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Clean Corn Filled Bags

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To clean cornhole bags you want to avoid any water getting inside the bag. Use a light soap and apply with a brush on the dirt till it is removed. This is the best way to wash cornhole bags so you don’t damage the corn filling inside, if it gets wet it could shrink and alter the play of the bags.

When playing cornhole it is inevitable that the cornhole bags will get dirty. There are different types of cornhole bags depending on what is on the inside, called the filling.

In this article, we will go over and explain the differences so you can clean your corn filled bags easily without damaging them. I know how important it is to extend the life of your lucky bean bag that always helps you win! Let’s begin.

What Is the Bag Filled With?

When it comes to a cornhole bag there are two different types of fillings: resin and corn. There are corn filled bags which we will go into detail talking about. However; there are also resin filled cornhole bags.

How do I clean bags filled with resin

These resin filled cornhole bags basically have plastic pellets inside them. This makes them much easier to clean and most people do this by throwing them in the washer with hot water.

These bags can resist a lot more as they should have no effect on the plastic needs inside.

Others have reported even using a dishwasher (on low heat) to clean these types of bags or most commonly soaked in a bucket or bathtub of soapy water. You can leave the bags soaking for a few hours to make the process easier.

Then gently scrubbed but since the resin filled bags are machine washable most people go this route with their favorite laundry detergent, fabric softener, and hot water. After you are done with the scrub make sure to rinse the bags to get all the soap off.

This will give the bags a really good deep clean which is best if they are very dirty.

Now that we mentioned the resin cornhole bags let’s talk about the cornhole bags which is a much more delicate process.

How do I clean a Corn Filled Bag?

Corn filled bags can be tricky to wash because the corn inside the bag can’t get wet. If you get the corn inside the bags it can cause the corn to shrink and the performance of the cornhole bags will be very noticeable.

The preferred way of cleaning the dry cloth is by using a soft brush or a damp cloth and some dish soap. Gently wipe or brush the area of the bag that is dirty until clean.

When cleaning corn filled bags be careful not to get the bags too wet as if you use too much water it will soak inside the bag and get the corn wet. Washing cornhole bags, especially the ones filled with corn is not something you need to do often, only when all your bags are visibly dirty.

Cornfilled cornhole bags are a lot more maintenance than the regular resin filled cornhole bags and thus most of the people when buying new bags opt for the resin filled bags. However; an experienced cornhole player may prefer the corn filled bags since they bounce differently when hitting cornhole boards.

Quick Tip List: How to Clean Corn Filled Bags

  • Do not get the corn inside the bags wet.
  • Gently apply soapy water with a brush or damp cloth to the dirt.
  • If the bags have an odor put some baking soda on the cloth.
  • Leave outside to air dry, not too long as the washed bag may attract pests or shrink the fill.
  • Start tossing them against your opponent and show them your skill!

How to Properly Dry Cornhole Bags

Resin filled bags

These are simple you can put them in the dryer on a low setting and do one cycle to help dry them. Since they are able to be in the washing machines they can also be handled in the dryer, however; not for a long time due to the heat build-up so put it on the lowest setting.

Check to make sure there is no break or rip in the seams beforehand in the bags.

Corn Filled Bags

Drying cornhole bags filled with corn is a bit more difficult. It’s best to let them air dry in the sun if possible for a few hours.

Make sure you removed all the dirt and the fabric appears clean. The corn filled bags can attract animals or bugs so you don’t want to leave them outside too long.

Plus if it’s extremely hot the corn filling can shrink making the bag play differently.

Cleaning Cornhole Bags FAQ

How do you keep bugs out of corn hole bags?

The best way to keep the bugs out of the cornhole bags is to put them in a zip-lock plastic bag and keep it closed when not using them. This way no bugs or animals will be attracted to the bags as they won’t be able to smell them.

This is very important if you are putting them away for the season.

Should I clean my corn hole boards?

Yes, it’s a good idea to wipe them down after each game as the dirt and dust can take a toll on them over time. Simply use a wet cloth and go over the board on the inside and outside.

It’s especially important to do this when putting them in storage for the season. You can also use wipes as well if it needs a more deep clean but keep in mind if there is any custom paint on it, could possibly affect it.

How do I clean my muddy corn filled bag?

If the corn filled bag is beyond an easy cleaning as mentioned above then you may want to look at purchasing a new set of bags but I would first try the steps to see if it could help. If they are muddy it’s best to leave them in the sun to dry out the mud and then proceed with what is mentioned above.

You may even be able to knock some of the dry mud off in your hands or by throwing them at the cornhole boards. Give this a try and see if the wash was successful enough to extend the life of the cornhole bags.

How do I store corn filled bags?

In a safe place inside a zip-lock bag so no animals or bugs will be able to detect them being around. If they are not in a zip-lock plastic bag you may have issues when it comes to playing.


When it’s time for washing cornhole bags make sure you know the difference between which one you have. If you have corn filled cornhole bags then use the process above and make sure you are careful not to get the corn wet when you wash.

Corn fill bags are not meant for putting in the dryer.

Now that you know all about cleaning cornhole bags it’s time to learn more about what the best materials to fill toss bags with are.

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