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Bounce House Generator Size


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A large Bounce House can be powered by a 2,000-watt 20 amp generator to power the blower. You can pay more for a quieter one.

If the generator is not strong enough the blower won’t be able to keep the bounce house inflated and may not even start due to surge wattage. Most places rent generators with a bounce house.

Commercial Bounce houses have been a popular addition to children’s parties and other events for several years now. This is because they provide hours of fun, laughter, and excitement. 

If you are looking for a way to make your party or event even more memorable, the best thing you can do is rent one of these inflatable attractions from an outside company.
But how much power does it take?

The answer might surprise you!

When you are looking for a generator, the size of your bounce house is one factor that will determine what size you need. Generators come in a wide range of sizes and we recommend getting one with enough power to run for the entire day. 

A good rule of thumb would be to calculate how many amps it takes for each hour you will be using the generator and divide by 1,000.

Keep in mind the cost, most places that are advertising a generator to power bounce houses may charge an extra fee.

Looking for a Bounce House?
Here is a list of our recommendations for the Best Indoor Bounce Houses and Best Commercial Bounce Houses.

Type of Bounce House

Type of Bounce House

Do you need a bounce house, moonwalk, or inflatable slide?
It could be a small bounce house or a large bounce house with an obstacle course. You will see lots of advertising for rental equipment online or from a brick-and-mortar business. 

A lot of the time the service gives you the equipment, bounce house, inflatables, blower, extension cords, and a generator all in one.

It’s great services for a few days as these places offer more commercial types of bounce houses that do very well outdoors and when a bunch of kids bounces on them. 

The size of your bounce house is one factor that will determine what generator to use. If you are having an issue finding a local one just google search and the answer will be shown, click the page link to the related area you are in and start your research.

If you are looking for a bounce house for just a few kids and worry about the weather there are other options, did you know you can put a bounce house inside?
Follow the tips in that article and they will be jumping around in no time!

Bounce House Generator Size

Bounce House Generator Size

Generators come in a wide range, and we recommend getting the right-sized unit for each day so it doesn’t run out too soon or not have enough power left over at night time when everyone wants their turn. 

The good thing is most rental places for bounce houses also have a generator to power them for the right cost and fees. Usually, the smallest generator to power a bounce house is 2,000 watts which is actually enough for a large bounce house but there are other things to consider.

Extension Cord Needed

Extension Cord Needed

Consider if the bounce house is close to your home in the backyard. If so you can use an extension cord to an outdoor outlet, that will work. A home can run the power of a bounce house with no issues for hours. 

If you try this and you keep tripping the breaker then you will want to rent a generator that is at least as big or bigger than the size of your bounce house so there will be enough power for everyone’s turn!

To use a generator you may still want to get an extension cord because if you keep the bounce house and generator right next to each other in the same location in the backyard then it may be very loud.

Putting the two further apart in a different location can distribute the noise outside so the kids can hear each other better in the house.

Size of Bounce House

Size of Bounce House

A small bounce house will only need about 805 Watts per hour, but a large one could use 1610. When renting from a bounce house place the 2,000-watt generator should meet all of what is needed as long as you don’t need to power anything else.

Other electricity items like the blower will be for the inflatables and are constantly running, you may also want to power lights when it gets dark if there are multiple 20 amps on the outlet.

Make sure you have enough power and watts or it can get very dark fast then it will be time to end the special event.

If you need to plug in lights or other things, then you should go with a larger generator. When getting a generator two things will dictate the price. The amount of power and how loud it is. 

Check before you get the generator to see how many amps it has and how many things you can plugin some are limited. If the generator is not strong enough, the blower will not be able to keep the bounce house inflated.

If you hear air escaping from the bouncer you may need to find and patch the holes first.

Watt Generator and Blower Noise

Watt Generator and Blower Noise

If you want a quieter generator then you will need to pay more for quality. If the generator is not needed for a long period of time, it’s best if they are rented instead, Using a generator that runs all day can be very expensive and noisy when running constantly.

The blower can also be a bit loud at times.

Again if you can separate the generator and the bounce house with extension cords that may help keep the sound down when the generator is being powered. Make sure the blower will be within reach. Use the flat part of your backyard to place the bounce house.

The motor in some of the generators runs very loud so make sure to start it earlier in the day so you can try and keep the noise to a minimum by placing it in the right area in your backyard.

Make sure not to cover the generators as some of them will have some type of exhaust only to run them outside so they can just go into the air.

Type of Generator

Type of Generator

There are two types of generators that are used for a bounce house and the blower.

The first kind is the portable electrical generator and it can be plugged into an outlet and charged before powering up your inflatable bouncer or slide.

A lot of people like this kind because it doesn’t require gas for the blower to blow up the inflatables.

The other kind is a gas generator which will require fuel to start and power up the inflatable bouncer or slide. If you are looking for a generator that is portable and electrical that can be plugged into an outlet, then it’s best to consider one because it will not need fuel.

The best generator to use that won’t make a lot of noise is an electrical generator because they are quieter than gas generators. The price may be more per amp but the cost will be worth it especially if you rent them through a service.

If you get a gas-powered generator definitely keep it open and don’t cover it when the motor is running or it will affect the air and the fumes can poison kids and adults so never have it inside a house running for example. They require to be outside so they can safely vent while they run. 

Safety is important so make sure to keep all children away from the blower and generator. The blower will just blow air but it’s nothing for children to play games around, make sure they stay away and if they do go near it they walk and not run.

Size, Weight, and Power Requirements of the Generator

Size, Weight, and Power Requirements of the Generator

The longer you need to run the bounce house the bigger the generator you will need. If you plan to be going all day and night then make sure you have a strong one. 2,000 wattage will still work but now you have to look at the amps. 

Most bounce houses require between 10 amp to 20 amp per hour.

The higher the amperage the more electricity can be used at once. Most generators only have one 20 amp breaker so if you want to power a second bounce house you would need a second generator to power it.

Some generators can weigh as much as 50 pounds. Keep in mind that you may need an extension cord to plug it into a power source and if your generator is electric, then the heavier-duty extension cords can help with not tripping over them so often when unplugging or moving around. 

The blower may also need an extension cord to reach the inflatables on site.

Determine Backyard Space for Bounce House and Generator

Determine Backyard Space for Bounce House and Generator

When planning to get a bounce house and generator for your backyard consider how much room you have to store the generator and all of its extension cords.

The size for an inflatable bounce house can run from a small, 12×12 foot space up through large 16 x 24 feet spaces with some in-between sizes available as well. 

You may want to move the generator to another location in the yard because of its noise levels. The blower may also take up some extra room. 

The average generator can range from 800 watts all the way up to 7000+ watts and you will need one that is sized for your needs (generator wattage). 

If it’s a big space, then bigger would be better but if not there are smaller generators available as well which may work just fine. You will also want to know the voltage of the generator because they come in varying voltages and knowing the volts will help you make a selection for your needs.

If there is a chance of rain make sure you are prepared: How to Protect a Bounce House from Getting Wet.

How Long Till Generator and Bounce House are Ready

How Long Till Generator and Bounce House are Ready

The average time it takes for a generator and bounce house to be ready is about 45 minutes to an hour because the bounce house inflatable has a power cord that runs from it into your generator’s outlet.

The first step in this process would involve making sure you have enough gas and oil so when powering up there will not be any issues with fuel supply or usage.

Next, you will want to plug in the bounce house power cord. The generator should be set to either 110 volts or 220-240 volts depending on what type of outlet you have available. 

Check the watt and amp to make sure they match. Next, turn ON all lights and then flip over a switch labeled ‘generator’ on top so it’s now switched from OFF. The generator will now turn on and provide power to the bounce house blower only (dedicated breaker).

Now that everything is powered up you will need to inflate the bounce house and then open the zipper. Make sure the bounce house is fully inflated. 

Don’t forget to only have the bounce house on the outlet until inflation is completed, so it is on a dedicated breaker, this is because the surge wattage is higher when blowing up the inflatable at the start, after it is complete you can use more items if there are other 20 amp outlets available.


Now you should be covered on everything the bounce house generator needs.

One thing we didn’t speak on was the cost of the bounce house so feel free to read more about it.

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