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Ways to Keep Birds Away:

  • Use bird spikes
  • Install motion-sensing sprinklers
  • Use statues
  • Add shiny, reflective items to scare them off
  • Install moving objects
  • Install a net above the playground
  • Chemicals
  • Use a noise machine
  • Flashing lights

Birds are a nuisance to many people. They can make a mess on your property, and they can be very noisy as well.

If you have a backyard playground for the kids, birds might be an even bigger problem because they will poop all over it. This blog post will talk about 11 methods that work great for keeping birds away from your yard.

11 Effective Methods to Keep Birds Away from a Backyard Playground

11 Effective Methods to Keep Birds Away from a Backyard Playground

Use Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are plastic spikes that are installed on ledges and other places where birds like to perch. These spikes make it uncomfortable for the bird’s feet, so they will be forced to find a new place without spiky surfaces.

You can buy them at your local hardware store or on Amazon.

Place the spikes on the roof of the playground or along the surface of other places where birds are likely to land or perch.

Install Motion-sensing Sprinklers

One great way for keeping pesky little animals out of your yard is by using water sprays. Motion-sensing sprinklers are the easiest to install.

They will spray water whenever motion is detected in their range of view, so you don’t have to worry about them malfunctioning when there isn’t anyone around (or even if it starts raining).

Use Statues

Install a predator bird like a fake owl or hawk near the playground. A fake owl can work great for keeping birds away from your yard because they like to avoid predators.

Some owls look more realistic than others, though, so choose one that looks authentic enough. You could also use a life-sized plastic hawk since hawks eat small animals such as pigeons.

Just make sure it doesn’t look like a plush toy.

Add Shiny, Reflective Items to Scare Them Off

Birds are not fans of shiny objects because they think that large reflective surfaces might be other birds or predators. You can add tinsel to trees next to the play structure by tying pieces around branches with string or wire.

If you have an awesome-looking yard already full of fun stuff, then consider adding small mirrors in different places like garden pots so that the kids will still enjoy their time outside without having to worry about dirtying up their hands and faces when playing outdoors.

You can also use reflective tape or objects to keep birds away from your yard. This is a great option if you don’t want to make major changes in the look of your garden and backyard landscape.

You could wrap tinsel around trees, add strips on the fence posts (especially near ledges where birds like to perch), and attach some shiny stuff onto window sills so that it will reflect light when there is movement nearby.

Install Moving Objects

Moving objects like flags, wind chimes, and pinwheels can make birds uncomfortable because they are used to living in open spaces. So, whenever a bird sees something moving (especially if it’s windy outside), it will fly away and seek shelter elsewhere.

Install any of these objects by the playground structure so that the kids can enjoy them too when playing outdoors.

Install a Net Above the Playground

Birds like to land on ledges or other places where they can sit comfortably and feel safe from predators. So, if there is no place for them to land when they fly into your yard, then they will likely look for another area that’s more suitable for perching.

You could install bird netting over an entire play structure so that birds won’t be able to rest anywhere near it.

This method works best with larger structures such as trampolines because smaller ones tend not to have enough space underneath (or at least enough room without obstructions) to keep little critters away. Make sure this option isn’t too expensive before you go ahead and buy it.


Use sticky chemicals like Tanglefoot to keep birds away from your yard. You can even make a homemade version of this sticky substance-using molasses and water (it will get the job done eventually).

All you need is some old gloves, an empty jar or container with a lid, and cotton balls. Mix equal parts molasses and warm water in the jar until it becomes cloudy, then pour into small bowls or containers for dipping cotton balls.

Once they’re dry, spread them around ledges where there are gaps between other structures like playhouses so that birds won’t be able to land there without getting stuck on these chemicals first.

Use a Noise Machine

Birds don’t like loud noises. If you have a problem with birds getting into your backyard and perching on the structure, then consider using a noise machine to make them fly away instead of staying around or coming back again later when it’s quiet.

You could use an actual bird alarm that triggers sound waves as soon as anything moves nearby or just add some speakers in different areas.

Install Yellow Lights

The light you have installed in your outdoor fixtures could attract bugs, which attracts birds. Yellow lights repel bugs, so installing them in your yard will discourage little critters from coming around in the first place.

We have an article on other ways to keep bugs off the playground.

Flashing Lights

Flashing lights can also help keep birds away from the structure. Install some solar-powered or LED lights in different areas of your yard to keep things well-lit even at night as these will be distracting and make it difficult for wildlife (including bugs) to see clearly, so they won’t feel safe either.

Use Pest Control Services for Any Bugs that Maybe Attracting Birds

Pest control services will help you eliminate any bugs that are attracting birds in the first place. They can even install bird netting if you need to protect your whole backyard from avian critters, but this is usually used for specific structures like trampolines or playhouses instead.

Make sure they know exactly what type of wildlife is causing trouble, so it won’t be difficult when looking at a price estimate later on since some services have different rates depending on how much work needs to be done and whether there are many animals involved.


Birds can be a problem when it comes to backyard playgrounds because they like perching in high places.

So, if there is no way for them to move around freely and rest comfortably without being disturbed by predators or loud noises, they will be less likely to stay near the structure even if you can’t see them right away.

The tips provided here should help you keep birds away from your backyard playground in various ways so that everyone can enjoy their time outdoors without worrying about wildlife. For best results, you may want to use multiple solutions at a time.

Also, try to experiment with different methods and types of equipment since some are more effective for certain structures than others. Be sure to plan so you can get everything set up before the problem arises.

Another common problem we have with backyard playgrounds is how to keep bees away.

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