Swing Set With Sandbox

8 Best Wooden Swing Sets With Sandbox

Best Swing Set with Sandbox In a hurry?If you don’t have much time please check the table below for quick access to our favorites. Detailed guide below. Wooden swing sets with sandboxes are excellent playground equipment that children of different ages can find engaging. A wooden swing set with a sandbox is a perfect addition […]

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Types of Play Sand

What Type of Play Sand Should I Use for Sandpit?

The best sand for a sandpit should be less coarse, free from potentially dangerous contaminants. It should have a nontoxic and silica-free mix, ensuring that kids are safe while they play. You should also take into account whether or not there’s an appealing feature like assorted colors or if you want moldable kinetic sand instead […]

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How to Keep Cats Out of Sandboxes

How to Keep Cats Out of Sandboxes in Backyard Playgrounds | 12 Best Ways

Ways to Keep Cats out of the Sandbox include: Cover the sandbox Place netting around the outside perimeter Use few drops of cat repellent Use natural deterrents Fence the sandbox Block off entrances to under decks and sheds Use a motion-activated cat deterrent Get rid of food sources near sandboxes Clean the sandbox regularly It’s […]

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Play Sand vs Beach Sand

Is Play Sand the Same as Beach Sand? Play Sand VS. Beach Sand

Play sand is different from beach sand. It is less coarse, a more refined version of beach sand, and undergoes particular processes to ensure dust and contaminants are filtered away. It is the safest sand children can play with no harm.  You might take sand as simple as it appears, but there are many more […]

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Kinetic Sand

Does Kinetic Sand Dry Out? | DIY Recipe

Kinetic Sand does not dry out, however; you may notice the texture can be off because of the humidity. If this is the case the best thing to do is add some moisture by adding a few drops of water and then mix. If the kinetic sand gets too wet simply spread it thinly and […]

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DIY Sandbox

How To Build A Sandbox With Cover | DIY Sandbox

Parents can build a DIY sandbox with the following nine steps. Border the Location Cut the Wood  Dig a Hole Lay the Base Add Benches  Build a Cover  Sand down Everything  Apply Finishing Add Play Sand Building a DIY sandbox for your child doesn’t require any special carpentry skills. You can build a sandbox with […]

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Sandpit Safety

Sandpit Safety Tips, Health, and Regulations

Sandpit safety can be divided into three categories, namely: How to set up a sandpit. Maintenance and care. Hygiene tips. Setting up a sandpit is a crucial activity as it will determine how safe your sandpit will be in the long run. In addition, hygiene, maintenance, and care also make a sandpit safe for kids. […]

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What is Play Sand Made of?

What is Play Sand Made Of? Play Sand Composition Explained

Play sand is a crucial part of any playground as children use it in sandboxes. The main chemical composition of play sand is silica, which is any sand available on beaches. However, play sand undergoes a few processes to clean it and sift it so that the final product is soft sand. Many parents don’t […]

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