, 1-Pack, White

Repairing a Commercial Rental Inflatable Water Slide

If you run a rental business and the inflatable water slides have a hole it’s a bit more work than just throwing a patch with glue on it. The strong inflatable material is the same stuff they make a bounce house out of and a bounce house can really withstand getting any tears.

This vinyl can sometimes be 2-6 times stitched which is really a high grade and that’s why a business would purchase these because they last for a long time. We do have a guide on the best commercial bounce houses and water slides if you are interested.

Again, when you purchased this it should have come with a kit to repair it. Try and search for the kit and it should also provide a needle and thread.

You will want to sew the hole closed to start because this is such a large inflatable it’s best to be careful with this slide. Try to make the stitches close together as you sew it shut.

Here is a quick guide on how to sew if you need tips. When this is finished we will take the patch out, cut it bigger than the tear at least 1 inch bigger, and spread small amounts of glue around the outside.

Then firmly push the patch to cover the hole. Now wait the recommended time and this will repair the leak in all of your inflatables just continue to do the same thing.


An inflatable is very strong and most of the time will not ever see a leak especially if it is maintained correctly and is of a higher grade.

One of the biggest issues is people don’t put the inflatable away correctly, make sure to fully clean it, hose it down, let it completely dry, and then fold it up for storage.

Keep in mind a bounce house is not a water slide, bounce houses are not made to get wet.

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