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Bounce House in Winter


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Bounce houses are an amazing source of exercise for kids and can be used outside all summer long. Can they be used in wintertime when the air gets cold?

You can not use an outdoor bounce house in the wintertime as it affects the vinyl they are made of. This can cause the bounce house to get stiff and not bounce well or even worse crack and cause a leak. The bounce house starts to break down when temperatures hit 60°F but are really noticeable between 50°F – 40°F.

It is absolutely unsafe for everyone, thus, we highly discourage you from doing it. Let’s go into more detail.

Looking for a Bounce House
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How Cold Should it be for an Outdoor Bounce House Not to be Used?

If you can still remember from your science class, it was written in most of the books and explained by our professors that molecules will expand when it is warm; on the one hand, they will come together when it is cold.

This is a brief explanation of why a bounce house in winter is not correct. The molecules will continue to contract, making your bounce house less bouncy since the vinyl will become stiffer.

60 degrees Fahrenheit or higher are naturally suited for vinyl. You can only notice a bounce house decreasing the amount of bounciness when the temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the temperature falls below 50 degrees, you will begin to notice that the bounce house becomes stiffer, not bouncy. The children will start to complain that something is wrong with it, causing them not to give them the usual fun.

What Happens to Bounce Houses at 40 Degrees Fahrenheit

The natural catastrophe will start when it is colder and colder than usual, and the temperature will be 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The molecules will begin to come together when the temperature falls below 40 degrees.

As a result, the vinyl will not just be challenging but also become fragile, which may be broken at any minute. Meaning to say, children inside the bounce house in winter will likely be harmed when the vinyl starts to crack.

This can cause a leak in the bounce house which would then need to be repaired. It may also be difficult to do the repairs in the cold weather.

This will entail many risks and predicaments; thus, setting a bounce house in winter will be complicated and inconvenient to manage. Not only for yourself, but it would also be frustrating for the children as they put themselves into the corner of risk, and they can no longer enjoy the bouncy house.

Moreover, cleaning the disaster caused by the damaged bounce house is not a nice thing to do, to begin with.

What Happens to Bounce House When Even Colder?

In another scene, what if the temperature keeps on getting colder below 39 degrees Fahrenheit? The bounce house will be pumping cold air coming from the inflatable blower, and cold air will affect the vinyl with more and more attitude.

In these instances, the kids will no longer feel comfortable and excited. Aside from being hard and less fun, it would be at this point where the cracking and damage will occur, thus imposing danger on the children.

You should Never use a Bounce House in winter.

We respectfully encourage everyone not to use bounce houses in the winter season, especially when temperatures are below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Setting up your bounce house in this season outside will indeed have severe damage and the risk of your children getting hurt too.

It might be a simple lack of flexibility of the bounce house, but its risk can never be a good thing for everyone.

Party Rental Operators in Winter

Some readers of this article might be thinking of having a house bounce rental in winter. However, assuming you will call someone in your area, all the rental operators will likely avoid getting a bounce house set up.

The fact that they knew setting up a bounce house in winter was not a good idea. They also prevent the customers from getting risk and their equipment from getting damaged.

Hence, there is little to no chance that you can find party rental companies.

Winter Bounce House Alternative

Nonetheless, you are discouraged from setting up a bounce house in winter outside, you can still buy an indoor bounce house if you have a space. The primary reason why we are discouraging everyone to have an outdoor bounce house is to ensure safety during the winter season.

However, there is always an option to have a safe bounce house inside the home.

Winter doesn’t mean that you will be restrained from having fun. Aside from its safety, you can have it sit there for the entire year regardless of the season.

However, in the course thereof, there are things that you need to consider.

After knowing the dimensions of your bounce house, you need now to assess your indoor space how wide it should be. Setting up a bounce house is for having fun; the latter will not be felt if it is not installed accurately.

Thus, you will need to find the length, height, and width to entirely adequately set up a bounce house correctly.

Whether you have or are considering buying a bounce house, it is highly suggested that you will set it up inside your home. Aside from being advantageous, it is as easy as having it installed outside.

You will just need to have at least 6 to 8 feet of the precise area around the bounce house, and the remaining space will be the intended space for the party.

There is a safe option for setting up an indoor bounce house party. As the link above explains in more detail, bounce houses work perfectly fine indoors, provided you give them enough space.

Some rental companies are more than happy to accommodate an indoor setup. You may also have family entertainment centers in your area with indoor bounce houses and trampoline-type equipment which is great for birthday parties but very expensive after the extras are added.

If you own an outdoor bounce house you’re thinking of setting up an indoor one it is just as easy as setting up outside if not easier. You’ll need ample space, a hard floor, a heavy-duty tarp, height clearance, and some safety mats or blankets.

Again, that related link we shared a moment ago (can you put a bounce house indoors) will walk you through everything you need.

Can you use a bounce house in winter? Not without exposing your family and your bounce house itself to a lot of unnecessary risks.

And given the fact you can set up a bounce house indoors, there’s really no reason to use a bounce house in cold weather.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you can use a bounce house in winter but not outside the home. You don’t want to expose everyone to unnecessary risks.

Instead, while having fun, everybody should consider protection and welfare. Setting up an indoor bounce house will benefit everyone, and everybody could have limitless fun anytime they want.

Another big reason to not use them in winter is that the bounce house can get wet and cause issues.

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