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Spikeball vs Slammo

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Worried if you should go for a slammo or a spikeball?

Well, spikeballs are typically premium compared to slammo balls that come with better bounce. Both of these are an excellent choice for a beginner preferring more bounce to the roundnet balls. Cost differences you ask? Spikeball is on the pricier side.

In the last two decades, round-net games have become highly popular outdoor games. Every day you will see someone or the other playing these sports in the parks or beaches.

As it goes with any popular game, both spikeball and slammo have their distinct tournaments, communities, and fanbase. Round-net games are a remarkable way of spending time with friends while being physically active.

Nowadays, you will hardly see any picnic or camping trips without them. Moreover, these games are also played at professional levels and many across the world enjoy seeing players battling it out with a full-on adrenaline rush.

What is Spikeball?

You may have seen a small yellow and black trampoline game you are still not sure of why people spike balls into it. Fortunately, we have got you covered. Spikeball is a growing sport that has taken the nation by storm.

And if you look closely you will notice that it’s a cross between volleyball and four-square.

It is played by positioning a hoop-sized spikeball net between the teams and two members from each team join the game against each other. A player begins by serving the ball down on the net in such a way that it rebounds at the opponent.

Quite like volleyball, they can play three hits for controlling the ball and bounce it off the net.

There are absolutely no boundaries in this game and players can move and hit the ball from any place they wish. And when a player misses, the opposing team scores.

What is Slammo?

Slammo is also an action-packed game similar to volleyball but it is played with a comparatively smaller ball along with a circular net. The rules of the game are similar to volleyball and members of each team have to spike a ball into the circular net that goes as high as the ankle.

But the difference is that Slammo doesn’t allow you to hit the ball twice in a row. In case the ball hits the ground or if a player fails to get it back within three hits, the opposing team who has last hit the net successfully will score a point.

The game is generally played for 21 points and you can only score when you are serving the team.

You can hit the ball as far as you want and there is no specific direction in which you must hit it. You are allowed to use all parts of your body to pass it to your teammate or on the net.

The only thing you got to be cautious about is that you cannot hit the ball twice consecutively.

What Are The Differences Between Spikeball vs Slammo?

Both spikeball as well as Slammo are very fun and exciting to play but there are some key differences that need to be addressed. While spikeball is the original game and many refer to Slammo as only a copy, the latter still holds a value on its own.

Slammo couldn’t be patented on their product, many other brands started developing similar gaming equipment.

But it’s worth noting that even though Slammo comes with its own perks, it is still not comparable to the actual Spikeball. And this is perhaps the greatest difference between the two round-net games.

Thus, it’s not a surprise that the popularity of Spikeball literally spikes up during the summer months. And even when it’s not the season, Spikeball performs much better compared to Slammo.

Let’s take a look at a detailed comparison between Spikeball vs Slammo.

1. Spikeball Frames Come With Adjustable Legs

When you invest in a Spikeball set, the greatest advantage you get is the adjustable leg. And this is also an important discrepancy between the round-net games.

You may fold or bend these adjustable legs as required. These legs are extremely durable and add to the flexibility allowing you to carry on in uneven and rough terrains.

This means if you are not able to find flat spots for playing any round-net games, Spikeball could be the most suitable option.

On the flip side, the legs of the Slammo frame go straight without any bends. This makes it hard for positioning the frame on uneven surfaces.

This means you will need perfectly flat terrains for playing Slammo properly. It is also indicative of the limitations brought by Slammo with respect to the flexibility of the frame and playing surface.

2. Slammo Is Equipped With a Ball

If you have started believing that spikeball is the forerunner in Spikeball vs Slammo, then it’s time to highlight the advantage of Slammo now. You will get a training ball that is a bit larger compared to a tournament-sized ball.

It is especially suited for children and newbies who are learning to become habituated to the sport since it’s beginner-friendly. This is definitely that one aspect that Spikeball doesn’t have but Slammo has dearly capitalized on.

3. Differences In The Quality Of The Ball

The next difference is based on the level of balls used in these two games. As you can expect from a pioneer and pricier set, these Spikeball are of better quality.

And you need no additional understanding of the game to realize this. Just hold it with your hands and you will see that the ball has thicker walls and is heavier than its Slammo counterpart.

The overall build quality also appears to be more durable.

But major improvements are seen in the quality of Slammo balls in the last few years. They can also proffer similar benefits as the Spikeballs.

For instance, they give off better bounce which helps in an incredible game. This aspect would bring a sensible choice for both seasoned players and beginners alike.

4. Overall Build Quality

Even though it is nothing major, but there are certain key differences between Spikeball vs Slammo with respect to their build quality and materials used for construction. Spikeball definitely has a stronger build with a high-end plastic material that you may expect from an expensive set.

Slammo is also sturdy and has good longevity but is not comparable to Spikeball.

This brings to the point of their ability to ensure exposure to weather elements. When you are going for a Slammo set, it is recommended that you store it properly rather than leaving it uncovered.

Some users have also complained that the net is cumbersome to adjust as well as a stretch for the desired bouncing. This could be due to the clips on the frame which are not of great quality.

5. Difference in Cost

Slammo is a much cheaper alternative to Spikeball and this is what major reason for its popularity. When you take into account the fact there is no drastic quality difference, you can consider Slammo a great choice.

But if you are amongst those players who are not ready to compromise the quality of material and other factors like foldable legs for saving a few bucks, then Spiker is meant for you.

This means in the battle between Spikeball vs Slammo, the ultimate choice boils down to your individual preferences.

To sum up, while the distinctions are fine-drawn, with Spikeball you have to pay a premium than you would have to be with Slammo, but you receive a far better quality ball along with a sturdy and robust frame. Moreover, Spikeball is typically positioned for being played by professionals while Slammo is primarily meant for amateurs.

Are There Any Similarities Between Spikeball vs Slammo?

Apart from the highlighted differences between the two sports, there are some similarities as well. For instance, both games come with a lifetime warranty.

It is a great advantage for any outdoor game stuff since they are likely to be worn out with time. Thus, you are likely to get what you pay for with both Spikeball and Slammo.

Moreover, both of these games come in carrying bags for easily carrying them anywhere you want to. This is an added portability that serves to be a valuable point for outdoor games.

Lastly, you get exceptional customer service with a fast response time and no-fuss replacement for damaged parts.

The Bottom Line

Slammo and Spikeball are two sports terms that are used interchangeably to refer to the same sport at times. The most important question now is which is the better option between the two.

The answer lies in your requirements, individual preferences, and the expertise of the player. If quality is the most critical factor, then you must get a Spikeball, while Slammo is more suited for people on a tight budget.

You must weigh the pros and cons of both Spikeball vs Slammo so that you can make an informed decision. Even though there are numerous distinctions between the two games, each of them is not important when you have to determine one’s superiority.

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