What is the Average Cost of Bounce House Rental in 2023?




Average Cost of Bounce House Rental

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On average, a bounce house rental will cost between $30 to $50 per hour. The typical price for a six-hour rental will be anything between $140 to $285. This depends on various factors, including whether the bounce house will come with slides, climbing areas, splash pools, etc., and its size. 

The average cost of bounce house rental can vary greatly depending on the size of the inflatable, location, day of the week, the time needed for set-up, and takedown. The cost of renting a bounce house is not something that should be taken lightly.

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Bounce House Rental Factors

There are some factors that determine the cost of a bounce house rental. They include:

The size of the bounce house

Bounce houses come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from eight feet in diameter to 15 feet or more. The larger the bounce house is, the higher it will be priced.

The location where you are renting it

Some locations charge much more for a bounce house rental than others; therefore, finding a reasonably priced one should be your priority when looking for an inflatable for a party.

The time needed to set up and take down the bounce house

Setting up an inflatable takes time, regardless of whether you are using it one or two times. In addition, taking it back down also requires some work on your part.

For this reason, many companies charge extra for short-term rentals because they have to set up and take down the bounce house for you.

The day you are using it

Some companies charge different rates depending on the days of the week they rent out an inflatable to their customers; therefore, if possible, try to schedule your party during a weekday rather than on Saturday or Sunday.

This will help lower costs significantly when renting a bounce house.

The age group of the children who will be using it

In addition to setting up and taking down, you should also consider how old your guests are when choosing an inflatable for a party. Younger kids take much longer to tire themselves out from jumping around or climbing on top of something; therefore, they cost more to rent.

The number of hours you want to rent it for

Finally, the number of hours you want to rent a bounce house is also a factor that determines its cost. The longer you decide to use it, the more you will have to pay for it.

The Average Cost of Bounce House Rental

On average, a bounce house rental will cost between $30 to $50 per hour. The typical price for a six-hour rental will be anything between $140 to $285.

This depends on the factors mentioned above, including whether the bounce house will come with slides, climbing areas, splash pools, etc.

Note that these prices often include transportation fees, set up, and takedown charges. However, if you are renting an inflatable for a party or event located away from the company’s warehouse location, these costs may have to be paid separately.

It is also important to note that most companies prefer renting out their bounce houses in blocks of time, often between 4-8 hours. If you need larger inflatables with slides or moon inflatables with slides, you may have to spend up to $550 for a 6-to-8-hour rental.

Are there any additional charges?

Companies charge some fees for each additional hour you use the bounce house after the agreed period has elapsed. The fees range from $25 to $80 depending on the factors already mentioned.

So if you rented a bounce house for a six-hour period but used it for eight hours, you are going to incur some more charges set by the rental company.

It is not uncommon to find companies that don’t rent out the bounce houses for periods less than two hours. This is often due to the time and labor they use to set up and take down the bounce house, especially if it is big.

A good idea is to find a company that offers a flat rate for renting the inflatable rather than having hourly rates. Some companies offer packages where you can rent their bounce houses for two days and get an additional day free, which makes it very affordable in comparison to paying per hour or even per day.

You may also ask friends, family members, or neighbors if they have a bounce house you can borrow for your party. When renting don’t forget to tip the delivery guy if they set up the bounce house for you.

A quick breakdown of bounce house rental expenses:

  • Fee for delivery, setup and pickup
  • Tip for delvery, setup and pickup
  • Cost of business insurance (if not included)
  • Rental packages
  • Setup consideration
  • Extra costs
  • Permission for installation in public spaces
  • Cost of water hookup
  • Cost of renting a generator (if not included and needed)
  • Fees for cleaning
  • Additional travel fees
  • Cancellation charges
  • Tax

What to Consider When Renting a Bounce House

You need to consider various factors when deciding to rent a bounce house:

Does the company have additional charges?

There are going to be other hidden charges, but most companies include this in their hourly or daily rates. These fees include cleaning charges, set up and take down charges, and transportation fees if you are renting it from an area that is not close to your house.

You should also ask the company whether there will be any additional charges for water or electricity hookups. You must decide beforehand if this is something you want to be included in your rental price because some companies only offer these services at a separate cost.

Most companies do have insurance for the bounce house and it should be included in the price. Nowadays that can always change so make sure they don’t charge you extra to keep it insured.

Do you want a bounce house that has slides or climbing areas?

The price of the rental will increase if you choose inflatable bouncers with extra add-ons such as slides. These also cost more to set up and take down, so it is important to consider your needs when renting out an inflatable for children’s parties or events.

Permission to use the bounce house in public places

Local city regulations apply, especially when you want to use the bounce house in, say, a public park. You might need to obtain permission from the city council if you want to set up a bounce house in a public place.

The generator size for the bounce

You should be aware of the generator size of the bounce house and whether or not the rental company offers a generator. This is important if you are planning to use the bounce house during a power outage or when there is no electricity in your area outside.

Most generators are included in the price and they will provide you with the correct one for the blower size of the bounce house you are renting.

How much space do you have?

You don’t want to be surprised if you find out that the bounce house is larger than what your backyard or party area can accommodate. It is a good idea to have an exact measurement of your space before renting a bounce house in order to prevent any disappointments when it comes time for setting up and takedown.

You should also be aware of whether there are height requirements for the inflatable. Some bounce houses may require children to be at least 42 inches in height, while others can accommodate smaller kids and adults as well.

Keep in mind you will want space around the bounce house so people can walk around it or if they fall out they don’t get insured. Keep the bounce house away from anything that can cause issues like a pool or rock right by the opening for example.

Is It Cheaper To Rent Or Purchase A Bounce House?

If you don’t always use a bounce house, for instance, if you do not have kids who like to play with it, then it would be cheaper to rent one instead of purchasing.

However, if you notice you need a bounce house more regularly, then it would be cheaper to purchase one. The price can vary depending on the type and brand you choose.

Plus, if you want to purchase it, there are additional costs for installation, which will increase your expenses, even more, so renting is definitely cheaper than buying unless you are curious about putting a bounce house inside.


There is more that goes into renting a bounce house than just the price, so it is important to consider all of these factors before making a decision. Again, do some due diligence to make sure you are getting the best bounce house at the most reasonable price.

If you rent one make sure to set it up carefully and fully inflate the bounce house.

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