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Cost to Buy a Bounce House


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The cost to buy a bounce house depends on a bunch of factors but the main two are regular or commercial grade material. Regular also known as indoor bounce houses cost $100-$600 on average. The commercial-grade will be much higher quality and commercial larger inflatables average cost from $800-$4,300, however; you can also rent these in 4-hour blocks much cheaper.

Since the prices of these inflatable play structures have been steadily increasing, there is no easy answer. The cost depends on many factors such as quality, size, and extras. 

Let’s take a look at how much it might cost for your backyard, home, or party!

Looking for a Bounce House
Here is a list of our recommendations for the Best Indoor Bounce Houses and Best Commercial Bounce Houses.

Bounce House Cost

Quality of Bounce House

When it comes to quality there are two main factors. There is a regular bounce house and commercial grade bounce houses.

The cost for a regular bouncer can be anywhere from $100 to $600, with the average around about $300. This price is based on the size and quality of materials used. 

These are more of your indoor bounce houses though some can be taken outside.

The cost for a commercial-grade bouncer will cost between $800 and $4,300. These are usually more expensive because they have a longer lifespan, can be used outside, and the quality is higher. 

These are also rented often for parties in 4 – 8 hour blocks of time from a rental company that specializes in rentals.

Size of Bounce House

The larger the bouncer the more expensive it will get. They have small ones for a single room in a home and then they have huge water slide inflatables with separate bounce houses and pools. 

The really large ones are going to be on the top end between $2,000-$4,300.

Extra’s of Bounce House

When it comes to extra’s there are a lot of different ways the bounce house can be improved. Some have water guns with water slides, a ball pit, and convenient items like zippers to deflate. 

These always come with a price but make the inflatable bounce house a lot more fun.

Shipping a Bounce House

When it comes to shipping a bounce house the commercial ones can be pretty heavy and require a heavy price tag. I have seen some with free shipping and others with shipping of $400. The smaller ones, however, are much easier to just send in the mail.

Bounce House Rentals Cost

When it comes to bounce house rentals, there is most likely a rental company near you. They tend to have everything you need like a water slide, inflatable slide, obstacle course, and your standard bounce house. 

The rent costs are typically a lot cheaper price than purchasing them. There are a number of other fees as well, so how much does a bounce rental for kids go for? 

It depends on how many hours and children it is for but the average is about $30-$50 an hour. The good thing, however; is they usually rent in 4-hour blocks of time so you won’t pay as much as if you purchased one. 

If your party is already a lot of work the rental company can be very helpful as the rental can even come as a delivery for a small extra fee of course. For another fee, they may even set up a bounce house for you. 

The location of the bounce house is also important if it is not near a plug and in a field somewhere you will also need a generator and that costs more money. If that is the case we have a guide on which generator will be the correct one for you.

Make sure you search for a business that also has insurance as this should be standard for all the rental companies to have. There should be no fees for insurance. 

Bounce houses can be safe but only if used properly, make sure to follow all the rules for the bounce house and inform all the children at the party of them as well. If you would like to keep the bounce house longer than the initial time so the kid’s feet can keep jumping most rental places will not have an issue. 

After the setup fee, they will charge an extra per hour. For most bounce houses the original deposit is 50% of the full rent costs.

Bounce House Repair Costs

When considering purchasing a bounce house you will also want to think about running, maintenance, and repairs costs. As far as running fees it depends on how many hours the kids will jump for. 

If you need to constantly keep the blowers on (typically most do) then there will be electric costs. This cost can be from an outlet or if you are using a generator it will need either a full charge or tank of gas to ensure it will run for hours.

If the bounce house, obstacle courses, or slide gets a hole in the vinyl you will want to repair it straight away. For that reason, pay for a repair kit when purchasing one. 

We have a great example of a kit to use and how to patch a hole in a bounce house. You will also want to clean the bounce house after any party event because children can be a bit messy and germs can spread on the vinyl as the kid’s feet bounce. 

When doing this you want to be careful as a bounce house is not meant to get wet. If you have a personal bounce house for outside you can buy covers for them just in case it does start to rain.

If it is no longer able to be saved, check to see if the inflatable is recyclable.

Inflatable Water Slide Rental Costs

They also have other types of inflatables other than a bounce house like water slides and these are different because most of them are designed to get wet, though there are also dry slides. Keep in mind the wet ones will need water from the house with a hose-type connection. 

The prices on these can vary depending on the size of the slide but you are looking in a range of $200-$400. This is great for a pool party event where some children won’t want to swim they will have a great alternative. 

Safety is very important to make sure the kids are aware of the hose so they don’t trip on it and be helpful to guide them on the slide if needed until they get used to the setup.

How Long to Rent A Bounce House

It won’t take long to rent a bounce house but it is best to do it in advance so they ensure a bounce house is available to rent on that day. Measure out space you have available for the bounce house and make sure there are at least 2 feet around that area as well. 

This will be the largest the bounce house can be. Having this information is a great starting point for getting the right size bounce house.

Let them know if you need a generator, any other inflatables and for how many hours usually in blocks of 4 but you may find a place that offers 2-hour rentals. 

They will give you a price and you will need to pay half for the deposit. If the rental place isn’t very busy it should only take about 20 minutes.

Costs of Bounce House Alternatives

Some people just don’t want to go through all the work of setting up a bounce house but the little ones want to jump! Well, search no more there are other alternatives such as Bounce Arenas. 

They specialize in birthday parties for a group of 10-25 children typically. It can get very pricy you are looking in the range of $150 – $350 for about 2 hours of time to jump. 

They then throw at you a lot of extra’s that are hard to say not to like party favors, pizza, soda, and birthday cake. They then have a private room after you are done bouncing around to open presents and enjoy the feast. 

It really is easy to do, just know there are waivers that have to be signed for each kid. This place isn’t like your standard bounce rental it is a huge floor of trampolines, bounce houses, ball pits, and video games. 

There are benches for the parents to stay and watch if they feel the need to. I have taken my son to these before and he really enjoyed himself so much that I decided to do this for his birthday. 

I have to say after all the fees it was a lot more than I thought and ended up costing me around $550. We also got all the kids “special” passes so they can go in other areas as well.


It is possible to buy a bounce house for the cost of $800 with delivery and setup. In no time you will see happy faces jump as high as they can and enjoy a party with their friends.

If you want other types of inflatables take into consideration shipping prices and also safety issues as there are wet slides that will need water from your hose connection at home or elsewhere. If safety comes first then consider buying an Airwalker which doesn’t require water.

If you want to buy an indoor bounce house then you can expect to spend less money as they are designed for a specific space.

Buying an inflatable is a great way if your looking for something different and fun with the whole family, plus it will last quite a while, unlike other backyard activities that only last one season.

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