How Much Do You Tip for Bounce House Set Up?




Do You Tip for Bounce House Set Up


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It’s a typical question that most people ask while renting games and inflatables for different events.
Should you be tipping the driver or the person setting up the bounce house? What should be the normal tip?

Tipping for a bounce house generally amounts to around 10 to 15 percent based on the level of services proffered. This is when they deliver the bounce house to and set it up safely.

They may offer a pickup service in which they take it down and clean the bounce house. You do not tip just for the bounce house itself.

When throwing a house party or any celebration, many people choose to take it to the next level by bringing in the bounce house. It gives the children a space to unleash their fancy, exhaust their energy, and have unadulterated fun.

But setting up a bounce house is not something you may do on your whims. A lot of aspects need to be factored in of which tipping the person setting up the bounce house is also important.

Looking for a Bounce House
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What Are The Various Aspects to Watch Out For?

What Are The Various Aspects to Watch Out For When Tipping For a Bounce House

When renting a bounce house, it’s natural to feel tempted to go for the cheapest option out there, which doesn’t involve any tips for the bounce house.

But it’s crucial to realize that there is a reason why some service providers are cheap while others are not.

Not just the quality of the inflatable, but the quality of the service proffered by the company is immensely important. After all, you will never want to compromise on anything when your children are involved in it.

And these include the quality of the materials, cleaning, sanitization, and of course, staking down.

The Process of Delivery

The drivers generally start their day as early as 7 AM from their warehouse for beginning the loading of the deliveries for the particular day.

They generally load everything one by one into the pick-up van and double-check to make sure that they don’t forget anything at all.

At times, when the season is at its peak, these drivers may have to deliver at 6 to 8 locations. As they arrive at the desired location, they have to set up and educate you on how things operate.

Even when they are done with the last delivery, they have to gear up for return pickup. Considering the amount of effort they give in the process, you must give them a good tip for the bounce house. It would be great if you can make it around 15 percent of the average fee.

This means, if you are paying around 300 USD, it’s suggested that you pay around 45 USD as a tip.

What Are The Costs Involved In Setting Up The Bounce House?

On average, a bounce house rental costs range between 30 and 40 USD each hour and you may have to pay around 140 to 280 USD for renting it for 6 hours. The cost is also dependent on the duration of the rental and the bounce house size.

For a reputed company, the daily rental fee involves the cost of delivery, the cost of setting up the inflatable, collecting it after the event is over, and tips for the bounce house.

Most rental companies prefer renting out the equipment for blocks of time, say for 6 to 8 hours. Moon bounces or other larger bounces having inflatable slides may have rentals worth 500 USD for a day.

A company will not be interested in renting out the bounce house for less than 2 hours. This is because it takes a considerable amount of time to set up the inflatable, deliver it to the desired location, and finally pack it up again.

In such cases, the people coming to set it up will have to manage a hectic schedule and the tip for bounce house is likely to shoot up.

Generally, 4 hours is a reasonable duration for keeping bounce houses installed for the party. If you want to keep it for longer, companies may charge you somewhere between 25 to 80 USD for every extra hour.

In essence, the higher the number of people, the longer you will have to keep the bounce house for the party.

However, the amount of tip you have to shell out is dependent on your preferences and the demands of the delivery personnel.

There is always room for negotiations and you can make a good deal out of it. Make sure the rental comes with a repair kit just in case the bounce house gets a leak so you can fix it.

Tipping for the Bounce House Service, not the product

It’s suggested that you offer a good tip for a bounce house so that the person setting it up can be motivated and propelled to give his best to ensure your children’s safety. This delivery person has to travel a considerable distance to make it to your location.

He has to carry a weight ranging from 120 to 600 pounds. Again, they have to travel up to 30 miles for picking up the product again.

Most people rent bounce houses or inflatable equipment to give a lasting impact.

If you compare this service to any food delivery app service, you can easily notice the difference. In the first place, the distance they travel is much shorter and they don’t have to carry much weight.

Most importantly, once they reach your location, all they have to do is to deliver the food that keeps you satisfied for an hour at the most.

On the flip side, the one who comes to deliver and set up the bounce house has to travel around 30 miles and they again have to traverse the same distance to pick it up.

Moreover, they have to set it up securely to provide enjoyment for a lot of little kids. After all, they must leave a smile on the children’s faces for the exciting and fun-filled occasion.

This is why we recommend 10 – 15% of the overall cost of the bounce house rental though you can always set it up yourself and not have to worry about the extra fee if money is tight.

You will lose some nice convenience but could save you a good amount if you rented a very large bounce house.

Keep in mind you do not tip just for the rental of the bounce house, only the service of them setting it up and taking it down for you. If they charge you extra for this, you may want to tip on the lower end of the 10%.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Having a good quality bounce house can let your child and his friends have the best time at the party. And many parents choose to rent it for one time.

But logistics play a critical role and you should discuss this point with your service provider to have a clear idea of how much you have to shell out. Check whether there are any hidden costs involved.

The last thing you will want is to have enough time for the bounce house you don’t want the delivery guy coming in to pick it up when your kids have started enjoying it. When renting make sure you get the correct size generator for the bounce house.

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