How to Fix a Warped Shuffleboard Table




Fix a Warped Shuffleboard Table

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Fixing a warped shuffleboard table is not difficult if you have climatic adjusters attached to the bottom of the table. Most prefer a convex table (small dip in the center) to keep the pucks on the playing surface. Under the table, you will slowly tighten or loosen the nut then wait 2-3 days for the wood to change shape.

Warped shuffleboard tables are a common problem, but don’t worry! We’re going to show you how to fix your warped shuffleboard table.

The first step is to determine the type of warp that is happening. There are multiple ways a board can warp on the surface.

The most common are concave and convex. We will go over all of this and explain more about the climatic adjusters that will easily resolve the issue.

Let’s get started by looking at these steps in more detail!

What are Shuffleboard Climatic Adjusters?

Climatic adjusters are long bar-shaped bolts and nuts that attach to the bottom of a shuffleboard table and control the shape of the wood. You can adjust the tightness of the nuts and washers to change the shape of the table.

The changes are not instant, it will take time for the wood to change shape on average you are looking at 2-3 days. Most tables will have 4-6 climatic adjusters depending on the length of the playing surface.

If you own your own shuffleboard table this is important to know how to adjust the surface. Using the climatic adjusters will help with the table but keep in mind things like climate could also change the form of the wood.

Simply being too hot or too cold will cause the surface to change.

A warning before we go any further, you want to be very careful when adjusting the climatic adjusters, if you turn too much you can crack the shuffleboard table.

How to Adjust Your Table Shuffleboard 

When it comes to adjusting your table it depends on what you are looking for or if you already have a certain issue going on. The most popular way to set up a shuffleboard surface is by having the playing area dip in near the ends and still dip in at the center but not as much.

You should be able to put a flat straight edge across and fit a piece of paper underneath at the ends and in the center, it should still fit but be harder to get underneath. Most people like having it this way as the puck will not fall off the board as easily. Having a dip is called concave.

There are two different types of climatic adjusters:

  • 1 long bolt with nuts running horizontally (Top of Picture)
  • 3 bolts that run vertically (Bottom of Picture)
Climate Adjusters

Let’s go over how to adjust each way.

Make Less Concave (dip)

Horizontal Adjusters – Loosen the inside of the bolts and then tighten the outside of the bolts be careful not to make them too tight. It is better to do this a bit at a time than to damage the wood.

Vertical Adjusters – Middle bolt, take the top nut and loosen it, take the bottom nut to tighten it to create more of a concave surface. You don’t want to touch the other bolts or it could cause a twist.

Make Less Convex (hump)

Horizontal Adjusters – Loosen the outside of the bolts and then tighten the inside of the bolts be careful not to make them too tight. It is better to do this a bit at a time than to damage the wood.

Vertical Adjusters – Middle bolt, take the top nut and move it up to create more of a concave material.


If the board appears twisted you will need to use the steps above on each of the adjusters to slowly get it back to normal. Just take your time and play around with it and in no time you will have a professional shuffleboard table again.


All of this won’t matter if your table is not leveled. Make sure to use a level and check multiple points on the table. Once all of them are perfectly balanced adjusting is complete.

How do you Restore a Shuffleboard Table?

To restore a shuffleboard table really depends on how bad it is. Some people will just use epoxy or wood glue if there are some cracks in the wood.

If the table is really in bad shape I would recommend getting a professional involved to repair it. The tabletop is not that thick (2″ on average) and any slight incorrect modification could cause more damage to it.

I would look for a woodworker but if you want to do a DIY project you can resurface a shuffleboard table.

If the table is not physically damaged and it is warping and has bumps or dips, then see above on how to adjust it with climate adjusters. If your table doesn’t have those, you can purchase them separately and install them.

Usually, 4-6 will be needed depending on the length of your block. Make sure you get the right size as well, most hardwood shuffleboard tables in inches are 16 – 20 wide.

How do you apply silicone to the shuffleboard?

Once you have your table correct the next tip is to add a silicone layer to the board. You will then have an extra layer of protection and it will also speed up the table in general.

This can be done by getting a silicone spray and use side by side motions as you spray it on the board. Once the block is completely covered you will want to buff it out.

Simply find a dry cloth and in a circular direction rub the silicone into the board.

Do I need to wax my shuffleboard table?

Wax is needed to play the game of shuffleboard. It is slightly different than what you may think it is. Most people think of it like car wax but it’s actually looking more like sawdust.

I make sure to completely coat the board with no empty spots and you can play multiple games before you need to add more. Make sure the entire table is covered and there are no empty spots.

This can be reused, once your container is empty simply collect it from the gutter area where it recently landed. Once you finish you can use all the tips in this article and start playing a great game of shuffleboard!


Shuffleboard is an amazing game but it’s a lot of work to keep the table in shape, you will always be needing to adjust the warp as the climate and seasons change. It will get easier as you continue to adjust it over the years.

Additionally, make sure to use a level to ensure your table stays balanced. If the warp is correct but the level is off, adjusting it won’t help.

If you are interested in a different style of the game, check out our outdoor shuffleboard rules and you may find this a great game to play when the weather is nice.

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