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  • Rusty Swing Set

    Restoring Playtime: How To Fix A Rusty Swing Set

    Have you noticed that the once shiny and attractive swing set in your backyard is starting to show signs of rust?Don’t let this distress you. Rust, as unsightly and damaging as it can be, isn’t a death sentence for your beloved playground equipment. In fact, with the right tools and techniques, you can breathe new…

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  • Paint For Metal Swing Set

    Best Paint For Metal Swing Sets – Keep Them New!

    You’ve noticed that your metal swing set has seen better days. The paint’s chipped, the color’s faded, and it’s starting to show signs of rust. But don’t worry – a simple coat of paint can bring it back to life and provide protection against harsh weather conditions. However, not just any paint will do the…

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  • Move a Swing Set

    How to Move a Swingset Without Taking it Apart

    If you’ve ever moved a swing set, you know that it can be a daunting task. The sets are usually quite large and heavy, and taking them apart to move them can be a real hassle. Luckily, there are some ways to move a swingset without taking it apart. If you have a swing set…

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  • 4x6 Beam Span for Swing Set

    How Far Can a 4×6 Beam Span for a Swing Set

    A 4×6 beam span for swing sets is 8-10 feet to be on the safe side. Most 4×6 beams are about 16 ft long, but you can get the length that meets your needs. The height of the beam will depend on the number of swings you intend to mount on it.  Using a long…

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  • How to Take Apart a Rusty Swing Set

    How to Take Apart a Rusty Swing Set & Bring It Back To Life!

    Have you ever seen a rusty swing set in the backyard and thought, ‘I wish I knew how to take that apart’? Well, it’s not as hard as it looks. Taking apart an old, rusty swing set can be a daunting task for anyone who doesn’t have experience with tools or hardware; however, with the…

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  • Do you Need a Permit for a Swing Set

    Do You Need A Permit For A Swing Set?

    Are you considering installing play structures that ensure joy and fun for your kids at home? One of such play spaces is the installation of classic and popular backyard swing sets. However, these play structures have rapidly changed over time. This begs the question: Do you need a permit for a swing set? You do…

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  • Rope For Swings

    7 Best Rope For Porch Swing | Prices & Installation Guide

    The right rope for swings will increase your swing’s durability and keep your kids safe because it is sturdy. Best ropes for porch swing include: There are many swing straps, but a rope adds a classic look to your porch or patio swing. A porch swing that is hung using rope looks authentic, and it…

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  • DIY Swing Set

    How to Build a Wooden Swing Set | DIY Swing Set

    Building a DIY swing set for your child ensures they stay entertained. You can build a simple wooden swing set with the following steps.  Swings give kids hours of fun, help them develop motor skills, and they can soothe kids with special needs. Let me take you through building a DIY swing set. What You…

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  • Are Metal or Wood Swing Sets Better

    Are Metal or Wood Swing Sets Better? Metal vs Wooden Swing Sets

    Whichever is better between metal or wood swing sets depends on what you wish to get out of a swing set. If you want something that will add to the curb appeal of your backyard, then you should go for a wood swing set. If you want something that is almost maintenance-free, a metal swing…

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  • Benefits of Playgrounds

    Benefits of Playgrounds | Importance of Playgrounds

    The benefits of playgrounds include self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-control. Social skills are developed through group play. Playgrounds are safe environments that the kids can learn and play freely. More positives about playgrounds are physical activity, motor skills, and imagination. Children can take in nature without any screen distractions while engaging with their parents for quality…

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  • Why is Swinging Calming?

    Why is Swinging Calming? Benefits of Having a Backyard Swing

    Have you ever noticed how a grumpy child can calm down when they begin swinging? The back and forth motion of a swing have a soothing effect on children. Having a backyard swing can help your little one calm down when they feel overwhelmed.  Children will enjoy the rush of going up into the air…

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  • Wood Swing Set Maintenance

    How to Protect and Maintain Wooden Swingsets

    There are several steps you can take to keep your wooden swingset in top-notch condition. Here are activities to maintain wooden swingsets in addition to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Wooden swing sets are relatively expensive compared to other types of swing sets, and they require more maintenance to keep them in good shape. Most parents purchase…

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