Playground Games

How to Hit a Tetherball

How to Correctly Hit a Tetherball | Tetherball Rules

How to correctly hit a Tetherball: Hit the tetherball at a sharp angle and with enough power Hit the ball with an open palm to be able to be in control  Hit the ball as it comes around  Use two hands to hit the ball, one open, one closed Vary your hits for best results […]

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Backyard Cricket Pitch

How to Make a Backyard Cricket Pitch | Here’s what you Need

6 Steps to create a Backyard Cricket Pitch: Identify your location Mow the area and remove any dirt and debris Choose your pitch size. This depends on your backyard size Level up the pitch Measure your pitch and mark your boundaries and end zones Mark the bowling and batting crease Cricket is a popular sport […]

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Build a Batting Cage Out of Wood

How to Build a Batting Cage Out of Wood in 7 Easy Steps

To build your own batting cage: Prepare the ground: Ensure the area is clear of any obstructions or vegetation Take measurements: This depends on how big you want it to be Place stakes and dig holes for your wooden posts Concrete and post installation: You want to secure the posts at this point Attach cables […]

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Spikeball vs Slammo

Is Slammo as Good as Spikeball? Spikeball vs Slammo

Worried if you should go for a slammo or a spikeball? Well, spikeballs are typically premium compared to slammo balls that come with better bounce. Both of these are an excellent choice for a beginner preferring more bounce to the roundnet balls. Cost differences you ask? Spikeball is on the pricier side. In the last […]

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Capture the Flag Variations

The 10 Fun Capture the Flag Variations Explained

Capture the flag has many variations which include using multiple flags or multiple teams. Players can capture a ball instead of a flag and the games become more fast pace throwing the flag to another player. At nighttime glow in the dark CTF is awesome with glowsticks or flashlights. Add a spy on each team […]

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How to Make Jenga Blocks Slippery

How to Make Jenga Blocks Slippery | More Challenging?

To make slippery Jenga blocks use 80-100 grit sandpaper then sand the 54 blocks on all sides till no longer rough. Next, spray or paint polyurethane with the wooden grain and make sure to keep the paint strokes thin and long. Best to add a second coat, let it dry, and you are ready to […]

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Shuffleboard Resurfacing

How do you Refinish a Shuffleboard? Shuffleboard Resurfacing

To refinish a shuffleboard table surface you will need to sand the wood down to get the table completely leveled. Next, add sealant preferably what was used in the past as the chemical bond will be strongest. Finally adding two coats of finish on the wood with time to dry between then buffing on a […]

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Fix a Warped Shuffleboard Table

How to Fix a Warped Shuffleboard Table

Fixing a warped shuffleboard table is not difficult if you have climatic adjusters attached to the bottom of the table. Most prefer a convex table (small dip in the center) to keep the pucks on the playing surface. Under the table, you will slowly tighten or loosen the nut then wait 2-3 days for the […]

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What to Fill Bean Bag Toss Bags With

Best Materials to Fill Bean Toss Bags With

The best materials to fill bean toss bags with are corn kernels or pellets. Corn bean bags (cornhole bags) slide as they break down and create dust over time but are susceptible to bugs and mold. Pellet bags don’t require breaking in like corn and avoid bugs and mold. Pellet bags do bounce more but […]

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Outdoor Shuffleboard Rules

How to Score in Shuffleboard | Outdoor Shuffleboard Rules Explained

You need to push your disks into the five scoring areas to earn points in a game of outdoor shuffleboard. You also need a strategy that will ensure that your disks land on the slot that earns the highest points. The equipment for the game includes a cue, a court, and four disks for each […]

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How To Play Cornhole

How to Play Cornhole | Cornhole Rules

Playing cornholes is straightforward and fun. The pitcher tries to get the cornhole bag in the front of the board a few feet away behind the foul line. Every successful pitch into the hole gains a player or team 3-points—a player or team scores 1-point when a cornhole bag lands on top of the board.  […]

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Backyard Baseball Court

How Do You Build A Basketball Court In Your Backyard?

Parents can do a DIY basketball court in the backyard, and here are the simple steps for building one.  Measure the size of a basketball court for your backyard Purchase the hoop, concrete, surfacing times, and other materials.  Level the ground  Install the hoop Pour the concrete Install surfacing tiles  Draw the basketball markings. Did […]

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