Bounce Houses

Best Indoor Bounce House

8 Best Indoor Bounce Houses | 2021 Inflatable for Inside

Here are the best indoor bounce houses in 2021.  We compared several bounce houses to come up with the best ones for indoor use. They are perfect for kids who are 3yrs and above. Most of them come with an air blower, and they have a slide.  A bounce house can keep your children engaged […]

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Best Commercial Bounce House

7 Best Commercial Bounce Houses | 2022 Inflatables for Parties

Commercial bounce houses are great for big families. The best bounce houses are: A commercial bounce house may be the toy you need to keep your kids and their friends occupied. If you find yourself having more than three kids to look after, you need something to keep them busy. Most commercial bounce houses can […]

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Bounce House Games

19 Fun Bounce House Games for Your Kid

If you’re looking for ways to keep your kid entertained, a bounce house is a perfect solution! Not only is it a blast for kids of all ages, but there are also plenty of games to keep them occupied. Looking for some fun bounce house games for your kid? Look no further! We’ve put together […]

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Can You Put a Bounce House on a Driveway

Can You Put a Bounce House on a Driveway?

Are you planning a birthday party or spending a fun evening with your kids and family? A bouncing house is among the perfect activities you can have with your kids. We rarely attend a birthday party or a fundraiser with no bounce house. The popularity of bounce houses has been skyrocketing. Children nowadays host parties […]

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Bounce House Rules

12 Bounce House Rules: Safety and Setup Rules | Printable

Although fun, exciting, and entertaining for kids at parties or gatherings, bounce houses also demand safety usage. Parents and guardians constantly seek ways to ensure their kids stay productive and energetic while maintaining basic safety rules. As such, this article comprehensively compiles all the bounce house safety rules to keep kids entertained within the boundaries […]

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Bounce House in Winter

Can you Have a Bounce House in the Winter? | When is To Cold?

Bounce houses are an amazing source of exercise for kids and can be used outside all summer long. Can they be used in wintertime when the air gets cold? You can not use an outdoor bounce house in the wintertime as it affects the vinyl they are made of. This can cause the bounce house […]

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Tip for Bounce House Set Up

How Much Do You Tip for Bounce House Set Up?

It’s a typical question that most people ask while renting games and inflatables for different events. Should you be tipping the driver or the person setting up the bounce house? What should be the normal tip? Tipping for a bounce house generally amounts to around 10 to 15 percent based on the level of services proffered. […]

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Average Cost of Bounce House Rental

What is the Average Cost of Bounce House Rental in 2021?

On average, a bounce house rental will cost between $30 to $50 per hour. The typical price for a six-hour rental will be anything between $140 to $285. This depends on various factors, including whether the bounce house will come with slides, climbing areas, splash pools, etc., and its size.  The average cost of bounce […]

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Cost to Buy a Bounce House

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Bounce House in 2021?

The cost to buy a bounce house depends on a bunch of factors but the main two are regular or commercial grade material. Regular also known as indoor bounce houses cost $100-$600 on average. The commercial-grade will be much higher quality and commercial larger inflatables average cost from $800-$4,300, however; you can also rent these […]

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Are Bounce Houses Safer than Trampolines

Are Bounce Houses Safer than Trampolines? | Are They Dangerous?

Bounce houses are much safer than trampolines. Trampolines are safer than they use to be with recent safety additions like the netting, better springs, and stronger mat. However; a lot of accidents still happen from both. The majority of play accidents are from incorrect setup, young kids under the age of 6 or kids colliding […]

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Find a Leak in a Bounce House

How to Find and Fix a Leak in a Bounce House in 6 Easy Steps

If a bounce house is leaking the best way to find it is to spray soapy water where you suspect the leaks to be. When you find the leak on the inflatable you will see bubbles. Mark the area and continue testing for more leaks. Next, use cement glue which dries quickly, and add the […]

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Can You Put a Bounce House Inside

Can You Put a Bounce House Inside? Best Indoor Bounce House Tips

You can put a bounce house inside, preferably on a soft surface like carpet. Indoor bounce houses are recommended, however; any bounce house that can fit, be anchored, and have a power outlet can be used in a home. Keep in mind they can be loud and you can not use gas-powered generators inside because […]

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