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Trampoline Maintenance

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  • Do regular inspections
  • Clean and spray it down on a regular basis to keep it from rusting. 
  • Remove any water that has accumulated in the soft frame cushions to prevent mold from building up. 
  • Ensure that the trampoline is dry before jumping on it Use rust-resistant spray for prevent rust
  • Replace components when necessary
  • Use protective rain and sun covers

Once the trampoline has been installed, you can begin performing trampoline maintenance immediately. It is critical to inspect your trampolines on a regular basis to ensure that they are in proper operating order before utilizing them each time. 

If you intend to use your trampoline for an extended period of time, you must clean it on a regular basis, such as weekly or monthly, depending on how often you use it. If dust and dirt accumulate on the mat over time, it might potentially cause damage to the mat and its springs. 

Because of the uniform bounce capabilities of a square trampoline or rectangular trampoline, they have a far higher risk of causing an accident than a rounded trampoline and therefore require a more thorough inspection.

Trampoline Maintenance and Cleaning

It is necessary to clean the trampoline of leaves and dust. After that, use a bristle brush to clean the mat, springs, and frame with soapy water before rinsing with clean water and left to dry in the open air.

Refrain from using detergent since it may cause the frame to erode. The good news is that cleaning a water trampoline and bouncer is a simple and straightforward process.

Do Regular Inspection 

It is critical to inspect the trampoline on a daily basis or before you begin playing. Accidents occur most frequently as a result of our own negligence.

If there is a problem, we will notice it during our daily inspection and will be able to fix it quickly.

The majority of trampolines are covered by a standard warranty period. To ensure the continued safety of your children, if any severe problems are discovered, please have them repaired as soon as possible.

However, you should never allow anyone to change the parts. It is possible that your trampoline will not perform properly if it is not repaired properly.

First and foremost, if a repair is truly necessary, contact the manufacturer.

Preventing the Trampoline from Rusting 

Use a yard pipe fitted with a sprayer to thoroughly rinse the springs. Dry the springs with a cotton towel once they have been cleaned.

The application of petroleum jelly to the springs will keep them lubricated, which will help to avoid the re-formation of rust.

Make use of rust-resistant spray paint that has been specially formulated to guard against rust. Additionally, it should be waterproof.

It is entirely up to you whether to go with matte or satin. Apply a uniform layer of paint on the metal legs and springs by spraying them with a fine mist.

It is necessary to clean the trampoline of leaves and dust. After that, use a bristle brush to clean the mat, springs, and frame with soapy water before rinsing with clean water and leaving it dry in the open air.

We recommend that you refrain from using detergent since it may cause the frame to erode.

When Necessary, Replace the Components

You will be able to enjoy your favorite trampoline for an extended amount of time if you give it the essential attention it requires. 

If you discover any damaged or rusted elements throughout the process, such as rusted springs or a ripped jumping mat, you should repair them as soon as possible. 

Alternatively, if you are fortunate enough to be still inside the warranty term, make a claim as soon as possible. If you ignore any problem because you believe it is insignificant, that insignificant problem will result in a significant loss in the long run.

Trampoline Protective Cover

The trampoline cover is an essential piece of equipment for maintaining your trampoline during the entire season. If you are unable to locate a shady location for your trampoline, a cover will help to protect your trampoline from the scorching sun to some extent. 

You can cover your beloved trampoline once more in the rain to keep water from getting into your trampoline and damaging it. To effectively use the trampoline cover during the winter, it is necessary to consider several factors. 

It is possible that trampoline covers allow moisture to accumulate beneath them, resulting in the rusting of your trampoline spring or frame.

Consequently, even if you use a cover in the winter, you must remove the cover on a regular basis in order for the moisture to be properly dried.

Protection for Your Trampoline from the Wind

A strong storm or strong wind could do significant damage to your trampoline. Because of this, you must utilize anchor kits, such as wind stakes, to keep the trampoline steady.

Wind flakes are cheap, but they lessen the likelihood of your trampoline being blown away. It will increase the strength of the trampoline by integrating it with the ground.

Sandbags can also be used to keep the frame safe from water.

Keeping the Trampoline Safe From The Rain

You can use a trampoline rain cover to keep your trampoline safe from water. In order to utilize the trampoline after it has rained, it is highly suggested that the jumping mat be well dried. 

Never play on a slick mat, as this could result in a serious mishap if you slip and fall. As a result, make the investment in a quality trampoline cover.

Maintaining Springs

Trampoline springs are essential to the bouncing action of the trampoline. Preventative maintenance such as checking the condition of the springs before each use is a good idea. 

If the springs are not sufficiently and tightly coiled, then you to replace the spring with a new one; otherwise, you can continue to use them. In addition, you must determine whether or not any springs are missing from the vehicle.

If this is the case, then a new one should be installed there.

Educate Your Children On How To Use a Trampoline 

This may appear to be ridiculous, yet it is an important fact. You should instruct your children on how to utilize a trampoline in a safe manner. 

Additionally, you should advise them on what they should and should not do. You should educate them about the various types of flaws that can occur on trampolines, as well as how to repair them all.

How To Prolong The  Life Span Of A Trampoline 

It may seem inconsequential, but in order to achieve the desired results, you must first put up your trampoline in the proper location. When assembling the trampoline, double-check that everything is properly connected. 

Always make sure that the screws and bolts are tight. You must ensure that the springs are properly installed. 

Another significant consideration is the placement of the trampoline on a level surface. The trampoline’s lifespan will be extended as a result of this.

If the area isn’t completely flat, the frame may be bent as a result


The upkeep and repair of a trampoline are not difficult tasks. To get long-lasting results from this, though, you will need to put in some effort and patience.

This is a year-round process that takes place on an ongoing basis.

If you take appropriate care of your trampoline, you will receive excellent support from it, which will save your costs. With the right tarp, the right anchoring kits, and a little simple follow-up, they will last a long time.

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