Playground Maintenance

Can Bounce Houses Get Wet

Can Bounce Houses Get Wet? How to Protect a Bounce House From Rain

No, bounce houses can’t get wet for prolonged periods of time. The material polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is known to not be waterproof but water-resistant. This allows the bounce house to be cleaned after use but more than that would cause damage and leaks to the seams and inflation. When you’re looking for the perfect inflatable […]

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Wood Swing Set Maintenance

How to Protect and Maintain Wooden Swingsets

There are several steps you can take to keep your wooden swingset in top-notch condition. Here are activities to maintain wooden swingsets in addition to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Carry out regular inspections. Do periodic cleaning.  Reseal the wood  Stain the wood periodically. Put measures against insect and rodent infestation Do repairs after winter Wooden swing […]

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Clean Garden Playsets

How To Clean Outdoor Childrens Garden Playsets | 6 Easy Steps

Here are the simple steps that you should take to clean your playsets.  Remove any plastic or metal accessories Remove dirt in the playset Wash the playset with soap and water Rinse out the soap  Let the playset dry Apply a fresh coat of sealant. Cleaning your children’s garden playset can give it a fresh […]

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Restore Wooden Playsets

What To Do With Old Wooden Swing Set? | Tips To Restore It

Do you have an old wooden swing set and you don’t know what to do with it? Here are some ideas on what to do.  Restore it  Upgrade your swing set  Repurpose your old wooden swing set Repurpose the wood Donate it  Dispose of it Wooden swing sets tend to last long after your children […]

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Keep Bugs Off Playground Sets

How To Keep Bugs Off A Playground Playset?

Being consistent in cleaning playsets is an excellent way to ensure bugs do not nest. Other ways include trimming nearby bushes, replacing surfacing materials regularly, keeping the yard clean, putting a net canopy over the playset, and inspecting the playset frequently.  Noticing cracks or signs of bugs in the early stages can go a long […]

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Make a Slide Slippery

How To Make A Slide Slippery? | Safe DIY Methods

You can make a slide more slippery with a few items from your local store. The most popular method of making a slide slippery is applying wax paper to make the playground slide smooth and increase how fast a child goes on a slide. Other methods include using auto-grade silicon to make it go more quickly. The methods to make a slow slide […]

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