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Shuffleboard Resurfacing


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To refinish a shuffleboard table surface you will need to sand the wood down to get the table completely leveled. Next, add sealant preferably what was used in the past as the chemical bond will be strongest. Finally adding two coats of finish on the wood with time to dry between then buffing on a coat of wax.

Shuffleboard resurfacing is a process that homeowners can follow to get their shuffleboard back into playing shape again. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what you need and how to do it for both indoor shuffleboard tables or outside shuffleboard courts.

How to Refinish an Indoor Wood Shuffleboard Table

First, let’s make sure that refinish is needed on the shuffleboard table and if it is something that is a DIY project. If there are any large cracks on the surface of the table, it is best to purchase a new table instead of trying to refinish this table.

Second, if your table’s surface seems fine but is warped, there is a way to repair a warped shuffleboard table that will not require refinishing.

If just minor scratches or uneven surfaces, you can refinish it. You will need to have some skill to be able to do this, I don’t recommend doing this if you are a novice in this area.

Tools needed to refinish a shuffleboard table:

  • 18″ Floor Sander or Sand Paper
  • Metal Level
  • Carpenters Pencil
  • Synthetic brush / or Spray Paint Gun
  • Polyurethane Finish (or other kinds)
  • Sander Sealer (or other kinds)
  • Liquid or Hard Wax
  • A large area where you can paint and do the refinishing

It’s essential that you follow instructions when applying these products so be cautious! You’ll want to do the following:

Preparing the Shuffleboard Table Board

Clean off all dirt from the surface of the shuffleboard table. Make sure to get a good idea of where all the damage is and how deep the chips, knicks, and indents are.

It’s important to know you can’t just be refinishing one part of the game table. If you would the surface wouldn’t play right, for this reason, the whole playing surface needs to be refinished.

Removing Coating from Shuffleboard Table

Remove any old wax, acrylic coating, or paint using the sander. If you can avoid going deep enough on the surface so that you don’t get to the painted numbers and lines this is ideal.

Depending on how far down you have to sand, you may need to draw the numbers and lines back on with the carpenter’s pencil. This will get darker once the sealant is applied at the end.

Once you get everything sanded correctly you want to make sure it is level. Make sure not even a piece of paper can fit under your level.

Some people prefer in the middle of the table to have this happen but this can be done later on by warping the board, when we are refinishing the board we want to have it completely straight.

Keep in mind the thicker the table the harder it is to warp, which is basically bending the wood so that the pucks stick a bit more on the table and don’t fall off as easily.

Preparing Finish on Shuffleboard Table

Now that the table is perfectly flat we can start working on applying the sealant. It is different for the type of shuffleboard table you may have.

You want to find out what the old sealant that was on the playing surface was if you want to be absolutely sure that the new sealant will chemically bond with the game table. Apply the sander Sealer.

For the finish, the main chemicals that are used today are polyurethane, acrylic, and synthetic finishes. Lacquer was used on the older tables but does require a lot more maintenance and possibly refinishing it once a year.

Typically we recommend one of the newer chemicals to finish today, mainly polyurethane which most professional shuffle players recommend seams to really bond with the wood.

Once you have this applied give the surfaces a good 6 hours and then apply a second coat. To apply the polyurethane you can use spray or paint.

If you are painting using a high-quality synthetic brush. Painting in the direction of the grain and do long smooth strokes and don’t put too much on the brush to help avoid air bubbles, try to blend any sections together why it is still wet.

Keep in mind if you could get this repaired by a professional they would spray it all on and use very high-level chemicals that will work better as they have access to these materials. On average you are looking between $750 – $1,500 to have shuffleboards refinished.

This is a lot of work and it can save a lot of money by doing it yourself but if you are not sure it’s best to call someone and get an opinion of the cost of your board.

Add Wax Coating on Shuffleboard Table

Now that the finish is complete you want to buff on a wax coating that will prevent further refinishing in the future.

Think of the wax just like a car, by buffing the finish the pucks will slide smoother on the wood and hopefully in between the 3 point lines.

Tips on Protecting the Finish on Shuffleboard Tables

If you use these tips you will have to do fewer repairs and refinishes on the shuffleboard in the future.

  • Wax the table often, at least once a month
  • Don’t store the table outside or in outdoor sheds
  • Remove items like watches when playing
  • Keep anything not shuffle-related away from the table to avoid damage.

How often do I Need to Refinish my Shuffleboard Tables?

Shuffleboard tables need to be refinished yearly if they are older than 10 years. A lot of people love these wood tables because they come with a sense of old-time construction and the lines and numbers style just looks so professional.

The newer shuffleboard tables are designed with more advanced chemical compositions and can last a lot longer if you follow the tips above.

Usually, on a newer table, you are looking at having it done every 8-10 years.


The good news is that with a little care, you can keep your beautiful wood shuffleboard table looking new for years. Use the above free tips to protect and maintain your shuffleboard’s finish so it lasts as long as possible.

If you need any help with a warped shuffleboard table we have you covered.

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