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How to Hit a Tetherball

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How to correctly hit a Tetherball:

  • Hit the tetherball at a sharp angle and with enough power
  • Hit the ball with an open palm to be able to be in control 
  • Hit the ball as it comes around 
  • Use two hands to hit the ball, one open, one closed
  • Vary your hits for best results
  • Follow all the Tetherball rules

If you want to win a game of tetherball, you’ll need to know how to hit the tetherball correctly in order to beat your opponent. There are some simple ball-hitting strategies when you play tetherball that you can put into action right away to help you achieve this goal. 

To win a typical game, you must first understand all of the rules of tetherball hitting and make every effort not to break any of them on the tetherball court. If a rule is broken, the other player receives a point for their efforts. 

Whatever your skill level in the game, if you violate house rules, such as not catching the ball, you will be eliminated from the game for that round automatically.

How to Correctly Hit a Tetherball

Placement of the Hand

Hitting with an open palm versus a closed fist will produce vastly different results and vice versa. The use of an open palm to strike the ball will allow you to have greater control over which direction the ball hits too.

Hitting the tetherball with a closed fist, on the other hand, will provide you with significantly more power when playing tetherball.

When hitting the tetherball with a closed fist, avoid hitting the ball with your knuckles. It is possible that the ball will swing wildly off course and possibly in the opposite direction as a result of this.

Instead, use the side of your closed fist to strike the tetherball for the most power and accuracy possible.

Hitting A Tetherball At An Angle

Change up the angle at which you hit the ball. In order to become proficient at this tactic, you must first improve your hand-eye coordination. 

This, however, is one of the most valuable abilities in the game. Keeping track of where your opponent is on the tetherball court and determining the angle at which you will strike the ball will be essential.

Squeezing the ball with force while striking it at a downward angle has the potential to propel the ball upwards and over their heads.

If the opposing player is unable to reach the ball, they will be unable to return it to you, resulting in a wrap around the pole for you. You can sometimes get into a rhythm doing this, keeping the ball on the same trajectory for a few wraps around the pole in a row while keeping the ball on the same trajectory.

Serving A Tetherball

When you play tetherball, you definitely want to be the one who has to serve the ball. If you’re good enough, you might be able to wrap the rope around the tetherball pole and win the game without your opponent ever having to touch the ball! 

Playing tetherball and having complete control of the ball is essential, and this includes serving on the tetherball court. Usually, the winner of the previous game will get to serve first if there wasn’t a previous game and you are just starting a coin toss will choose the player who serves first.

As a server, you’ll be hitting the ball upwards so the ball hangs above your opponent on a regular basis in order to win right away. It will be necessary for you to continue to give the ball an extra boost by hitting it again as the ball swings over their heads and back onto your side of the court.

Despite the fact that it is extremely difficult and does not normally occur, you can definitely win a game by serving well. All that matters is that you keep the tetherballs’ momentum going at all times. 

Remember the other player will hit the ball back in the opposite direction around the tetherball pole after you serve as the game begins. If the ball hits the pole that is a point for you so try to always keep the ball moving away from the other play.

How to Hit a Tetherball Hard 

Hitting the tetherball at a sharp angle and with enough force that the ball wraps around the pole multiple times before the opponent is able to get to it is a great skill.

Keep an eye on where your opponent is and adjust the angle of your hit accordingly. If they are on the back half of the court, serve from the front half of the court.

The point is that they will not be able to touch the ball after the service has been delivered.

Open palms, closed palms, and closed fists are all acceptable methods of striking the tetherball. You are also permitted to hit the tetherball with both hands if you so choose. 

Normally, a closed fist hit is reserved for high-impact hits that require less control. Although an open-handed palm hit provides a greater degree of control, it typically has less power behind it.

Taking Control Of The Tetherball

Keep in mind that while you’re on defense, your primary objective should be to prevent your opponent from becoming entangled in the pole. Pay close attention to where they’re standing and make the necessary adjustments to intercept the football.

To avoid the ball flying over your head each time it is passed, if your opponent is located in the middle of the half-circle, move to one of the sides of your boundary. For a steal, you must position yourself in the tetherball’s path while it is being thrown.

When blocking the ball, it is preferable to go for a steal rather than a block when blocking the ball. A block occurs when you not only halt the momentum of your opponent but you also halt the momentum of the ball. 

Usually, this results in your opponent receiving a nice slow ball in their direction, which they will use to re-engage in an offensive drive.

Instead, try to get in front of the ball and hit it back to your opponent in a way that is advantageous to you, such as above their heads. To improve accuracy and give yourself the best chance of gaining control of the ball, use two open-faced palm hits on each side of the ball.

Don’t Hold Back Your Tetherball

You only get one opportunity to hit the ball each time it reaches your side of the quart. It’s referred to as “juggling” if you strike it twice, and it results in a penalty.

This regulation is only broken if the ball is struck by a pole and impacts the pole itself. If you hit the ball again after it bounces off of your grass, you are allowed to do so as if the ball had just arrived on your turf.

Taking the Lead in the Game of Tetherball

That’s the ultimate goal of tetherball: for the ball to completely encircle the pole, resulting in the rope being entirely encircled. You must smack the ball against your opponent in order to reverse any wrapping your opponent has done around the pole in your direction. 

Keeping the ball high enough on the pole so that the rope is completely above a marked position on the pole is a version of this technique. Keep this position throughout the game to win. As long as your ball isn’t higher than the marker in this game, you have to unwrap it and retry your efforts.


Foul play includes holding the ball, hitting it more than once, and going offside. Touching the ball with something other than your hands, or wrapping the ball all the way around the pole before the opponent has had an opportunity to hit it, can result in a penalty for you.

When a player is penalized, the game is halted, and the ball is returned to its original location. The unwinding of the rope indicates the number of wraps the player received as a result of their foul play.

The More Hits You Can Come Up With, The Better

Despite the fact that you are limited to hitting with your hands only, you are still able to execute a wide range of diverse attacks. In order to perform a strike, you can use one or both hands. 

Using a clenched fist increases the power of your opponent but instead of trying to smash the target with your knuckles, use the side of your fist to hit the target. You’ll be able to protect the little bones in your hand while destroying your opponent in this manner.

It’s easier to direct the ball with an open palm strike, but you have to be careful not to hold it. Otherwise, you’ll be penalized.

You can also adjust the amount of power you use and the angle at which you deliver your strike. If you aim the ball downwards with a lot of force, the ball will accelerate upwards and above your opponent’s head, making it a very difficult hit to counter. 

Another great way to acquire control of the ball is by angling your shot. Make sure you don’t win the game before your opponent has a chance to return the ball to you!

Hitting a tetherball upwards can also stop the ball from traveling swiftly because of the string and centripetal force, but it also causes the ball to move in a jerky and unexpected manner, which confuses your opponent even more.

Tetherball Hitting Strategies For Success

When you play tetherball and are on offense, your primary goal should be to keep the ball in your possession. If your opponent is a skilled player, he or she will be aware of your position and will adjust in order to prevent your offensive drive from winning. 

Your hits should be angled so that the ball is out of reach of your opponent. It will not take a skilled player long to realize what is happening and move to different parts of the tetherball courts.

Keep an eye on your opponent’s position and adjust the angle of your hit to keep the ball out of reach of his or her hands.

A good offensive drive is one that allows you to maintain control of the ball while allowing you to wrap the pole more times. It is not always about hitting the ball with a lot of force. 

Simply concentrate on maintaining good ball momentum and hitting the ball as it returns to your play area, out of reach of your opponent.


Convincing your opponent to think something they don’t believe is another way to throw them off balance. In order to make your next move, let the ball go by you, and you’ll be in a better position.

So your opponent will be prepared to receive the ball back because there is no anticipation on your part to hit the ball. You can even smack the ball once in the direction of your opponent if it comes in at an unusual angle. 


Tetherball is one of the few ball games that can be practiced on your own! Knowing how to correctly hit a tetherball will help you beat your opponents.  

To play tetherball just find a traditional tetherball court and read over the tetherball rules they have included.

It’s possible to fool your opponent into thinking you’re going for a power move super slam hit, causing them to back up or change position, then you simply tap the ball lightly with your fingertips. 

Hit the ball at an angle, use an open palm to control the direction of the ball, and avoid using your knuckles when hitting a tetherball.  Using these tricks can help you get the ball past the other player and wrap around the pole.

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