Playground Maintenance

How to Keep Birds Away

How to Keep Birds Away from Backyard Playground | 11 Easy Methods

Ways to Keep Birds Away: Birds are a nuisance to many people. They can make a mess on your property, and they can be very noisy as well. If you have a backyard playground for the kids, birds might be an even bigger problem because they will poop all over it. This blog post will […]

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How to Keep Cats Out of Sandboxes

How to Keep Cats Out of Sandboxes in Backyard Playgrounds | 12 Best Ways

Ways to Keep Cats out of the Sandbox include: It’s not uncommon for cats to get in the way of backyard playgrounds. This blog post will discuss how you can keep your cat out of your sandbox. How to Keep Cats Out of Sandboxes in Backyard Playgrounds Cover the Sandbox This is among the easiest […]

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How to Keep Bees Away

How to Keep Bees Away from Your Backyard Playground

It’s important to keep bees away and to do it humanly. There are three possible ways to do this which include repelling the bees, not attracting the bees, and bait them to another area of the yard. To Repel bees: Keeping bees away from your backyard playground is important for the safety of you and […]

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Insurance for Playgrounds

How Much Does Insurance For Playground Equipment Cost? Is It Worth It?

There is no playground equipment cover because most insurance companies do not cover them. However, you can ask your insurance to add playground equipment to your homeowner’s insurance policy. The addition can add an extra $200 annually on top of your existing premiums.  Playground equipment is considered high risk by insurance companies, and that’s why […]

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Are Metal or Wood Swing Sets Better

Are Metal or Wood Swing Sets Better? Metal vs Wooden Swing Sets

Whichever is better between metal or wood swing sets depends on what you wish to get out of a swing set. If you want something that will add to the curb appeal of your backyard, then you should go for a wood swing set. If you want something that is almost maintenance-free, a metal swing […]

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Find a Leak in a Bounce House

How to Find and Fix a Leak in a Bounce House in 6 Easy Steps

If a bounce house is leaking the best way to find it is to spray soapy water where you suspect the leaks to be. When you find the leak on the inflatable you will see bubbles. Mark the area and continue testing for more leaks. Next, use cement glue which dries quickly, and add the […]

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Wood Swing Set Maintenance

How to Protect and Maintain Wooden Swingsets

There are several steps you can take to keep your wooden swingset in top-notch condition. Here are activities to maintain wooden swingsets in addition to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Wooden swing sets are relatively expensive compared to other types of swing sets, and they require more maintenance to keep them in good shape. Most parents purchase […]

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Clean Garden Playsets

How To Clean Outdoor Childrens Garden Playsets | 6 Easy Steps

Here are the simple steps that you should take to clean your playsets.  Cleaning your children’s garden playset can give it a fresh look and get rid of grime accumulation over time. Outdoor playsets face the weather elements all year round, and it is easy for dirt or leaves to accumulate in them. It is […]

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Restore Wooden Playsets

What To Do With Old Wooden Swing Set? | Tips To Restore It

Do you have an old wooden swing set and you don’t know what to do with it? Here are some ideas on what to do.  Wooden swing sets tend to last long after your children have outgrown them. Most parents end up with an old wooden swing set that makes the compound look unappealing. It […]

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Keep Bugs Off Playground Sets

How To Keep Bugs Off A Playground Playset?

Being consistent in cleaning playsets is an excellent way to ensure bugs do not nest. Other ways include trimming nearby bushes, replacing surfacing materials regularly, keeping the yard clean, putting a net canopy over the playset, and inspecting the playset frequently.  Noticing cracks or signs of bugs in the early stages can go a long […]

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Make a Slide Slippery

How To Make A Slide Slippery? | Safe DIY Methods

You can make a slide more slippery with a few items from your local store. The most popular method of making a slide slippery is applying wax paper to make the playground slide smooth and increase how fast a child goes on a slide. Other methods include using auto-grade silicon to make it go more quickly. The methods to make a slow slide […]

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